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The whole history of the society, with confiscation of tapes and the deportation of Russian journalists (a year ago, when over the Belarusian leadership has hung a cudgel "milk war"), arrogant statements that they have people who are safe and that the KGB should get it — all it's a little too stately lay down on the same pornographic, disgusting spy scandal between Russia and the United States. However, here in the role of Anna Chapman made by the media, but that this is new?

Excited by their spies, customers and the filmmakers somehow failed to notice that the whole

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Four thesis Commissioner Füle

Society In Belarus, for the first time since the Commissioner has visited in the expansion of the EU and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule. After their talks in Minsk, he said that Belarus and the European Union began to discuss a joint action plan. According Fule, the EU insists that the presidential elections were held in Belarus in full compliance with democratic standards. Yesterday Mr Füle met with representatives of the opposition and non-governmental organizations in Belarus.

Towards Minsk and Brussels today have been at the center of negotiations Mr Füle with Alexander Lukashenko, Andrei Kobyakov and Sergei Martynov.

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Fule hopes that the judgment will be found soon Euronest

Society Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov hopes that "reason will prevail" and the Belarusian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the "Eastern Partnership" ("Euronest") will be formed only from the Belarusian deputies.

He noted that the fundamental position of Minsk, and described as an important parliamentary cooperation in the framework of the "Eastern Partnership", BelaPAN.

According to the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule, the issue of forming the delegation is in the competence of the European Parliament. Mr Füle said that he supports permanent working contacts with the structure and expressed the hope

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Belarus on reservoirs were wintering birds

In open areas of water bodies and the surrounding Minsk stayed for the winter hundreds of waterfowl. In total, according to experts, the annual winter waters of Belarus for more than five thousand birds. Since the reservoir Krynica, which is part of the eponymous state biological reserve, the spillway of the dam home to many ducks, about six dozen swans. With the increasing environmental services frost fed birds, the birds come and help citizens of Minsk.

"Every year on the reservoirs of Belarus remain to winter over five thousand water birds — told BelaPAN the head of

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The Russian presidential council wants contact with the Belarusian

Society At the meeting of the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia decided to create a contact group on the development of civil society in the Russian Federation and Belarus."It was decided to form a liaison group, which included several members of the Council. They invite members of the civil administration of the Council under the President of Belarus to join them," — said the "Interfax" Mikhail Fedotov, Russian lawyer and human rights activist.

"This will create a group that will deal with contacts between the two Councils. This is done to work together to address human rights

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Belarus and the European Union are discussing a joint action plan

Society This was reported by the European Commissioner Stefan Füle and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov.

According Fule This topic discussed at the meetings on July 9, the discussion will be continued at the level of Foreign Affairs.

"This is a political document, a kind of map of the reform that is focused and Belarus, and the European Union", — said Fule.

Sergei Martynov added that "this document is still in draft form and is being finalized by the European Commission."

"We have only discussed approaches, rather than the document itself," — said the head of

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Gold and currency are less and less

Society Foreign exchange reserves (GCR) of Belarus by the standards of the IMF on July 1, 2010 amounted to U.S. $ 5,523,6 milyadry. During January-June fell by 2.3% (to 128.9 million).

It is reported by Interfax referring to the National Bank of Belarus.



Fule: EU and Russia should not decide the Belarusian issue behind Belarus

Society This statement was made by Commissioner Štefan Füle met with the leaders of opposition parties and movements in Minsk.

The worsening of relations between Minsk and Moscow became one of the topics of conversation.

"This topic touched in different ways — said BelaPAN participant in the meeting, the leader of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin. — The Belarusian side to a greater extent talking about, that after known publications and films on NTV has changed with regard to the Russian leadership to the situation in Belarus and it is necessary to use the European

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The German Greens: Russia is responsible for the fate of political prisoners

Society "The verdict Andrei Sannikov is as tragic as absurd. Dictator Lukashenko instructed the former presidential candidate draconian prison sentence only because Sannikov called for democracy and free elections." This statement was made in Berlin, the German Bundestag faction chairman Juergen Trytyn and Coordinator for Eastern European politics Marieluise Beck.

According to German politicians, the political processes that are taking place in Minsk, the evidence of torture of political prisoners in the KGB prison, and how investigators extort recognition of political prisoners, reminiscent of the Stalin era.

"Belarusian regime clearly ignores taken them to the OSCE commitments on democracy and

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Even today, July 9

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, world history

On the court: Warm summers, rains and thunderstorms. Do not pass: The Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich in the capital — the festival of the historical and spiritual music and the opening of the exhibition "Grunwald for the haze of time." Under Logoisk — international gathering of balloonists. There, where we do not: In Pakistan, the planned resumption of the hearing the court, which will consider the petition of Islamic leaders who accused Facebook of blasphemy. Also this day: 1357. In Prague, founded by Charles IV-bridge over the Vltava river,

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