Belarusians, Russians again put in place

With present a day or Russian customs charge for registration of documents with Belarusians who guided Russia. In this regard, while waiting in line at the Belarusian-Russian border 3-4 hours.Orsha businessman Sergey Antonenko was unpleasantly surprised when on the road to Smolensk saw a queue of cars and trucks with Belarusian registration numbers who lined up on the outskirts of the "transparent" Belarusian-Russian border. If before This time temporary importation procedure applied only to freight, from that moment it will certainly draw for private car owners: "It was a complete surprise. Herded into the parking lot — and then you

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Colours of patriotism

I can not be a patriot of the Republic of Belarus, because I live in this world there is this longer the official name of the country. For me, it sounds as absurd as to be a patriot Russian Federation, "the union of the country", or the European Union. I do not want to be a patriot of the country, because I can not keep up with the change of its official name, device control and ideology. I can not be a patriot of the country, which is the Belarusian except that only the names of which endlessly paklikaetstsa its

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Gainovka: We speak in their own

Travel to the town, which is called the Belarusian bleat in Poland, began rather abruptly. A few miles to Hajnowka shuttle bus was stopped by 3 police cars and passengers claimed "personal reason." And in the not to distant suburban village has people with weapons in civilian forced the driver to open the bins … They say here, 10 kilometers from Belarus, is sometimes happens when someone secretly cross the border … Although the borders are not always there. Before the war was far Gainovka not part of the Russian border of Belarus. Local ethnic Belarusians recall the time a

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What prevents Lukashenko Belarusian enter Card? ..

In late March, the Belarusian citizens of Polish origin have begun to apply in representation and the Polish Embassy to receive "Card of the Pole" — a document that gives the holder certain benefits to adjacent areas of the country (it is first about getting long visa, employment and training). This decision sparked protests in Warsaw by the official Minsk and sharpened and so tense relations between countries with 2. On the topic of the introduction of "Card of the Pole" expressed in his letters to the "Freedom" and some of our listeners. Here he writes, for example, Ales Stankevich

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Night Siege — April 8

The forums web site "Nasha Niva"Comment trials of youth activists Catherine Solovyov and Alexei Januszewski. Kasi Solovevoj awarded a penalty of 1 million 750 thousand rubles, and the tribunal over Alexey Januszewski moved to Wednesday. Catherine Solovyov tried for his role in an unregistered organization "Young Front". Alexei Yanushevski now detained on April 8 at the walls of the court, when the young man came to support Catherine.Comments:"What wish (power), and then do";"Dragon ate only young guys and girls: someone recommended that such a diet to prolong his life …. But all their efforts were in vain subservient — getting

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The award named Vl. Katkovskaya — Web Site Your Style

The competition received more than 200 content of the web Belarusian projects in 12 categories. The purpose of the contest — enable new exciting project to declare themselves known project — confirm its own status, says one of the managers TUT.BY Cyril Voloshin: "Our primary goal — to those projects which are not yet publicly known, to push, to give a prize not only in the form of emotional support, diploma, and a real help, we can give this project — hosting or free marketing company."Leonid Katkovsky "Award we decided to organize to keep the memory of Volodya"In This year

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Dawn: You are not here

Belarusian business to the Stalinist repression in general no. In 1-x, tired of hearing and reading the same. In-2, that to us dekulakization NKVD — forgotten by history. B-3, Siberia and the Gulag is infinitely far away, somewhere in the Ural Mountains, where do we? Municipal propaganda not only cherish such samapachuvanne, and adds the new catalysts oblivion. Allegedly, the repression was necessary to build "moshchnay" industry, and security officers were suffering from the bends together with the people and not just more of it, because we celebrate the anniversary of their glorious every organization, and those whom they were

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Banned list may be revised

Spokesman of the European Union Nicolas Kerler explained to the current decision of the European Council to extend sanctions Belarusian bureaucrats:"It was a decision to extend the existing sanctions against Lukashenko and Belarusian officials. It was unanimously approved by the Board after lunch Euro Union. Makarom So, at the moment these sanctions are in effect until April 10, 2009, when a new handy solution. List of officials against which the sanctions imposed, is not changed. It remains the same, but it is worth saying that this list will be constantly reviewed and may be changed in light of the political

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Ukrainians are praying for Belarus

Initiated action preacher from Poland Jaroslaw Lukasik, who in the past was deported from Belarus.The focus of Ukrainian Christianity movement has been the situation with freedom of confession in Belarus, also with the Church "new life" and its pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko, — reported the press office of the organizing committee of "Belarusian Christian Democracy".In addition, Ukrainian bishop of the Protestant denominations, members of Ukrainian Interchurch Council adopted an open appeal in support of Belarusian Christians. Bishop 15 denominations signed an open letter in which noted: "We declare our own outrage similar actions of the Belarusian municipalities that punish people who

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Belarusians impose Chinese cars

Participants Chinese auto landing no secret that came to Belarus in order to search for partners to build cars here. According to forecasts, in two years in Belarus will be up to 10 Chinese avtobrendy and more of favorite it would be appropriate to organize the assembly of Chinese vehicle. As the representative of the company «Chery» Zhou Inchzhe if governments 2-states support the proposal, joint projects can be successfully implemented. At least, businessmen from China noted the attractiveness of the Belarusian market. How are similar prospects spetsy? "Chinese" and "nice car" — two different thingsAnatoly Shevchenko, who not so

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