Vaitsyushkevich: Tired in Minsk — get over in Grodno

Now Grodno meeting with accomplished musician and composer Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich. The celebration of the weave it more people, more young people. Belarusian Society room was crowded schools. Acoustic concert was part of a nationwide campaign "Budzma."Correspondent"On the wall of the Society of Belarusian schools I see the inscription -" For Belarus Belarus. Let us together! "Signature: Lavon Volsky. Inscription old, huh?"Mazhejka"Inscription old and here, you see, there is a place for Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich., We hope that he will also write us a call to help develop Grand Slam, and also to all of us to be Belarusians".Correspondent"And we talk with

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Belarus: life without sensation

Belarus huge sensation — for example, a political format — can not be in principle, since we as a small country and nesamodostatochnosti, like many others, can not make fully-independent solutions or expect unusual steps by our international partners. Mikraintaresy huge and huge makraintaresami become small and smallest. This is about us. Here journalists wondering: about than readsl Belarusian minister of foreign affairs with the German bureaucrats in Berlin and go whether Lukashenko Ivanovo-Frankivsk on "Baltic-Black Sea" meeting? Sensation can not be here. Initially, Berlin and the European Union. Nothing new Berlin itself sacramentally Martynov can not say, because the

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World staged Mozart Belarusian

So makarom be deployed another page of the history of Belarusian musical theater era of classicism. New performance rely summer show in Mir castle, and later to keep unchanged the theater’s repertoire.Comical opera "Strange heritage nobody is" Ian David Golyand did in 1795. German by birth, a huge part of the composer own life held in Belarus. For 20 years he served kapelmaystram Nyasvizh Radziwill at the court, and after a doctor music Vilna Institute, where he taught composition "Philomath Filaret."

Member of the Arts Council of the Belarusian Opera, Honored Artist of Belarus Victor Skorobogatov (Photo) knows that the

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V.Zdanovich All publications should follow this spelling

This week, a bill on the rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation has been prepared for consideration in the 2nd reading of the House of Representatives. It is clear that in the bill included one significant change — from the draft vykraslenyya words about using the latest edition of the Rules of spelling and punctuation in official relations. With this change, I start a conversation with Vladimir Zdanowicz.Bushlyakov: So change the wording in the bill that in Belarusian can be written only by those statutes, which are currently being finalized and will be approved in conjunction with the bill.

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3rd Belarusian Columbia Yang Cherepuka

Summer 1922. Belarusian government People’s Republic of works in Kaunas. In May, the international conference in Genoa lost their last hopes to change the results of the Polish-Russian world that Belarus has divided in half. Government in the doldrums, the Lithuanian authorities still trying to keep up your sleeve Belarusian card in the game for Vilnius, but obviously losing political enthusiasm to Belarusians. Politicians in the midst of time and huge quarrel zvadki — an old resentment, ambition, uncertainty and disappointment.Secretary of the diplomatic consulate in Kaunas BNR Janka Cherepuka dreamed about America already a couple of years — there

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P.Vaytsyakunas: Only Belarusians keys to their upcoming

Lithuanian politician spoke about this in an interview with the Ukrainian weekly "Mirror of the week." Journalist asked the Minister of follow-up question: "Vilna claims the active role in the development of the" eastern dimension "foreign policy EU. In the last decade, the problem of Belarus has become a challenge for the whole of the European public. As Lithuania — Belarus neighbor — sees solutions this prepyadstviya? "This head of Lithuanian diplomacy gave such an answer: "What what’s happening Belarus — it is the responsibility of the Belarusians: it is their country. We currently accept signals Belarusian side about how

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Minsk hosted the Welsh festival

Celebration in Minsk held a role of the Euro radio. The hall sounded harp — Welsh state musical instrument. Present welcomed the chargé d’affaires of England Nigel Gould-Davies, who incidentally was born in Wales day — March 1. During the celebration of the Welshman Gareth Popkins told the audience about Wales and its culture: "We are only 5% of England’s population, 10% of the territory. This small country, but still it is a state with its own old Celtic language, which is completely different from English. Language know only 20% of the population. But among young people because of the

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Will the premium Belarusian publications?

"Newspaper Slonim" bestowed for high-quality coverage of events in the region, and "Diary" — for the independent information about events in Belarus. Victor Volodoschuk — Editor Publishing Slonim said now Radio "Liberty":"We consider this award as an advance our work in the newspaper, the 10th anniversary of which we have noted in Last year. Our rooms overlook edition 7 to 8 thousand matter what materials are in the or otherwise room. And we distribute the newspaper also without the help of others. We will make every effort to make our publications, not counting "Newspapers Slonim" we are releasing to the

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Award Zeit — Newspaper Slonim and E

Once a year it is awarded to representatives of the press to be independent fund Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius (fund Zeit) and fund "Free Speech." This was reported in a letter addressed to the chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Zhanna Litvina fund manager applets Zeit Fravke Haman. The awarding ceremony will be held on May 19. In past years, received the award Zeit Belarusian publications "Pursuit""Belarusian market""Nasha Niva""Vitebsk Courier"And the information campaign BelaPAN. Award in honor of the founder of the Foundation and former editor of the German newspaper Zeit Gerd Bucerius Fund awarded since 1999. Prize uganarovvayuts

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At the funeral I.Kozulinoy wishes come D.Kreymer

Press secretary of the euro and the U.S. Department of State Department of Eurasian Chase said Bimer our radio"Kramer wanted to come to the funeral Kazulina, but timing is not long, and there are technical prepyadstviya." It is possible that the emperor Kramer may not be able to get a visa.This South American diplomat — one of the key figures in shaping U.S. policy against Belarus. He did not once met in Washington with representatives Belarusian opposition and public figures in including and Ira Kazulina. In Last year he negotiated with Belarus in Minsk bureaucrat on the likely routes of

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