Why aggravated Belarusian-American affairs?

Participants: teacher registered in Lithuania Euro Humanities Institute Denis Melyantsou and director of the Institute registered in Lithuania BISS Vitali Silitski.Who and why exacerbates conflict?

Valery Karbalevich: "Belarus is going to escalate the conflict with the U.S.. With stringent anti-American statements made by Lukashenka. Last week, at the meeting on the work of law enforcement agencies, he sharply criticized the U.S. sanctions. Yesterday in an interview with the Austrian Press Agency as head of the country’s poorly rated U.S. policy. Squeezed out of the MFA Belarus South American ambassador, claimed to reduce the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk.

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Advertising Theater Forum — only in Russian

Their show theaters from Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. End performance March 27 International day of theater.On our show two performances on whiteRussian language. Offline advertising, but only framed in Russian.The competition presented programmke more theaters from Russia, four of them. Belarus is represented by three theater. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania presented any one theater.Participants will compete for a theatrical competition Grand Prix — "For the best performance." Also for the diplomas, prizes and awards in the category "best director’s work", "For vivid embodiment of the youth theme", "For the best Actress" and "For the best

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Why the Constitution? Sheet of paper and nothing more?

March 20th Minsk City Executive Committee rebuked hold in the center of march and rally on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the independence of the BNR. Minsk authorities were allowed to hold a rally on the route from the Academy to Bangalore Square. The applicants disagreed with the decision and took responsibility for its consequences. With all this said, the applicants that they themselves and 18 hours on March 25 as citizens come to Belarus Yakub Kolas.Pavel, Minsk: "Lud Belarus lived for centuries under the aliens humiliated and maimed. Once was because as if it had never existed.

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Russian Prime Minister Zubkov arrived in Minsk

In addition, programm visit anticipates meeting 2-premiers "in the narrow part of." Many analysts believe that this is the most important meeting will be for Belarusian side. Fact, that the agreement with "Gazprom" sets the prices for gas, which gets Belarus from Russia (119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters), only the first quarter of this year.First deputy head Belarusian government Vladimir Semashko already stated, Belarus wants skarektaravats formula for gas prices, which are tied to the cost of petroleum products.

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In Austria, the expression of Lukashenka: bullshit

Recall that yesterday in an interview with Austrian agency APA Belarusian ruler said subsequent "Democracy in Belarus is the same as in Austria, one to one, the democratic values we are on the same level." With the famous Austrian defenders Heinz Patzelt Lena debated Struve.According to the Secretary-General of the Austrian Amnesty International, the organization — unlike Belarusian favorite — not engaged in comparing the levels of democracy in different countries. But without any comparisons the human rights situation in Belarus looks very difficult and unsafe.Patzelt: "This applies to the freedom of speech, and the death penalty, and the persecution

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Vilnius: Belarusians — For the freedom of Tibet

At each picket in front of the Chinese Embassy People’s Republic of together with Tibetan symbols and flags will take white-red-white flag, calls on the Belarusian. With own symbols joined civilian shares Belarusians in Lithuania — Euro Institute of Humanities students.During pickets sounds of Tibetan music that participants themselves perform on instruments brought from Tibet.Now picket in front of the Chinese Embassy gathered a few 10’s of people. YSU student Oleg Grubich held a sign with the words in Chinese and Belarusian, which made for the shares itself."I come here the fourth day, every day, as long as the action

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Vitebsk: flag in honor of Larissa Heniyush

According to local opposition leader Boris Khamaida, the flag was attached a note later: "The Honor and Glory outstanding poet, indomitable Larissa Heniyush which refused Russian citizenship to the last days of life remained a citizen Belarusian People Republic. "How to live, then live Belarus , and without it — did not live!. Glory to the heroes of the BNR! Long live Belarus! Lives forever! Myron. "Boris Khamaida recalled nowshny flag — is the next step, "White-red-white marathon", timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the famous Myron BNR. Flag in honor of Larissa Heniyush the bill was the

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Ambassadors again wrote dictation Belarusian

Earlier, on March 15 nationwide dictation wrote other embassies of the EU countries, the USA and the editors of independent newspapers. March 23 nationwide dictation will write public figures, politicians and all wishing to participate in the first nationwide dictation Belarusian. Text dictation — an introduction to a collection of Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus."

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel salting Zeev Ben-Arie explained to Radio Liberty its role in dictation:"Since I consider it my duty to express my respect for the Belarusian language. We in Israel language issue was very essentially from the start of formation of the country.

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Z.Paznyaka Belarusians out for justice

Hanna Sous: "Zenon S., first I wish to ask how you will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of China?"Zenon Pozniak"I am invited to a conference in Prague and will be there March 22 and 23. And later will be in Warsaw, where I will celebrate together with friends."Sous: "Which of the values remain the BNR and now burning for Belarusian patriots?"

August 25, as on March 25 — the date of this majestic our history 

Pozniak"Burning that BNR figures in very severe criteria occupation in languid criteria of so-called Peace of Brest, which concluded by strangers,

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Night Siege, March 19

The forums TUT.byobsuzhdayut news portal that the U.S. Embassy stopped issuing visas to Belarusian citizens. Comments:"Well, I waited … still curious he desires The birthplace of this embassy … ""What dad is not scary, it will still check to the United States is prohibited." "Live without America. Needless to poison us and frighten. Now America already do not care what ordinary people are tormented by their own ambitions. Ministers and other of their various lists do not stand in line for a visa, which they still will not give. That’s what they still Need? ""Ordinary people are suffering through Sasha,

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