In the European Union the situation staring Kazulin

The EU will closely watch developments in the situation, said, "Freedom of the press services of the European Commission and the European Parliament.Secretary General of the Council of the European Union, High Representative for the common foreign policy and security Javier Solana urged the Belarusian authorities to "immediately and undeniably release of Alexander Kozulin bullpen, that he shared with his family at the funeral of his wife.""Liberation Kozulin would mean the release of all political prisoners after, as five others were released within the last month. Again hope this important step will now be made, "- said Javier Solana.Expressing their

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Lukashenko formula of Orthodox ateistse offends Orthodoxy

The assumption is, that control over religious affair was more effective

Ulitenok: "Comment, please recent measures by the country, complicating the presence of foreign priests in Belarus?"Rudkovskii: "Most likely the calculation is done to ensure that control over religious matter was more effective. When church leaders are citizens of Belarus, it is easier to keep the religious sphere under the hood. Well, that’s the main motive. He absolutely fits into the logic of the authoritarian country. "Ulitenok: "Will there be any of these measures in the Belarusian utility chapels and temples?"Rudkovskii: "From the deportation of priests — Poland Belarusian

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General Bulak-Balakhovich: adventurer or hero?

"General Bulak-Balakhovich was professional tactician before guerrilla warfare"Michas Scoble"Oleg, first let’s look carefully at the military career-Bulak Balakhovich. In 1914 he came to the first world war as a volunteer, and in 1919 received the rank of Major General. What contributed to this rapid rise of the ladder offspring landlord cook?"

Oleg Dernovich: "Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich was the scion of a cook, but had gentry origin. Homepage tradition was probably influenced the formation of the future warriors. Matter what war, especially a war most by what was the first global, promotes release of bold, inventive and clever politics people. Future General

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Hans-Georg Wieck warns against euphoria

By him, "This step is to be welcomed, but not regarded as a willingness to cooperate with Minsk EU. Release of political prisoners — this is just one of the 12 EU requirements for Belarusian authorities . " Vic: "Belarusian management have so far not heeded to many other EU requirements. For instance, the requirement to respect the right of people to choose their own favorites democratic method. Requirements or to finish pressure-independent media, non-governmental organizations, activities and small business so on. Exemption — this is just one step. The EU should look closely at the preparations for the parliamentary

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Belarusian UAV «Berkut» ready to conquer the market

Currently, the Belarusian UAVs are becoming huge fame and go to the international market of unmanned aircraft systems. We are speaking about small reconnaissance drones. At a not so long ago, the exhibition «Interpolitex 2013» Belarusian company OJSC «AGAT-management system» together with JSC «558th Aircraft Repair Plant» presented to the public a whole line of tactical UAVs class. According to Yuri Leontseva holding the office of the deputy director of the enterprise «AGAT-management system», Engineering and System Science, with its new developments in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), the company expects to practice to solve the problem on

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Map Pole: pragmatic patriotism

Our uptight society where media and humanistic sphere manapalizavalisya state and non-state, and have not reached a qualitatively high level marginalizavalisya, in imminent prymityvizatsyya. Our brain politicized phenomena and facts of daily life, we often treat all ready at stereotypes, formed under the influence of time is irrelevant knowledge and uncritically accepted by the experience of others.Reviews on the Web, and interviews with the Belarusians on the streets about the introduction of the Government of Poland for the Polish card ethnic Poles abroad, our Foreign Ministry statement, which relies on "satisfaction" as much through the Venetian tribunal indicate that this

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Bureaucrats: Once a week only in Belarusian!

Ideological structures in Brest manages executive committee chairman of the respective control Alexander Rogochuk. Here’s what he said, especially for "Freedom":"I like a bureaucrat, and the staff did not want to watch nerds when the native language juicy unable to respond, as in this case.’s The basic plot. There is nothing revolutionary in general not. A desire to rise to the newest bar in their own development." According to Alexander Rogachuka, day Belarusian language will be determined by a bit later. Currently bureaucrats engaged in self-education. "We all employees have the Belarusian language. Just not enough practice language. We teach

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Belarus Mon Friday

In mon Supreme Tribunal will continue its consideration of the criminal case against the former chairman of the concern "Belneftekhim" Alexander Borovsky. His blame malpractice that led to the real losses in large size. Materials of the case, there are 13 volumes."The Tribunal considers the case in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Criminal Procedure, nothing excessive does not admit that all of us are satisfied — that the case was heard just in accordance with the rules of the CCP," — says lawyer Borowski Dmitry Harachka.On the same day, February 18, democracy activist in Belarus Franak Vyachorka,

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End quote: 09.02.2008 — 15.02.2008

"The paradox of this group — what is her favorite offspring informal head of state Viktor Lukashenko. As a fairly young man, he realizes that some changes are needed — that the privatization was that it was possible to travel to Europe without that humiliating procedure for obtaining visas. Those frames which can be supported Lukashenka has long since not such young. Their kids and grandchildren, and they perfectly understand what they want these new people. "Fyaduta Alexander, a political scientist and publicist — on personnel policy of the Belarusian authorities"As said, one of my colleagues, it is necessary to

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Europe with 2-points of view in Mogilev

At forty pictures — European historical and cultural values, made the list of World Heritage sites. Photo exhibition — part of the eponymous cultural and educational project of the European Commission.On the purpose of the photo exhibition told "Freedom" project manager Olga Rachinskii:"The exhibition is conceived in order to show how Europeans behold the Europe and how to behold the Belarusians. Photoworks assure that significant differences in the vision of Europe and Europeans Belarusians not. We all live in bolshennom world and perception of the world around us monotonous" .Half the exposure, 20 photos, presented the state commission for UNESCO

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