Dark clouds can not always block the light of freedom

To begin the program from such a call:Man: "Bane Stalin will save Russia" — so the abbreviation stood for Soviet gulag residents. Now 55 years old with a day or order. Then a dark cloud over the earth, and to start rasseyvatstsa 1991 moved beyond the horizon. Stalin’s Russia was saved by Bane, but was saved by many people from executions and bullpen. In today convey greetings to Kazulin and other political prisoners. Dark clouds can not always block the light of freedom. Will be on our street prazdnichek. Long live Belarus! "Continue to call, in which the listener says

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5th Belarus — Ingermanlyandyya

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the People’s BNR Vaclav Lastouski and foreign affairs minister Alexander Tsvikevich went to the conference as part of the Lithuanian delegation. The first stop on the road to Genoa was Berlin.The train came to Schlesischer Bahnhof late. As soon as it turned out — Berlin police solved the extraordinary security measures in connection with the visit of the Russian delegation, which was on the brakes a few days in Berlin for consultations with the Germans. Coming out of the station building, the traveler’s eye looked Lastouski mass and suddenly saw a familiar face.The

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Lebedko Cancel golden share — a condition Kremlin

The official statement said that the rejection of this rule "will contribute to the creation of suitable criterion for verbovaniya foreign direct investment in the real economy of Belarus." Opposition politicians say the move was made under pressure from the Kremlin, and that comes step prihvatizatsii Belarus."Golden share" was introduced by presidential decree in 1997 "to regulate the process of privatization." Through the mechanism of the "golden share" the government could intervene in the decision-stock companies. Even some officials in recent years have stated that the presence of a "golden share" restrains the arrival of foreign investments in the Belarusian

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In Moscow overturned vehicle with Belarus

As reported by RIA "Announcements", minibus hit a snag, then overturned. Seven people were taken to the clinic.Accident accident vysvyatlyayutstsa.

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Belarusian mentality is not typical vindictiveness

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize. Favorite proclaim every Sunday in the review calls for the week.Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Now employees of the Ministry of Interior noted Prof. prazdnichek — day police. Our listener critical of the activities of the security forcesVictor: "As for law enforcement agencies Lukashenko, etc., but not Belarus. Neuzh it is not clear in Belarus not law enforcement, in other words,

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A.Belosnezhny: Best prazdnichka celebration — it’s not a bad job

Snow-white"Best prazdnichek celebration — it’s work. Necessary to do something to honor the 90th anniversary of the BNR! For example, the club" Inheritance "notes approximation of days Will such efforts: in-1’s, do a web site. It will be called "reducing". 250 persons — state revival figures — submitted their biographies and works of art dedicated one way or another personality. In-2, we set the monument to the founders of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. Large sheets of armored iron, that the enemy is not damaged, attached to the wall, and on their own — 18 bas those founding fathers, who

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Myron another flag — in honor of Joseph Lyosika

Oppositionist Boris Khamaida said Radio Liberty, that he understood the contents of the note attached to this flag. It is written: "Honor and glory politician Belarusian People’s Republic, a prominent linguist, creator of" Practical Grammar whiteRussian language "Joseph Lesik. Glory to the heroes of the BNR! Long live Belarus! Myron."Since the beginning of the month it is already the second flag raised in honor of the BNR. So makarom, Vitebsk lasts announced Miron "White-red-white marathon" — a series of actions by hanging flags until today the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of.

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Bavarian father found his own son in the Belarusian orphanage

When your child turns 16, he, according to the Belarusian legislation will choose: a citizen of the country specifically what he become.Curazmovtsa Liberty — Cologne activist charity initiative "Hilfe fur Tschernobyl-geschadigte Kinder" Willie the front — this is associated with a fairy tale story. A year earlier, in time visiting an orphanage in Mogilev in the Chernobyl zone, he was introduced to a small Erich Eryhavicham — cute two-year-orphan boy. "Where is nebelorusskoe name?" — Asked the emperor front. The reply was that the father of orphans, Tipo — Teuton. But just nobody knows it because mom boy died soon

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In Vilnius killed Vera Shostak

Vera Symonavna celebrated its 90th anniversary on December 17 2007. She was born in the village Zapolie Novogrudskii county, and in Vilna Belarusian school has promoted her to do her compatriot — Boris Kit.Vera Sparychanka-Shostak studied at a grammar school in 1932 — 1936 years after she, too, had helped his countrymen to enter only at the time the Belarusian school in Poland.Vera Shostak worked as a teacher in Belarus, in the past over 50 years lived in Vilnius, taught British English, along with her sister was methodical manual on British language.Ludwik Cardis, director public organizations "Vilna Belarusian Museum of

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Sneaky spy Sharangovich and his associates …

"Free Belarus" in 1918 in the editorial writes "Using a folk haze, leaders metropolitan democracy zgurtovanyya the ranks of workers, farmers ‘and Soldiers’ Deputies, for the sake of their own dominion lyagcheyshago content, cursed national movement bourgeois and counterrevolutionary and blood and steel climbed to defend their dominance. So was strangled Ukraine, razagnaty first All-Belarusian Congress and destroyed all central Belarusian organizations. ""Star" in 1938 next year, reports the resonant process over the "enemies" the people "sneaky spy Sharangovich and his accomplices were preparing prosperous Belarus sovetskogo fate of Western Byelorussia, groaning under the heel of Polish fascism. They want

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