Or broke the trend?

That "diplomatically liberalization", the first signs of which were seen still the previous year, and which manifested itself in expanded form in This year and led to the liberation of political prisoners 6, was the result of a new relationship with Russia, a gradual transition to market relations with her, hard pressure from Moscow, took place on the last negotiations Putin and Lukashenko in Minsk and Sochi. It seemed that this conditional "liberalization" — a rather steady and prolonged trend. After all, the premise of its breed, also have a long temper. If there was a delay in Kozulin, many

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Belarusian petroleum and chemical industry are willing to buy on the cheap

Sibur "Fertilizers", "Eurochem", "Lukoil", "Rosneft" — is far not the full list of Russian companies, which at one point reduced their intrigued by Belarusian companies. And first, they took the time to do joint ventures with Grodno "Nitrogen" , Gomel chemical plants, Polotsk "Naftan", Bon "Polymir". "But as soon as the negotiations on these projects, we can say suspended. By the way, we do not litsezreem any new initiatives by Russian companies. The process has stalled, "- said the agency Itar-Tass, citing an anonymous source in the bodies of state administration in Belarus. The same source of calm and reason

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Repression — Belarusian authorities EU response

These and other issues in the transfer of expertise Freedom discussions are the chief editor of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov and publicist Alexander Fyaduta.

Tsigankov: "March 25 was forcibly dispersed by day Freedom — about 100 people arrested and convicted. Now the offices and apartments of journalists working for the European media, are searches and interrogations. Does this mean that the government makes a tactical or strategic shift from that relatively myagenkoy policy, which she spent (or was obliged to carry out) the last few months? And again crosses to a hard case to a civilian society? ""It’s tough

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Search for door cut blowtorch

"KGB officer is interested, I am not a reporter channel" Belsat"KGB referred to the decision of 17 March 2008, signed by the assistant prosecutor of Minsk Alexey Stuk. According to her searches are conducted in the framework of the criminal case instigated against Andrei Obozova, Oleg Minich and Paul Morozova. They are accused of libeling Lukashenko, Tipo which have satirical cartoon about managing Belarus. This case was instituted August 16, 2005. All persons involved in the case have gone abroad. The search was conducted at the apartment and chairman Novopolotsk branch of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Alexandrov. "They

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Peacock Survila: self — languid thing

Karatkevich: You were born in Spain, lived in Canada … Tell me how you define your national identity?Survila: That is a tough question. From time to time I think of as a Spaniard, when I hear Spanish music … I also kanadyyka, I lived there for a long time, I think about it. When people ask me, I’m an American, I say — no, I kanadyyka. But the more I feel that I am Belarusian, I always heard this language, my ancestors taught me, and it is such a measured thing in life.Karatkevich: What personality traits to dominate you?Survila: Also

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Head of the European Parliament condemned the acts of the Belarusian authorities

He expressed his strong concern that the detained opposition activists who assumed the role of in a peaceful demonstration on March 25, and journalists were punished by arrest for 15 days or tremendous penalties. EP President also outraged that the KGB gave chase-independent journalists."I strongly condemn the arrest and politically targeted flogging with Belarusian citizens who peacefully express their commitment to the values of freedom, democracy and Human Rights. The European Parliament expresses its solidarity with all those who defend freedom and democracy "- said Hans-Gert Poettering.

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A.Milinkevich: should be specified in who does what

According to the favorite of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, visit was very effective and fruitful. The question to determine whether members of the delegation expressed a common approach, sire Milinkevich noted that all were in favor of the need for dialogue, which first required the Belarusian people. "As the pace of the dialogue, the pace of the relief measures steps, who is the first to do, who second, to give or not to give this visa Alexander Lukashenko Europe — there’s debate. I do not consider them fundamentally. Fundamentally what Belarus very interested in the economic, trade and political

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Life in the word priest Adam Stankevich

Vilensky belorusistiki Institute published a collection of works of the priest Adam Stankevich entitled "With God to Belarus." In fact good for 1100 pages included historical, theological and literary works, as the speech of the priest in the Polish Sejm.

"With God to Belarus" — the first book of Adam Stankevich in Belarus since 1940. On this long-awaited edition we speak with historian Ales Pashkevich, who, along with his co-worker Andrei Vashkevich preparing legacy priest Adam to print. Stankevich-priest-Stankevich knigar and Mr. StankevichMichas Scoble: "Ales, in the pre-war Vilnius walking this joke:" How long do we Stankevich? Three priest,

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D.Kreymer: It was a gangster behavior by security forces

David Kramer — one of the key figures in shaping U.S. policy towards Belarus. He did not once met in Washington with representatives of the Belarusian opposition and public figures, including Ira Kazulina. Last year, he negotiated in Minsk with Belarusian bureaucrat on the likely routes of improving bilateral relations, namely, the release of political prisoners.Reporter: "On your latest position of assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor relations, the extent to which you can pay attention to Belarus?"Kramer: "Belarus — a country which as before I will pay a lot of attention. Belarusian affairs I gave

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Wreath memory Basil Chubanav

Basil buried Chubanava when Belarus celebrated the ninetieth anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic, whose standards were his saints. He died in an old parents’ house, and the house is not built to date. Lonely remained Vassileva is ninety mom. Spending his last journey was sparsely attended: mom, brother, sister, a dozen neighbors and his colleagues at public activities.In the spring of 1996 on one of the opposition protests Vasily Chubanav met Vladimir Kudryavtsev. In memory Kudryavtseva together with another man is courageous, selfless and courageous.Vladimir Kudryavtsev reads as follows:"This man a lot of walking on land

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