Augustow Canal opened the season

That’s the part Nemnovo to the pier in the village Chertok swims ship "Neman". First passengers on it now — Sapotskinsky students from the school, which is 5 kilometers away from the channel.Woman: "Very beautiful nature in us, there is something to look at."Reporter: "Do you live near, or somewhere further?" Woman: "And here in Sonich close." Reporter: "And I never noticed this?"Woman: "We have never sailed on Nemnovo NOT exclusively in the side on Rynkavtsy."Help: August-channel hydrological structure of the 19th century. Overall length — 102 kilometers. 80 km it passes through the area of Poland and 22

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Belarusian-American diplomatic conflict escalates

From April 1 to accept applications for the issuance of U.S. visas restored. Its volume halved — because in Minsk had only one consul. Immediately at the embassy confirmed that yesterday was obtained by a new proposal of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry forthcoming reduction of its staff. "Proposal Foreign reduction transferred to the State Department and currently is being studied," — noted the U.S. Embassy. Last week, the U.S. embassy staff has been reduced under the pressure of the Belarusian side to 17. New requirements on the reduction of state of the South American Embassy Belarusian Foreign Ministry clarifies the

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Belgium Belarusians continue protests

Another picket near the building of the Belarusian Embassy in Brussels was held on Mon 31 March. Activists, even with the police have not been able to pass their petition to the Belarusian Embassy.Recently the picket activists of the Belarusian-European Association distributed leaflets and support the action came as the inhabitants of Brussels. Trying to pass the petition to embassy staff ended without result, despite the efforts of both the protesters and the police. "Belarusian Diaspora in the Kingdom of Belgium strongly protests against the mass beating Belarusian people that took place during the celebration of independence days of the

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Russian language enemies of the people has been reduced to the status of foreign

* "Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928 under the title "The soldiers in the battle for kulturnasts" notes: "Cultural flood carries along with of net, freshest gnille water and debris. If applied vaenkaram poured into the barrel of the rifle sand when climb to each other in the chest, when the Red Army ranks thriving mat. This — gnille, gryazyuka garbage from which you want to clear decisively and energetically. "Commissar of Education V.Pivavarav BSSR in 1938 wrote in the pages of "Stars", "Enemies of the People did everything likely to prevent the accession of our kids Russian Socialist Belarus to the

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Night Siege — 31 March

On the website "Charter’97" a new article Ira Khalip "Features the portrait of the country." Vorachivaetsya created the topic stripping-independent media in Belarus. She believes a series of searches that took place on the flats on the number of journalists last week, only the beginning of a large security operation. Readers’ website:"Certainly, this is a good symbol. KGB If so worried means for their observations, awareness grows … And that means the power begins to shake. They reason that is completely natural to behold the actions of journalists.""Well, they will do, deprived opponents? What happens with crocodiles, if they are

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Minsk again asks downsizing the U.S. Embassy

He was awarded a brand new note on the reduction of the number of American diplomats in Minsk. The Belarusian side went to independent downsizing own embassy in the U.S., so that also the United States accordingly reduced its embassy. This is done "Due to repeated failure of the American side to cancel additional restrictive measures against the economic disposition" Belneftekhim "and because of alternate stripes of the U.S. administration to curtail contacts with the Belarusian side," — said the Foreign Ministry.On last week number of American diplomats in Minsk under pressure MFA Belarus was reduced almost twice — up

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Adam Globus: Consequences of those events — fatal

"In 1-x, about my participation in those events. Was such an association of young writers’ Tuteyshyya", which by virtue of the events involved not only in literature, but expressed and active social and political position. We had a world of its own, and we not suit Russian empire in which we lived. Accordingly, we have written an application for the march and rally.

The fact there happened later. Earlier nobody beheld, that the Belarusian people go to the rally. I myself, when I saw how many people came, very taken aback because I was not ready for it. But, for

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Belarusians have the right to be perfectly informed

Now with sharp criticism yesterday-independent searches in the offices and apartments of the Belarusian media-independent journalists addressed the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Miklos Haraszti. "I condemn it coming on-independent media as an obvious violation of the duties of the OSCE in the field of protection of freedom of the press, signed by the Government of Belarus, — said Miklos Haraszti. — Trying to suppress the media-independent in the European society of XXI century is unacceptable. " ***Recently the president of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Jeff Gedmin expressed concern about the criterion of-independent journalists after searches

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U.S. Embassy resumes issuing visas from April 1

Issuance of visas in the South American Embassy and consideration of new applications suspended on March 19. This was due to the requirements of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry on reducing state of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk. Under pressure from the Belarusian authorities countryside of Belarus for the last Wednesday and Thursday left nearly half of U.S. diplomats accredited in Minsk. Left and an embassy employee Kurt Finley, whose first channel BT and KGB spy accused in the development of the network. Now there are 17 South American embassy diplomats — the same as in the Belarusian Embassy in Washington.

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Could be BNR state for the people?

"Sire Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Sekretaryyatu. Favorites from the village of Borisov Lyashovki district of Minsk province Alexei ZhavronkaPetitionI have the honor to request you, sire Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Sekretaryyatu on behalf of the farmers of the village Lyashovki intercede before the German supreme command of reducing the size of deliveries of bread, cattle for the army because of the hideous harvest and very huge requirements of our local German commandant. We can not execute them. We have and without it almost all the farmers do not have enough bread. Same requirements of the German authorities immensely

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