In Kiev, prepared by the decision not to Belarusian sugar

Society The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine initiates the withdrawal of sugar from the free trade regime with Belarus. Already in August, planned to submit a draft decision for consideration by the central authorities.

Experts point out that the main reason is the so-called "Gray schemes" deliveries. In the framework of the Free Trade Agreement of Belarus has the right to supply to Ukraine sugar produced from its own sugar beets. However, actually operates another "mechanism" — Belarusians are processed in-house raw sugar and carry this product in Ukraine.

According to experts, farmers, such imports was acceptable, while

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Dynko: Film Kozulin pushing for a return to politics

Society How will the Russian NTV broadcast two films with sharp criticism of Lukashenko to the Belarusian political and economic elite?Who are the more they are designed — by the Belarusian or Russian audience? Can we expect further action from Moscow?

These and other topics in Prague to discuss the focus of Minsk — the editor in chief of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Andrew Dynko from Moscow — columnist" Komersant "Pavel Sheremet. Program is hosted by Sergey Navumchyk.

Listen to transfer to air on Sunday, 18, Minsk time. And now — a fragment.

Dynko: "This film, I think, very

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Klaskouski: Belarusian official leader of the insured

Society According to political scientist Alexander Klaskouski can not be called "revelatory" statements concerning Russia Alexander Lukashenko, here it is "padstsilae straw." The situation with the Customs Union of Belarus President "treats very tricky."

"Allegedly, before this Customs Union needs Russia, it's her some games, and allegedly secretly in the Kremlin wanted did not sign these documents. Thus in the mass consciousness of Belarusians laid the thought that if this project will crash and then, they say, is not the fault of Belarus. Belarusian official leader is insured in case if you have to escape from the trap of the

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Charter-97 attacked for The Godfather 2

Society Attacked's "Charter 97". How to tell the resource editor Natalia Radin, problems with loading pages began immediately after the site was placed on the sequel, the investigation of the Russian channel NTV "The Godfather 2".

Today, the film will be shown in the "Accident" and 18:30, Minsk time. Thus there is no guarantee that, like July 4, during the broadcast of the first part, in Belarus, it is not "filter out". However, the "Godfather" has seen the residents of the Russian Far East, which made it possible to get ahead of possible steps Belarusian authorities.

According to

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Georgian expert: the Kremlin has no choice in the matter leader in Belarus


In a conversation with the Georgian Rirweli agency said Tbilisi expert, head of the Research Center for European Integration Vasili Chkhaidze.

In the context of the current Belarusian-Russian relations expert does not rule out Moscow's use of certain political forces, but also notes that the Kremlin is not any choice.

According to the analyst, "a large part of the Belarusian opposition increasingly focused on the West and Europe than Russia. As for Lukashenko, in spite of everything, he is still the leader with a pro-Russian orientation. " According to Vasili Chkhaidze Lukashenko thus well aware that only the

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Lukashenko will not knock his head on the Kremlin wall

Society During a trip to the Gomel region, Alexander Lukashenko made a number of statements regarding the Belarusian-Russian relations. Among other things, he said, that Belarus will not respond to the information mud mud, which pours Russia.Alexander Lukashenko said that Russian pressure does not stop, and the Russian government is counting on the that Belarus accordingly will react to it. He noted that the Russian side is waiting, saying, "We can not take this shock and begin to respond in kind. I am strongly opposed to us the same answer. We will not answer dirt on dirt. "


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Foreign Ministry: Belarus did not forbid its citizens to visit Sukhumi and South Ossetia

Society Yesterday the information with the comments of the Georgian Parliament Speaker and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia, who said the introduction of the Belarusian authorities and directly to President Lukashenko travel ban Belarusians in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, extended the "Georgia Online" and other agencies. In their statements, the Georgian politicians have called the move "the final confirmation of the position of the official Minsk on the occupied Georgian territories." As a spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh, the authorities did not enter, and do not intend to impose a ban on its citizens visiting South

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Lukashenko: Belarus and Ukraine will adopt the border

Society Belarus and Ukraine in the near future will exchange the instruments of ratification of the treaty on the state border.

"In the near future we will come to the exchange of instruments of ratification by the state border," — said Alexander Lukashenko.


limit, ukraine

On the information war take no prisoners

Society Russian-Belarusian media war is gaining momentum. On the eve of the Belarusian prime time television was the main stimulus of the Russian political elite — Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. On Friday, NTV gave the continuation of the controversial "The Godfather." To what features of these battles are ready to reach the men media front?

Boris Gryzlov

Speaker of the Russian State Duma Boris Gryzlov expressed surprise there, that Mikhail Saakashvili appeared on Belarusian television: "For Russia Saakashvili — a" rogue. "No relationship with him, and there can not be. Any improvement in relations with Georgia could only

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The film The Godfather 2

Society Russian television showed the second part of "The Godfather." Much of the film — a repetition of the first "Godfather". However, there are some additional scenes, and some of the scenes of the first movie got a sequel.

"Both are unpredictable, both in Europe and want both do not know how to get there."

In particular, in the second film focuses on "a few friends" Alexander Lukashenko — among them, Set, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, whom the current Russian government calls one of the main enemies of Russia. Lukashenko in the film and Saakashvili called very similar: "Both are

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