Bogdanovich: We have a chance to maintain the sovereignty

Questions Radio Liberty meets the last head of the State Bank of Belarus, honorable chairman of the United civilian party Stanislav Bogdanovich:"It is problematic to predict something about our political system until it actually supports our homeland. About something Alexander Lukashenko debated with Vladimir Putin four hours because portend something hard. But I believe that in order to preserve the power head of Belarus will not force an alliance with Russia, and we still have a chance to preserve sovereignty. But the situation has become worse in part because Vladimir Putin more indicates rejection of Western values.Dmitry Medvedev seems to

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Cherginets: U.S. President made a final warning

Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Republic on international affairs and national security Nikolai Cherginets now appreciated the danger of expulsion Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, the United States Ambassador Karin Stewart as "the last point, the last warning the United States." He also added that "if the United States to bring the case before zahochut, they then receive."Although officially the topic of the meeting with journalists was designated as the results of the inter-parliamentary activities in 2007, most of the questions concerned the Belarusian-American relations. Please comment motivate journalists to danger Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus send South

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Who will win the game draws entitled dialogue?

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Belarusian issue. Why, despite the undemocratic elections, the West continues to take steps towards Belarus? Whether he will push the official Minsk to democratization? Why the EU acts have caused controversy in the midst of democratic forces in Belarus?Members: Chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society Igor Lyalkov from Minsk and international relations expert at the Center Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky from Warsaw.

Why the West is taking steps to meet Belarus?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"Both Belarusian and Western politicians and experts considered the elections to the House of Representatives as the main factor,

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Pavel Kozlovsky Moscow preparing something Belarus

What happens in your life, in Belarus, in the world 2008? "In 2008 will be marry youngest son, grandchildren grow up, the eldest of them already 19th year. Because life goes perfectly measured. As for developments in the country and in the world — it’s hard to predict, but the configuration can expect huge and Belarus.I’m under the New year was in Moscow, congratulated own employee namesake Pavel Grachev, who is 60 years old. Debated with whom there are many, and such a general idea that Vladimir Putin is seriously aimed at making an alliance with Russia and Belarus ran

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Beginning of the year: an increase in energy prices

Almost 20% increased the price of natural gas; increased by 14% duty on crude oil. According to experts, these economic conditions will require the country to find new sources of funding.From 100 to 119 dollars for a thousand cubic meters from January 1, increased the cost of Russian natural gas for Belarus. It is possible that in the near future and this value will change as the Belarusian-Russian agreement defines the said amount only for the first quarter of 2008. In accordance with the document until the gas price for Belarus will be 67% of the price for European consumers,

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Slovakia remains to represent the European Union in Belarus

This is due to the fact that is not represented in Minsk diplomatic mission Slovenia — a country that the new year EU presidency. So makarom, Slovakia, formerly chaired by Belarus on behalf of Portugal, another 6 months and will preside on behalf of Slovenia. Slovenia became the first state in Eastern Europe, who led the European Union. And on July 1, it will be replaced France. The functions of the local presidency in Belarus respectively will go to the French Embassy.

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Vitebsk: white-red-white flag on the anniversary Ragulya

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida told Radio Liberty that the sources of the tested him clear of the note that was attached to the flag. According Khamajda sovereign, it is written: "To days of birth famous commander Novogrudskii equestrian shvadronu Boris Rogulya. Glory Belarusian hero! Myron. "Boris Khamaida mentioned that Boris Ragulya born January 1, 1920, and in the Belarusian history it is known that in the end in 1943 organized and led Novogrudskij equestrian squad, who fought with Russian partisans, also defended the population from robbery by the Germans.White-red-white flag flew over Vitebsk more hours — until it was removed

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What is behind the dangers Lukashenko U.S. Ambassador?

Why did the other day, New Year’s Alexander Lukashenko made a threat to remove from the country after the United States? Why they made claims personally Ambassador? What are the consequences such a step the official Minsk, if he really is made of?Drakakhrust"Why did Alexander Lukashenko threatened to expel the ambassador of the United States (" the first who will be thrown out, it will be salting the United States, "he said.) I remind you that in July, during the celebration days of the Republic, he has promised that if U.S. to impose economic sanctions against Belarus, will take the

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Border crossing Belarus — calm

As stated in the Municipal Border Committee, in general terms, this figure much where almost 20% less than the first of December. Where such a decline in activity in the usual peak of the tourist season — Christmas and New Year?Management of Municipal Border Committee and a significant decrease in the human traffic through the area of Belarus explains extension of the Schengen area, which was held on December 21.In the press office announced last week Statistics: From 22 December to 29th inclusive

Visa for Belarusians — 60 euros for the Russians — 35 

The number of people and vehicles

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It hurt, do not take on the highest level

The Embassy of the United States of America does not comment on the dangers of Alexander Lukashenko, but do not rule in accordance with the application recently the U.S. State Department.Favourite party "Belarusian Christian Democracy", which is created at the moment, Paul Seviarynets statement referred to manager

Such errors to the person who manages the state, you can not do 

Belarus irresponsible of municipal spectacle. Paul was a member of the Belarusian delegation, which had first December in Washington meeting with the President and Secretary of the United States.

"With the United States need to be friends, to cooperate. It

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