Belarusian authorities continue to pressure the U.S. Embassy

As it became clear Radio Liberty, this requirement was announced after the departure of the U.S. ambassador from Belarus Karen Stewart which is presently located in Brussels.Number of embassy staff that the Belarusian authorities to reduce the offer, and the personnel is not yet known. The Ministry Foreign Affairs Belarus so far does not comment.Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer said in an interview with Radio Liberty that the South American side will know what steps decide to make the Belarusian authorities. Sovereign Kramer expressed his hope that "the Belarusian government is not interested in an escalation of tensions

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Belarus is ready to declare the U.S. ambassador persona non grata

Does the United States have introduced new sanctions against Belarus, salting why U.S. did not immediately left after advice from Belarus Belarusian Foreign Ministry, as agreed upon by the South American and European policy towards Belarus? Correspondent"Does the U.S. explanation of the Ministry of money, made March 6, 2008, the extension of sanctions against the" Belneftekhim "introduced by the Government of the United States November 13, 2007?"Kramer"March 6, the U.S. Treasury announced sanctions explanation available, and it seems that the government of Belarus took it as additional sanctions. As someone looks at it, I suppose. If Belarus wants to interpret

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Z.Shybeka: mentality Ivonka Survila — ideal for Belarusians

Recall that the "Road" Ivonka Survila — this fourteenth book publishing series our radio "Library of Liberty XXI century." Her presentation will be held in Minsk on March 17 at 18 hours in the office of the BPF on Masherova 8 (former Varvashenya)."I took this book as such exclamations spring. This book is written with the belief that the Belarusian spring awakening faith in her.The second thing that has struck me as a scientist — is the extreme cleanliness of the Belarusian mentality that shows Ivonka Survila in his book. This mentality can serve as an ideal typical natural, of

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Discuss gas issue March 21

About it now said the first deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Syamshaka. Currently Belarus buys Russian gas for 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. March first salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov said that cost of gas increase in over this year Belarus 7-10%.Session of the Union Council of Ministers will be held in Minsk on March 21. "Gas" will open a discussion question in the narrow circle. Currently Belarusian side negotiates with "Gazprom" and the Russian government. "We’re trying to explain the need to adjust the formula and calculation gas prices"- Said Vladimir Syamshaka.In "Gazprom" these statements

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Created the first monument to the founders of the BNR

Unique monument created and installed near the Museum of Fine Arts Anatolia of the White. The event is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR.Festive event organizers — Cultural and Educational Club "Heritage of." Its chairman Anatoly whitewashed said that the opening of invited representatives of foreign embassies, leaders and members of opposition parties and movements, and all who appreciate the history of the Fatherland. The event starts in the old Roads on March 15 in 14 hours. Anatoly whitewashed states that for the first time in Belarus created more famous monument to the founders of the BNR. "This

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Received robbed Belarusians and Market

"We are These days are move out of the office on the street in another Rabkorovskaya street Maxim Bogdanovich. And thieves used it. They pulled three system blocks and four liquid-crystal displays. Bad that stole all of the best layout "- chief editor Belorusy rynokVyacheslav Khodosovsky.

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Anti-US steps Minsk shows dedication Moscow

United States until recently had hoped that the Belarusian authorities will make concessions — at least, unleash Kozulin

These questions are answered analyst Vladimir Rovdo.Tsigankov"Can we say that today the official Minsk steps — it forced response to the actions of the South American government? Or, in your opinion, particularly Minsk itself inflames the conflict?"Rovdo: "I think the United States had hoped to the last that the Belarusian authorities to make concessions — at least, to release Kozulin. How can realize such hints informally committed. But if Minsk showed its firm position Kozulin and sent back to prison, the

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Why lasts diplomatic conflict with the U.S.?

United States withdrew their Ambassador to Belarus Karen Stewart for advice. Why not implement a plan to restore the official Minsk business with the West? Than to explain the U.S. position on the change of its own review of the Ambassador of Belarus? Why the European Union does not respond to the public at the Belarusian-American conflict?Why not released Kozulin?

Valery Karbalevich"It seems that the Belarusian-American diplomatic conflict exacerbation after March 7th goes to zatuhannya. But the United States to review its own ambassador in Minsk indicates that the conflict develops. And the position of the United States — hard.

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As in Minsk react to the departure of Karen Stewart?

Now in the afternoon at a meeting with representatives of the democratic community of Belarus Karen Stewart reported that the short-term is leaving and he does not change his status as the U.S. ambassador. Within weeks of salting plans to work in Washington. A participant of the meeting, the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus Lena Skrigan sends word heads the U.S. diplomatic mission in Belarus:"With her leaving nothing to U.S. policy towards Belarus is not changed. As before the main problem, which puts the United States remains the problem of political prisoners. Later question

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Vyachorka: Unparalleled Event

At a meeting of the European People’s Party "European Democrats" — the largest faction in the European Parliament, MPs were briefed on the political situation in Belarus, the situation with human rights and the media.Intriguing cases Deputies charge students from universities, urging them to join the army. Representatives of the Belarusian delegation, namely, Alexander Milinkevich, talk about the need to reduce the price of visas for people of Belarus Country Shengenskay zone.Thought of the "Belarusian Week" in the European Parliament belonged Deputy Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka. Here’s what he said our radio."Back in January this year I wrote a letter

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