Fugitive from Belarus opposition activist told about life in a democratic Europe

Belarusian opposition spokeswoman Olga Klaskovsky. Illustration: newsbalt.ru

The site «Polska Prawda» published an article by representatives of the Belarusian opposition Olga Klaskovsky. In January 2013 the first part of the article ("Norwegian concentration camp"), reprinted in many publications and bloggers, the second part of the article Klaskouski ("Swedish madhouse") promises to be no less interesting. Critical perception of the realities of Western staunch opponent of course taken in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has caused wide public response.

Interest in the issues raised Klaskouski increased after the publication of the report of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus on human rights

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The regime change that everyone will like

Society The article with the headline of the weekly Newsweek claims that the regime of Alexander Lukashenko came not very frequent coincidence of thought Brussels and Moscow on the policy on post-Soviet territory.

According to the weekly, both the European Union and Russia want to change Lukashenko after the presidential elections in Belarus, which are most likely to take place in early 2011.

"The Kremlin finally ran out of patience with Lukashenko. Russia has invested $ 50 billion in the Lukashenko regime, but it all the same not behaves as a loyal politician, "- Newsweek quoted Alexander Kozulin and recalls

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People's Will — 15 years

Society For many years, the "People's Will" is the only daily independent socio-political newspaper.

"We're doing a newspaper for Belarus Belarusian citizens"- This defines the mission editor in chief of the publication," HB "Joseph Seredich.

Joseph Seredich founded the "People's Will" in 1995 after, as it was removed from the post of editor of "Narodnaya Gazeta" (organ Supreme Council Belarus ").

Details — later on our website


"People's Will"

Polish deputies were not allowed to Belarus

Society Robert Tyszkiewicz, member of the Seimas of the Republic of Poland, heading to Belarus in the delegation, at the invitation of the Union of Poles in Belarus, which does not recognize the Belarusian authorities.

At the border crossing, Bruzgi Belarusian border guards refused him entry to the territory of Belarus. This is our radio activist said the unrecognized Union of Poles Andrzej Poczobut.

Robert Tyszkiewicz zvlyaetstsa Vice Chairman Commission of the Seimas of the Republic of Poland on foreign affairs. The delegation he headed in Grodno in order to take part in the action, dedicated to the anniversary

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The Story of a miracle: Ales Kostka


Since then, little has changed in the relationship. But since then, many maystrovtsy themselves become teachers. They all have in common is that they moved the invariable choice of three models in the background, and on the first set of national priority and human vzgadavannya. It is clear that as teachers in their dealing with the system. But this is no longer the most important which model they choose, as the former maystrovets, as a rule — the system itself. It is better for the well-organized system of government. For example, imagine maystrovtsa that strikes in all directions,

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Martynov met with Westerwelle

Society This was reported Press fit-release of the Belarusian embassy in Germany.

Head of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov met with German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle in Berlin on July 8, the day before the meeting in Minsk with the European Commissioner on the issue of EU enlargement and neighborhood policy Stefan Fule.

During the meeting, Sergei Martynov and Westerwelle, the focus has been on bilateral relations as well as relations between Belarus and the EU. "

"The discussion was focused on the topical issues on the bilateral agenda, the relations between Belarus

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The dollar grows in Belarus

Society Belarusian state-owned banks (Belarusbank, Belagroprombank Belinvestbank) put the selling rate in the exchange Br4500 / $ 1, Interfax reported, citing the websites of these banks.

Other major banks have not changed the course of quotes on their websites, but warned that the course for the day may change.

According to unofficial data, the National Bank of Belarus this morning confirmed its oral advice to preserve indefinitely the limit selling rate at Br4000 / $ 1.


dollars, the currency

In Minsk began founding congress of Young Belarus

Society On the eve of the leader of "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich was severely beaten and robbed. He believes the attack from the Congress organization.

Kasia Galician and Artur Finkevich open congress.


Of the invited presidential candidates only came Milinkevich.

The Congress visited the Charge d'Affaires in Belarus Michael Scanlan.


Congress, activists, young belarus

With what came to Minsk commissioner?

Society members: journalist of the newspaper "Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii and political scientist Ales Lahvinets.

What linked the increasing interest of the EU to Belarus?

Valery Karbalevich: The last months of the official Minsk dialogue with the European Union was in a frozen state. High-ranking EU officials visited Belarus more than a year ago. Last European politician of high rank Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi visited Minsk in November 2009. Thereafter, the contacts at a high level was not. Both sides in a sense, disappointed in each other.

And here the last few days things have changed.

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Fule: Elections — Democratic stamp on the international passport of the country

Society Presidential elections in Belarus should be conducted in full respect of democratic standards. And to abide by these rules will largely depend on the future relations between Belarus and the European Union.

This was stated by the Commissioner in Minsk in the expansion of the EU and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule, Interfax reports.

"Elections are a kind of democratic stamp on the international passport of the country. Belarus needs this print to show a willingness to cooperate with the EU "- said Fule.

Fule added that the European Union decided on their intentions for further cooperation with Belarus,

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