Negative balance in the external trade — more than 850 million dollars

Responding to questions from MPs House of Representatives, Semashko explained such characteristics in Belarus reduced the export of petroleum products.Deputy Prime Minister said that from July 1, will work in Belarus Belarusian Oil Company. It will take oil from the Russian Federation, according to calculations, this should give savings of up to U.S. $ 5 per tonne. Belarusian Oil Company will hold a monopoly on the sale of petroleum products in the outer market. This, Semashko should bring profit up 10 bucks for one tonne of oil.

Belarus has increased the supply of petroleum products in Ukraine

Society Belarus exports amounted to diesel and avtabenzin AI-92. Also on the Ukrainian market of Belarus exported avtabenziny marks "Normal-80" and 95 octane, reports "Interfax".

"Belarusian Oil Company" supplies to Ukraine entire volume of petroleum products from the Venezuelan oil. Growth in exports of petroleum products due to the "active marketing policy" of the company.

"Belarusian Oil Company" has its wholly owned marketing structure — the company "BNK-Ukraine".

Moreover, Delivery was doing and "Belorusneft" that recycles at Belarusian refineries all the oil that is produced in Belarus under processing.

According to experts, the Ukrainian market is promising for

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