A.Fedorov: Dialogue between the U.S. and Belarus is now depending on the Minsk

As spokesman of the South American State Department spokesman Tom Casey, "very principle, so release Kozulin was final. " If unleash political prisoner ahead, "the United States will be ready to begin a dialogue with Belarus on further steps to improve bilateral cooperation"A Belarusian head of the country Alexander Lukashenko yesterday during a mission of representatives of Belarus abroad, said: "If we go to any compromise with our neighbors, with the Yankees, with the EU on certain fronts, it does not mean that we change the policy, we picked it. We do not have the force before which we can

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Night Siege, February 25

Guests online portal tut.by discussions are Alexander Kozulin ability to get to the funeral of deceased wife Ira.BAZA-X wrote: "Why are we bastards! Neuzh something neighbors and acquaintances of the head of the colony can not nicheg him at least something vyskazats What is still in our minds turned upside down? If Kozulin not release Belarusians should conduct last farewell to this brave lady! Show people who have and where cowardly hiding power ». students:" The chief of the colony is in an administrative position and must adhere to certain rules. The rules indicated, which can be to release prisoners

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10 years ago: first arrest Klimova

"Fatherland" on this week 1958 writes about brochure "Belarusians in Moscow XVII century" docent L.Abetsedarskaga "Abetsedarsky in their own brochure often uses a similar phrase:" Mastery of Belarusian artists uzbagachvalasya and improved thanks to the "generous" the impact of Russian folk art. "From the creator took when he did not once claims Belarusian masters in Moscow carried something original and perfect, what else was not there and that soon followed. ""Evening Minsk" in 1988 carefully introduces the plan to restore the Upper town and said: "It remains an open question multifunctional reorientation monuments of the Upper Town — a former

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T.Sevyarynets: This must be marked prazdnichek perfect!

Dismissed for their opposition eyes Vitebsk teacher Tatyana Seviarynets, local activist and mother of a prominent politician Paul Sevyarinets proposes to make the celebration possible more public and mass.SeviarynetsI believe it is — our common state prazdnichek. And to celebrate it, we must all together. With songs with balls — perfect! We must show that this prazdnichek — total. Because I think it should take to the streets — and in Vitebsk, and in all other cities. And, of course, it would be better that those who protect the rule of law we have — riot police, the police —

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As the EP resolution affects the policy of Belarus?

The European Parliament adopted a resolution yesterday on the Belarusian issue. Why this document was specifically at the moment? How can the content of the resolution to comment on? What might be the reaction of the Belarusian authorities?The program participants: political analyst Andrei Fedorov and registered in Poland, chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society Igor Lyalkov. Why this document was specifically at the moment?Valery Karbalevich: "One could argue that since the new year began a period of warming relations between Belarus and the European Union (EU). In response to the demand of the West most of the political prisoners released.

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Why so Lukashenko praises Obama?

"If America is interested in developing relations with us without building any additional barriers and training criteria, we are serious in this regard will advance, and the Americans will be satisfied with the cooperation with Belarus," — said Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with "The Wall Street Journal". How far can go improve Belarus-US relations, and what specific obstacles are on the way? Lukashenko arrives so why not a few compliments Obama? These questions are answered analyst Igor Lyalkov.

Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov"Belarusian-American affairs obviously have certain barriers. They can improve, but at the current Belarusian government relations between Belarus and the

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In Bialystok white-red-white flag is undesirable?

We caught up by phone with Igor Shchykarevicham, he said that when they came out with the flag, the audience came to life, but began confusion. The team arrived to bring them on him, from management BGKT — Belarusian socio-cultural society, which hosts concerts. When they were caught, on stage singing ensemble "saints" from Minsk. Igor Shchykarevich also said that in the midst of the public were salting Belarus Pavel Latushko, Consul of Belarus in Bialystok, Bialystok representatives of authorities.

Icarus learned through the years …

I was not a close friend Igor, had with him any personal relations, but to present a day or feel some vague guilt before him as failed due to the disease to be among those who spent his last earthly journey. Still young — I’m still older than him — we met him occasionally on assemblies Singing and drama "Craftsman" Midsummer and other public celebrations late 80s already at the moment of the last century. More intimate affairs developed during an MP in the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, where we were destined to be together in opposition BNF.

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Let trained for their money and get involved in politics

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize.Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Representatives of a number of public organizations are planning to hold the first nationwide dictation. Purpose — to show solidarity with the native language of the Belarusians. One of the initiators of national dictation political analyst Vladimir Podgolov said: "We will create a dictation dictator — those who every day us states that our language can not

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Challenging to keep Olympians in Belarus?

The owner will receive a gold medal 100 thousand dollars from the state treasury, and an additional 10 thousand dollars to pay him the Belarusian state sponsor of the team, the Chinese company "Xtep". Silver medalists will receive an amount of twice the smallest. Third place some 33 thousand bucks. In addition, each athlete, which will rise on a pedestal, get an apartment in Minsk. Whether it is sufficient incentive to Belarusians performed successfully at the Olympics?Sum premium Belarusian Olympians who will ascend the podium in Beijing, inflated twice. Incidentally, the same fees in the proportion of 100, 50 and

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