With Belarus — 27 languages in Europe

Particularly in Bangladesh February 21, 1957, upholding its right taught in their native language, killing 5 students.Now the Palace of Arts will host the exhibition "Native language in the world", which arranges white SocietyRussian language F. Skaryna. In the process it will be presented in Kiev issued a big "Belarusian-Ukrainian dictionary". Chairman Oleg Trusov BLS states that it will emphasize greater closeness of our languages and the greatest enthusiasm Ukrainian language and literature northern neighbor:"This is the closest language in the world. And because our meeting will be devoted to the Belarusian-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Belarusian language relations.""Issued in Kiev with the

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Do not we have lagged behind, and composers formalists detached from the people

"Orsha Gazette" in 1918 placed the ad tax inspector Lyasnevskaga: "Persons who have received in the past 1917 income from all sources above one thousand rubles, shall submit not later than March 1 (On a brand new style) a statement of its own profits to the local income tax income portion of the institution in which taxpayers have residence on December 15 last in 1917. "On the pages of "Lima" in 1948, a senior engineer of the Minsk Automobile M.Fedarav states: "Fixed zahvalvanne each new works by Shostakovich, Prokofiev and others with our music critics forced loaf: not behind me

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Christopher played prazdnichek For our freedom and yours

The event was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian country. Organized a celebration of the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus.

Lithuanian sovereign acts salting Bagdonas

Before the concert, the audience addressed salting Lithuania Edminas Bagdonas:"We are not just neighbors. Many centuries we lived in one state, one defending the homeland, build our common home — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania. Lytvyn called the people of our common homeland. Laws wrote and read the Bible in oldBelarusian language. Who among us municipal boundaries. But Vilnius, Lithuania carefully keeps every corner as belarushchyny own home. For our sincere friendship and

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Blue Rose — emblem of wealth?

Usually — rose in the first place, somewhere 60-80% of all purchases.

Dial a contact number and flower portal beauty.by interested in consumer tastes:"Usually — rose in the first place, somewhere 60-80% of all purchases. Later tulipany. Possible and so to speakWho earns more sensitive, gets the rose, who have less — tulips. 10 percent — is tulips, then — chrysanthemum, carnation, etc. With exclusive still require dark and blue roses. We on a portal, namely, there is a bouquet of blue roses. This, of course, export products — Netherlands and Ecuador. Despite the travel expenses, the price is

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On Myscheno tears and potato diggers

Seems Belarusian blogosphere (and Belarusian TV) last a day or two only Kosovo and lives. Thoughts and opinions — variety. Someone thinks Serbia miniimperyyay that broke, and perfectly that collapsed, someone fears that Kosovo will be followed by the President of Osama bin Laden, someone cleverly analyzes the legal implications. Seems Belarusian blogosphere pamyashalasya on Kosovo is not less than the Serbs themselves … Can any ernichat Kosovo — hardly zhiznestoek without public support, and that its symbolism recalls except that label cognac "Sunny Beach". Can speculate about the possible political and legal implications of the decision of the EU

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From that policy all tired even Lukashenko supporters …

Belarus takes a gradual release of political prisoners. A few weeks bullpen and left the colony early youth activist Dashkevich, entrepreneurs Autukhovich and Yury Leonov, favorite "Young Front" Artur Finkevich. In the last weekend of freedom came convicted on charges of insulting President opposition activist Andrei Klimov. He was released in accordance with a special decree of Alexander Lukashenko.Listeners "Freedom" continue to open a discussion of these actions. That urged the Belarusian authorities to start doing one of the basic requirements of the West? Can we assume that the policy of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko significant changes occur? Oh,

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February 21 — International Mother Language day

Businessman Victor Reins Kryval refused to answer questions given in Russian, and listened silently sentence — 15 days of arrest — a symbol of protest against the referee Valentin Verdysh refused to process the Belarusian language. Public figure from Gomel Sergey Semenov twice been prosecuted and received 930 thousand rubles penalty for refusing to fill out a customs declaration form in the Russian language. After the resounding resonance in society to support it gave the Constitutional Tribunal. Currently sovereign Semenov requests to prosecute the referee Mary Damenku and oh so explains his determination:"Resentment tongue. It has always been. I have

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Night siege February 19

Website Charter’97 said now that the South American magazine «Parade» published a list of the worst dictators of the world, compiled since 2003 with the support of "Freedom House", "Amnesty International", "Human Rights Watch" and "Reporters Without Borders . " In this list of 20 people, among whom Kim Jong Il (North Korea), Hu Jintao (China), Sayed al-Hammini (Iran), Islam Karimov (Uzbekistan), Hosni Mubarak (Egipet), lord Mswati III (Swaziland), Alexander Lukashenko (Belarus), Raul Castro (Cuba). In the comments you can read the following.Ira: "The only satisfaction — sixteenth place, and it could be" ahead of the entire planet! "People’s avenger

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Various aspects of Polish Card

Drakakhrust: "Act" Polish Card "was adopted by the Polish Sejm in the past year. This law provides certain benefits and privileges to persons living outside Poland, but the Poles consider themselves to know the Polish language and find his family, household support Polish traditions and customs. Winner "card" has the right to get a free visa repeatedly to Poland to work in Poland without a special permit to enter the Polish universities on the same basis as citizens of Poland. This law has caused a sharp reaction from the Belarusian side. Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov said that "the implementation

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Evening in memory of Constantine Sharks

Commemorate Kastus Sharks came Belarusian writers, artists, students, and ordinary readers of his books. Of written over half a century creator in distant Canada, about 10 volumes of two of their last fifteen had come to readers at home. This "Combat Road" signed in the print publishing "Fiction", by the way, a day or three after winning Lukashenko on the first presidential elections, and "loose" that appeared two years reversed in the private publishing house "Logvinov." Vela evening writer Olga Ipatova, which has repeatedly met with his Canadian counterpart-relatives. Describing the organizational and publishing efforts Constantine Sharks support public spirit

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