Requests A.Milinkevich reduce the cost of Schengen visas for Belarusians

Alexander Milinkevich interlocutor focused on the need to promote European values in Belarus and the ability to support this policy by Poland. In his view, the western neighbors can contribute to the Belarusian youth in obtaining European education.During the conversation was rising in Warsaw also significant for Belarusians issue price of Schengen visas and facilitation of their receipt. Alexander Milinkevich asked Donald Tusk in Brussels to support the inhabitants of Belarus in their desire to reduce the price of Schengen visas.

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Will hotels in Vitebsk forms in Belarusian?

Requests the Director-General to draw Levinov hotel "Vitebsk" to administrative responsibility. In his view, the bureaucrat does not conform with municipal languages Republic of Belarus, restricting the right to use whiteRussian language: In response to the record, in a book by a complaint, the Director explained to the hotel, which is considered sufficient to have forms in the Russian and British languages.Human rights activist appealed to the district prosecutor’s office, which forwarded it to the analysis of the administration of the Railroad District. Now Paul Lyavinau summoned to head the ideological department Olga Levina, where Secretary of the administrative commission

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Will in 2008, gas prices for Belarus cost 200 bucks?

"Now the Belarusian side this formula would not have signed …"Tsigankov: "What does not suit the Belarusian side in the formula for determining the price of gas? Outside looks that 119 bucks — the cost of Russian gas for Belarus in the first quarter — the most affordable probable cost, and revise the formula that makes this cost, it would be self-destructive. Yet, the Belarusian side insists on it. Maybe he has some arguments. What? "

Manyanok: "It must be understood that officially" Gazprom "announced the cost is only the first quarter. March 21 Because, of course, will open a

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Road to teach Belarusian build house


Misha Chernyavskii"On day of birth not so long ago I was in the midst of the rest, gave a book of memories Ivonka Survila. My wife took her to read. In truth, the book I was very impressed. Very Belarusian book.

The book I was very impressed. Very Belarusian book

There is such an episode when Ivonka was in Denmark in the same family, and there it is very well perceived. Later, after some time, when she met with the mistress of the house and asked her what can thank the mistress recommended her to do the same for

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Concert Solidarity with Belarus

March 25 in the center of the Polish capital (and 18th, at the monument to Nicholas Copernicus) the demonstration, the purpose of which, according to the 1st of the favorites "Free Belarus" She Mentsvelya, "the Belarusian independence day in the coming show neighbors Poles — Belarusians that in the struggle for democratic change in their country, and they are supported by other nations. "In turn, on March 30 Castle Square in Warsaw held a big concert "Solidarity with Belarus", in which perceive the role Star of the Belarusian and Polish musician Stanislaw Soyka, Lavon Volsky, Justin Stechkovska Igor Varashkevich, Rusya

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The Belarusian colony 52nd day starving Russian

For disk imaging, Russians got 12 years for robbery, but did not admit guilt own and reaches a retrial. Also Nicholas Kostyshev claims that he was tried in absentia and are not given the opportunity to benefit from the protection. According to Nikolai Autuhovich, several days Nicholas Kostysheva reverse transferred from Minsk colony to colony number 10 in Novopolotsk. As at the moment feels himself a prisoner, is unclear. The duty of the colony said N.Kostyshev is in quarantine. Previously Nicholas Kostyshev passed to freedom open letter to Russian President Vladimir Fishing season. The prisoner asked to be transferred to

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Belarus again insists on reducing the U.S. Embassy personnel

"Attention U.S. representative was again drawn to the urgent recommendation Belarusian side reducing the number of staff of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk, "- said in a statement the Foreign Ministry of Belarus. Diplomatic conflict between countries with 2 appeared after, U.S. imposed restrictive measures on municipal "Belneftekhim" concern. Belarus Ambassador to the U.S. Misha Khvostova recalled "for consultations." At once Belarusian authorities bezotstupno recommended ambasadartsy U.S. Karen Stewart also quit Belarus for the same purpose. March 12 she left Belarus.

In Moscow detained Belarusian klyafelinshchytsa

As it should from the investigation, Sagaydarava was "klyafelinshchytsay." Specialized woman more on businessmen. It is usually about the victims of their own slot machines. If consumed in acquaintance already in apartments guys, slipped them into alcohol klyafelin.Cyrus Sagaydaravu detained due camera that took her home at the entrance of the 1st of the capital business. Belarusian policemen have found in fake Russian passport, pills klyafelinu. But it means and stolen laptops are gone.On capital investigators Sagaydaravu declared wanted and bodies Interior St. Petersburg. In the Belarusian businessmen stole 300 thousands of dollars. In the midst of her clients were

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Ambassadors wrote dictation Belarusian

Text dictation — an introduction to a collection of Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus."Representatives of the European Union and the United States gathered in the office of the Belarusian Language Society to jointly write a dictation. On the form it was written "first dictation. BNR 90 years." First, any of the ambassadors presented TBM single Belarusian poem. So Makar festival took place in the estate of the Belarusian poetry. Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic Lubomir Rehakexplained to his role in the event:

Reads as chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of EnglandNigel Gould-Davies: "I basically wrote in an

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Oleg Gordienko Way Ivonka Survila — unusual for Belarusians

Such an extraordinary way the Belarusian Parliament President People’s Republic of caused extraordinary intrigued to her memories in the Belarusian diaspora researcher Oleg Gordienko. Their experiences to share with our students."If I am not mistaken, this is the first memoir control BNR. And this memoir Ivonka Survila very valuable: they allow you to look at the whole history of the Council since the late 40-ies of the last century up to the beginning of the first century 20.In addition, Memoirs are valuable because Shimantsy family, which occurs Ivonka Survila unique. Belarusian emigrants usually 44 years old, who were sent to

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