How to implement?

Many of my friends is going to buy or have already acquired for himself an old house on the farm or in the village. Not enough that it is a profitable investment (even now the estate can be purchased for two or three wage), so it is also a return to the eternal values when patriotism for our Protz meant prosperity and protection, not some abstraction, and their specific land, farms, nature.

One can only imagine: if a million Belarusians that in a referendum in 1995 voted "yes", if all these people on their own estates abselisya throughout

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Maybe if the return of Belarus in PACE?

Tsigankov: Head of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Kosachev said that PACE should see the question of the return status to Belarus’ special guest. " By Kosacheva, "the real time increasing the number of deputies began to lean toward the position that has always defended our homeland, speaking out against the isolation of Belarus." Whether, in the current political situation PACE see this question?"Our homeland would be willing to have someone in the Council of Europe, compared with what she would have looked better"

Fedorov: In my opinion, this is an early

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Grodno beef consecrated for Iranians

Grodno meat-packing proposal for supplying beef to Iran was not a short sudden. Came as a surprise that it will deliver a flight. But it turned out: fuel available in the Iranians, and they used their own plane. In this this country hitherto imported meat from further general Latin America.Meat processing plant in Grodno visited a group of Iranian professionals. Mullah Jafar al-Husseini debated in the workshop through an interpreter journalist Inna Maksimchik. She was struck by the event that he was there with a compass in hand defines where the east. For what? 

Carcasses raise the assembly flow head

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Books like clockwork

Vive valeque, Ljavon!Not so long ago I acquired a "Belarusian-European Latin dictionary", compiled and published Barscheuski Collegium Eastern Europe in Wroclaw. Here is a book that a person does not dream and in the worst disasters of the night — because it is likely only in Java. Sovereign Barshcheuski translated about 4000 words in 27 Belarusian European languages: 25 official languages of the Member States of Euro Union, Croatian (language in the EU member-distant future) and Latin.Belarusian-speaking another language is just a part of the decal only half of the booklets, which has 1040 pages. Not counting the main part

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Why can not I make a pro-Russian opposition?

Tsigankov: "On April 2, our morning broadcast Parfenovich argued that most Belarusians for unification with Russia. Over the years, there were also former political trials to earn political capital topic for example, Leonid Sinitsyn. But they were generally inconclusive. Why? "

Mackiewicz: "In 1-x, it is not true that the majority of Belarusians Belarusian union with Russia. Today, for sure, the advantage in the Belarusian society have values independence. And first of the Russian Federation, as no one else threatens cancellation of our independence. None of Belarusians do not want a confrontation with Russia, and lose independence nobody is going.

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Foreign Language — Secret and non-public

"We can confirm that the quantitative characteristics really discusses the … But it kanfidentsyynym "- said the emperor Popov.Commenting on the U.S. Department of Municipal Representative of the inadequacy of action Belarusian side, Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "Some expressions are not associated with a lot of diplomatic practice, but let it remain on the conscience of the author.""We want to highlight the subsequent Acts Belarusian side disposition and response are adequate to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. But the South American side, imposing sanctions, violated a number of diplomatic documents ""Proposals Belarusian side Reduction diplomats remain in force, as

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Protest under the windows of the Embassy of Belarus

Commented event her party, the chairman of the organizing committee of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev:"We wanted to bring to the Belarusian diplomats in Lithuania, Vilnius also to population and its guests that power Belarus aggressively pursuing their own people for their political beliefs. The action was organized movement of entrepreneurs and members of the youth wing of the United civilian party. All we had 20 people, but in a demonstration, according to Lithuanian law, there can be only 9. Because we changed each other . " Gorbachev said that the Belarusian embassy did not wish

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R.Bovm: there is a sense of confusion on the part of the regime

Correspondent"The question sent to the website," Freedom "," How much more a government like the U.S. will listen i do non-legitimate power requirements Lukashenko (I requirements for the last month of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry to the South American embassy)? "

Bohm"We only recently got new requirements [reducing the number of employees of the embassy in Minsk], and of course we believe these requirements illegitimate and baseless. No grounds for such claims on their part. Makarom Not so countries must lead the interaction between them. We fully litsezreem no grounds for such claims, but we consider them, and

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P.Kozlovsky: Kebich would not change symbols

Karatkevich: Say you lyric man?Kozlowski: I think so, because I grew up in Belarus, on the outskirts of the Bialowieza Forest, which is very excellent singing "Pesnyary". I grew up with them, so — I’m a lyrical person.KaratkevichWhat is your recollection of the meeting with Belarusian nedavneshney young democrats that you spent together with Misha Chyhir?Kozlowski: Remembering the kindest, warmest. I never thought that for 1.5 hours the youth will be able to ask as many different issues — politics, life, problems … They were so interested in the conversation that I earnestly asked a bit, that they should let

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Various sights on the Federal Government

Requirements of the Belarusian side says member of the House of Representatives Vasily Khrol:"We build a real customs union now does not fit availability duties on Russian oil for Belarus, tariff restrictions on the supply of Belarusian sugar to Russia, and the unpredictability of market prices energoelementov jeopardizes achievement of the planned performance. We had read on equal conditions to economic entities allied countries. Earlier, the price of gas was $ 50 for a thousand cubic meters, at the moment was the eighth 100 20 And next year, if we start from the current formula calculations, it is a 200

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