The U.S. Embassy has expressed compassion family A.Kozulin

"For a long time Ira bravely struggled with the heavy disease — breast cancer — by example helping Belarusian society understand the danger of this terrible disease, "- noted in the letter to the U.S. Embassy Kazulins family.Also reiterates the call to the embassy Belarusian authorities the release of all political prisoners. Tags: Kozulin, Kozulin

Our Russian oil is coming to America

"At the moment South American capitalists exhibit very great enthusiasm to Russian Union, — notices in 1928 "Belarusian village." — Our Russian oil is coming to America, and, thanks to this, the South American oil industrialists everywhere pressured the British. Because in the midst of the American capitalists are increasingly being voiced for the expansion of trade with us … Large manufacturer of Ford said that America needs to completely recognize the Soviet regime, as it has nowhere to sell their own cars. ""Fatherland" in 1948 with a delay of several months of such declaration recalls: "Rada of the Belarusian

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P.Rudkovski: Sorry, but the Belarusian mentality — avtadestruktsyynaya

Ulitenok: "How to recognize mentality?"Rudkovskii: "Mentality — flying in the air concept, devoid of sustainable value.For example, at the moment our neighbors within a refreshed style Lithuania pushing for their own people, as a people brave. And the main, so to speak, courage palyagae Tipo that he zainitsyyavav decay Russian Union. But in fact, emphasize the Lithuanian political scientists, this process is the end of the 1980s did not result from some daring people. Here is more than a certain spontaneous evolution of society. So makarom often generalized statements about the mentality may be whether the ideological product, either spontaneously

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For native language Belarusians should pay more

In translation agency "Lantreyding" short message transfer from Polish into Russian take 28 thousand rubles. When I asked her to translate into Belarusian, the interpreter initially heartily asked: "And what for you? Help the military enlistment office served in the Russian language." And immediately added: "We have the same two languages means you need to do in Russian."After I was told that the transfer of the Belarusian will cost 9 thousand rubles expensive. Why? Since such rules, they told me.According to the explanation, I turned to the director of the Bureau translators "Lantreding" Maxim Karavanava:"We translate the Russian initially, and

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Secret meeting between the Minister Martynov in Germany

According to the German political elite, the recent meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov German Foreign control can be regarded "as a symbol of openness to dialogue with the EU." At the Berlin negotiations Belarusian Minister arrived in Munich after the 44th international conference on Security Policy (February 9-10).Notwithstanding the role of top management in the negotiations of foreign ministers of Germany and Belarus on the visit Martynov Berlin no official information. As with the German and Belarusian side. German Foreign Office, even on criteria agreed anonymity only confirm the fact of the meeting.Expert at

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Night Siege — February 21

February 21 in globally celebrated International Mother Language day. On the website of the United Nations Office in Belarus is written "A culture of peace can exist only when people are able to use their own language freely and fully in all circumstances own life. (…) During the last 3 centuries languages die out and disappear with increasing speed. Now about half of the 6,000 languages in which they say the world are under threat of extinction. "The web site of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" You can read the expression Belarusian Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev at this press conference: "Problems

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Second Dipcourier Aleksyuchanka

More was surprised and Prime Minister Borys Martos, litsezrev letter of credit and a half million karbovanetses paper signed by his predecessor — Prime Minister Vladimir Ukrainian People’s Republic of Chekhov, who provided him with a woman, posing as diplomatic couriers Avginya Aleksyuk. It is similar todid everything, what she asked for — rewrote the letter of credit and bank avstryyatski prydyaliv her military convoy on the reverse way, handing her a letter to the Belarusian government:"Priynyavshi Vashogo diplomatichnogo race and win the views of those encampment, which is staying in at the moment and Yogo Bilorusky Narid territory, and

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Day the mother tongue: Power will not do anything, the only people

Lady: "You can, of course, introduce a law, so that we had read only in the Belarusian language, but I do not know if this will help somehow. You just need to make people love the language, but it all depends really on the control of the government, our schools. Well, if people do not try, the same ancestors, nothing happens. "Man: "If we in the Belarusian language, our mother tongue, immediately began to teach kids and ancestors themselves to the voice, I think that would be a different level."Reporter: "Who needs to address This problem — power or the

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MEPs have removed the words the last dictatorship in Europe

According to one of the developers of the draft resolution on Belarus, the representative of the People’s Party of Germany Bernd Poselta, debates were held in the three countries independently and parliamentarians were not associated these states among themselves. As for Belarus, according to the deputies, "human rights in this country as before massively violated."As necessary from the highest resolution on Belarus, European parliamentarians as before give great attention to the persecution of the opposition Belarusian authorities that are independent of the media, NGOs, the demonstrators. They demand the abolition of the death penalty in Minsk, free elections and the

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Maltsev: For 1 fighter on the Belarusian language does not pass

Leonid Maltsev believes that the Belarusian army "no prepyadstviya Belarusian language." Journalists raised this topic in connection with the history of a former student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka that after conscription claimed that commanders turned to him in Belarusian. Leonid Maltsev response to the requirement of Dmitry Zhaleznichenka sounded like this: "If you want to hear from anyone on the team Belarusian language — no problems. He will receive such conditions of service. Simply, he is the only, and for him the 1st does not make sense. Would such a platoon at least — without problems. Give me a book. " Whereupon

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