Land in contaminated regions will be returned to economic use

Society Draft state program to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, calculated for the period 2011-2015 and for the period up to 2020 will require raising funds in the amount of 6.6 trillion rubles.

This was stated by Minister of Emergencies of Belarus Enver Bariev at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, introducing the draft state program.

"We need to educate radyelyagichnuyu gramatnasts citizens and create an adequate attitude to the contaminated areas of the country's population and the international community" — said E.Bariev, Interfax reports.

The minister said that in general, the program will "reclaim

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Food prices are rising

Society For six months the prices have grown potatoes, cereals and pastries.

The food prices in Belarus in the first half of 2010 compared to December 2009and increased by 4.1%, Interfax reported the National Statistics Committee.

Products Rose% sugar 27.8% potatoes 30.8% fruit 11.1% oil 7.1% tea 6.6% kandyterskiya products 6.7% eggs 3.3% Animal Oil 6.3% cheeses 4.8% Meat and poultry 3.6% milk and milk products 5.2% Bread and bakery products 1.9% alcoholic beverages 1.9%

Average prices in Belarus in June amounted to

beef first kategoryi12, 126,000 per kilogram, pork (except byaskosnaga meat) — 10,647 thousand, chickens —

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Expected to raise domestic gas prices

Society In Belarus, domestic gas prices for industrial consumers plan to increase by 10% from July 1.

The government has discussed ways to increase domestic gas prices from July 1, and in the coming days, this decision may be taken, Interfax reports.

For a number of energy-intensive businesses will be maintained preferential gas prices.

According to experts, in Belarus on July 1, the inevitable increase in domestic gas prices due to the fact that in the third quarter of the price of gas imports rose to 193-194 dollars per thousand cubic meters from 169 in the first quarter

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Polish billionaire decided not to build a power plant in Belarus

Society Polish businessman Jan Kulczyk put the plan to build a coal-fired power plant in Zelva due to funding the project, the agency Bloomberg.

"These large projects have to do with the banks. Because the current atmosphere around Belarus, it would be difficult to finance the project," — so Kulczyk explained his decision to reporters.

The agreement on the construction of power plants of 920 MW and a special power line was signed in August last year in Warsaw.

The investment is estimated at 1.5 billion euros. Polish and Belarusian partners had put on half that amount. Responsible for organizing

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Threaten political foot

Society "Young Front" Andrew Tsianiuta threaten criminal case for insulting national symbols and the President of Belarus.

In his notebook on ideology A. Tsianiuta noted that these national symbols are the historic white-red-White Flag and the emblem of "race." As the Press-service of "Young Front"Political foot, which is in the Airborne in the Vitebsk region, said Alexander Lukashenko illegitimate authority.

Colonel Paul Pishchulav guy wrote for this record three extra duties, prosecutors threatened to prevention and criminal liability for defamation of the president and the state symbols of Belarus.

F.Vyachorka urged the U.S. government to support the Belarusian independent media

Society Frantisek Vyachorka, one of the leaders of the "BPF Youth" and the former "palitrekrut", is in the U.S. at the invitation of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe. Youth leader met with representatives of the State Department, organizations and institutions that deal with Belarus.

As the politician, the representatives of the U.S. State Department was interested in the most upcoming presidential elections and the opposition's participation in them. "I described his vision of the situation. I firmly believe that there should be a single candidate who will call people to the area and will be with them

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Nobel laureate — for freedom Neklyaeva

Society About a hundred poets, writers and artists from around the world have signed a letter of solidarity with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and called on the authorities of Belarus to immediately release the poet, according to Polish Radio abroad. Among the signatories of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Wislawa Szymborska.

"We declare our support for Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and his friends. We stand on the square with them. It may seem strange to our unity

We would like to add my voice to his voice

a strong belief that there are things more important than politics or law. But we say that

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Belarus-Georgia trade turnover increases

Society Belarus will soon begin to supply Georgia with high-speed trains and elevators. This was at a meeting in Batumi agreed by heads of ministries of trade of both countries.According to Internet portal "Business Georgia", the main theme of the talks was the Batumi deepening cooperation in the field of tourism.

In an interview with Georgian journalists Belarusian Minister Valentin Chekanov said in Belarus now "in all directions will popularize Georgian resorts."

Earlier, during his visit to Georgia in Chekanova Kabuletsi the first session of the Belarusian-Georgian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation, during which an agreement was signed on

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About Liberty: Victor Hursik

Society What is your freedom?

This is the condition for the existence of the universe as my small piece of matter, its species. And yet — aware of the need (if you are a Marxist.)

What is most limiting your freedom?

Company. This is known from textbooks. A society that has chosen a suitable form of government and do not take into account my personal aspirations and desires. If I want to perpetuate the memory of the dead and take part in the ceremony of the establishment of a cross on the site of their death, society puts

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Information War

Society Recent months on Russian TV channels, a number of scenes with harsh criticism of Alexander Lukashenko. July 4, NTV showed the film "The Godfather." In the film, the name of Alexander Lukashenko, among other things, due to the disappearance of his political spobornikov in Belarus. In the credits before the film was reported that the film was made a year ago, but the Belarusian security services detained the crew and confiscated the tape. However, "in Minsk there are people who managed to find them in a safe KGB" and return NTV.


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