Diplomatic war

What is the meaning of the South American decision to throw its own ambassador in Minsk? What will be the reaction of the European Union and the Russian Federation on the conflict between Minsk and Washington? What will be the consequences of this conflict for internal and external policy of Belarus?On these issues in the program "Prague accent" talk columnist Russian magazine "The New Times" Vadim Dubnov, editor of the analytical bulletin BelaPAN Klaskouski Alexander and Director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic research Vital Silitski. Drakakhrust"This Friday, the Belarusian authorities decided to recall the ambassador of Belarus in the

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Night Siege — March 10

Readers website Charter 97 discussions are news that the salting of Belarus in the U.S. Misha Tails returned to Minsk — for advice in relation to sanctions against "Belneftekhim" concern."Do not worry. Will increase — in Honduras or Venezuela.""Why are you so pro diplomats. Diplomats serve their own homeland, for you. They protect her, as the military. And this service is not so easy. ""I do not need their service. Specifically, such a service. Ribbentrop served Hitler. Where finished? And not the people it serves. And serve it will not in principle. His people and Lukashenko — the same thing."On

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Minsk veers between Europe and the U.S.

Salting of Belarus in the U.S. Misha Tails already arrived in Minsk for consultations. A salting U.S. Karen Stewart, despite the recommendation of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is in Minsk.

Political analyst Vitaly Silitski commenting for our radio this diplomatic conflict, first draws attention to the fact that the U.S. salting Karen Stewart as before remains in Belarus. Belarusian authorities about its "limited pretty decorative measures" — says the analyst:"This, in my opinion, means that the Belarusian side at the moment, most likely, can not afford for themselves constructive steps. Many they say (and I think rightly) that

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Levin: The government does not comply with the law — and plays by its own rules

Reporter: "Andrew, as you have served in the police?"Levinov: "15 years as a district inspector in the service of the inquiry, the deputy police chief, and again — the local policeman."Reporter: "So makarom you punished? "Levinov: "I once again want to fire on trumped-up reasons. But nothing came of them, and I agreed to continue with the usual precinct … "Reporter: "What for optimism?"Levinov "First attitude of ordinary people — it gave reason to think that you’re on your own site. You need people, as it helps them. As for chiefs, I never motivate his assessment. "Reporter: "Well, there were

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Belarusian pets Western musical public

Spotlight Concert in Charleston, "Satisfaction Love" Chrysler and "Summertime" by Gershwin in performing violinist Yuriy BekkerYuriy Bekker — 26 years. He was born in Minsk. Violin is engaged with a 6-year-olds. In the 90s, along with his family moved to the United States.Musician now lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and concerts in various countries. On last week his speech in Charleston, in the so-called Spotlight Concert, again gathered a full house. Answering journalists’ questions about the secrets of success of the musician, 26-year-old violinist Yuriy Bekker behalf of several events: natural features work right teachers, especially in childhood, and patrons. Jury

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On this earth walking holiday as Scarecrow, they …

"Free Belarus" in 1918, reports on the early editions of newspapers in Minsk "Belarusian Land": "Must See generally, the Belarusians neem needs special edition of the newspaper on the Russian prophesy. Meystsovaya Any newspaper willingly give place to all articles znaemyachy extensive with Belarusian citizenship movement. separate edition of Great newspapers — is an unnecessary waste of resources. nidobra and select bread in children and throw it to the dogs … ""Russian Belarus" in 1928 writes about public policy in Belarus: "Publishing Beldyarzhvydavetstva plans designed to ensure each nationality literature in their native language. C 17 newspapers published in Byelorussia

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A day or 125 years from the birth of Frantisek OLEKHNOVICH

Vilnius Belarusians, teachers and students of the Euro Institute of Humanities, representatives of public organizations now brought flowers to the memorial sites related to Olehnovich Francisco.

Clear space is unclear In place of the cemetery in Vilnius built Wedding Palace, but the place of the tomb of OLEKHNOVICH known stories about senior Belarusians. From there the land was taken and transferred to the cemetery hill Litaratskuyu Dew in 1989 — a symbolic perapahavanne organized Belarusian Culture Society (TBA) in Lithuania.His manager Fedor Nyun’ko could convince the then the Vilnius authorities that on Rosah need to allocate space for the Belarusian

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A. Fedorov: The main factor is real — sanctions

Hanna Sous: Sp.Andrey, salting U.S. Karen Stewart’s own statement immediately reminded of a political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin. How do you assess the situation?Andrei Fedorov: "You see, we must mention the situation about 10 days old when the U.S. State Department also issued a statement, it was just at the time of short-term release Kozulin the funeral of his wife.This statement was very complacent, it seemed that if Belarus will continue the path of liberation of political prisoners, the United States will open the ability for future cooperation.We we see, that the statement sp.St ‘Ewart have a continuation of the application

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Vitebsk: another flag in white-red-white marathon

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida again said details about the action of the famous Myron. By him, from reliable sources, it became clear that the flag is attached a note with the following text: "Honor and glory to the Belarusian politician People’s Republic of, professional historian and writer Peter Krachevsky. Glory to the heroes of the BNR! Long live Belarus! Lives forever! Myron. "Khamaida recalled that in Vitebsk lasts announced Miron "White-red-white marathon" — a series of actions by hanging flags to today’s 90th anniversary of independence with a day or Belorussian People’s Republic of.

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Tuteyshyya out on the TV screen Belsat

"Tuteyshyya" filmed as a TV movie. And whether he is available to viewers in other media? On this question Valery Mazynsky replied:"Producer read on, that while this is only the TV version, because he filmed for television. These criteria, in which there is a "Belsat", apparently a couple of times show. People get plates, expanded range of viewers. And in other media? We had read about such a project, on DVD … Well this is the right producer, because he expended on the movie and its means he has fully all rights in this movie, and we — no. "Valery

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