T.Keysi: Stewart remains in Minsk

Casey stressed that for The United States is very fundamentally having an embassy in Minsk and have the consulate at the highest diplomatic level to deal with Belarusian authorities a number of problems.Earlier today the representative of the White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe condemned the recommendation of the official Minsk U.S. Ambassador Karen Stewart leave Belarus. Johndroe acts referred Belarusian authorities "Unjustified" and said that they are still largely isolated from Belarus united Europe.

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P. Sevyarynets: The United States in turn support democracy in Belarus

"This is due to the tough stance of the American side, which in turn support democracy in Belarus, opposes violations Human Rights Belarus — says Seviarynets. — And the obstinacy of the Belarusian regime, who is not willing to negotiate. We know that 6 released political prisoners, but are still behind bars several, including Alexander Kozulin. Was necessary wait for such results. United States — a country that is fundamentally policy: if not complied with the agreement, the sanctions are imposed. Excellent is either poorly for Belarusian economy? Certainly, it would be better to go without sanctions. We are for

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End quote: 01.03. — 07.03.2008

"They’re here already cornered avert their eyes, that they require almost sorry for neargumentavanyya detention and clarify that receive orders to prosecute the" top ".Alexander Milinkevich favorite unregistered movement "For Freedom" — how it 6 times during the 2-day police detained during his trip to Brest."Putin does not want to be president of the union and do not like the idea of union. Deeply alien to him, all Russian, all the union, despite not that from time to time he applies to opportunistic pro-Soviet rhetoric and nostalgic drool over the USSR, but in fact he anti-Soviet.I believe that the free

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Foreign investors scares Belarusian bureaucracy

In the first day of the Consultative Council on Foreign Investment in the Council of Ministers did not have enough even willing to fill the conference room of the State Library. Before the meeting for mass brought several buses with university students with the economic profile of learning. But the Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky convinced that the country vkladyvatelnye excellent prospects. In This year Government has to master more than 17 billion dollars, over the next five years this figure expected to exceed 80 billion Given that for the preceding five-year period the amount of foreign investment and

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By fasting Skrebtsov brothers joined Oleg Alkaev

"I support you in your fasting and join her. I think the apprehension, arrest and conviction Alexander Kozulin illegal. That pushed me to join your hunger strike," — said in an electric letter that Oleg Alkaev Sergej Skrabets.

And in an interview our radio Alkaev said:"I always adherent constructive measures so to speak, external manifestations, not just condemnation ideas. I other methods of influencing Belarusian authorities, To be honest, I do not know. "March 10 last MP House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets and his brother, Alexander began a hunger strike demanding the release of political prisoners.Alkaev Oleg was born in

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Past South American diplomat: I’m looking for real Belarusian

South American photographer and diplomat answered questions from our correspondent.CorrespondentVery pleased that you have researched the Belarusian language and reads as before her. Tell me about yourself, what you are currently doing and where you live?KunstadterI retired from the diplomatic service two years back and worked as a photographer, as can be masterful, in general, this is now my profession. I work in Belarus, Italy, Turkey. And I live in Turkey, in Ankara, since I served there three times. My wife, when I retired, decided not vorachivatsya descent in the United States, and remain slightly in Turkey. We have

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Will speech in Geneva about Belarus?

Specifically, at the initiative of the ILO in Belarus Last year expelled from the EU Generalised System of Preferences. For disk imaging press Secretary Andrei Popova, There is no Belarusian issues as a separate item a day or session."As we were informed of a special review of the implementation by the Government of Belarus, the ILO does not provide advice," — said the official dealer of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry. Meanwhile order a day or in the preparatory session of the Belarusian issue was listed under number 17. Tags: International, an organization of work preferences

Many of our politicians do not have enough simple culture

Vecherko: "If the government press down language, the main aim of the Belarusian government political forces should be on culture. Namely BPF Party intensively engaged in the promotion of Belarusian literature, Belarusian musical culture, Belarusian art. Until March 25, we are preparing a collection of young musicians "-independent." In April and May — the first in our history, an independent multimedia encyclopedia on the history of Belarus, namely BPR. "Ulitenok: "At the last congress of the main cast Vintsuk Vyachorka was made that he allegedly converted BPF public cultural center …"Vecherko: "In my opinion it is very cool. Since just

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In Vilnius forgiven Vera Shostak

Vera Symonavna recently celebrated its 90th anniversary and first this year in the transfer of "Belarusian abroad" (aired January 15, 2007) on our radio on the occasion of the anniversary and sounded her latest interview in which she said, among other:"I am a happy man. Nobody I never prick, although I have always treated all people with great confidence. And I did not have bad friends. I have no feelings of jealousy — if I love someone, I hunt to all adored him . And my motto in life: the birth of a man to do good to all living

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Alexander Irvanets: Nice to be read in a strange land

Presentation of Alexander Irvanets in Belarusian was very presentable: opened its Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Belarus salting Igor Likhovyi came diplomatic missions leaders of Sweden, Israel, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukrainian Polish intelligentsia. Ukrainian writer Alexander Irvanets excellent read in Russian: "It’s nice to be read in a strange land. But unless Belarus Ukraine stranger? When in November 2004 we went to our Independence, the first not our flags that fluttered near the blue and yellow, were just white-red-white. Never forget the inspirational young people Belarusians who put together with Ukrainian tents along Hryshchatyka. Because you can boldly and openly:

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