Myron congratulates days of Belarusian Military Glory

This building housed the institute hostel honey because state sign the first to see the students. Many passers-by also directed attention flag, which was perfectly visible from both sides of the avenue.Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida told reporters that the flag is attached note of congratulation from Myron.Khamaida: "Of credible sources, it became clear that the 5-storey building on the avenue Frunze set white-red-white flag. To it was attached a note with the following text: "Congratulations days of Belarusian Military Glory. We will certainly win as our heroic forefathers of Orsha, as the world vseobyatnoe Krivichi Chase, but in the hands

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In bookstores will book panegirykami Lukashenko and his homeland

The book was written in 1000 copies, now expect it in bookstores. Cost edition 30 thousand rubles.Below are a few quotes from the book:"Strong people appear on the majestic rivers. Contrary Alexandria, on the other bank of the Dnieper, in Kopys born Alexander Lukashenko. (…) For 300 years before our era of Alexander the Great founded on the shores of the Mediterranean port city, which gave its name. He was famous for the temple of the Muses and Sciences — Bibliotheca Alexandrina, but was destroyed by human envy and wars … first President of Belarus initiated the construction of the

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Out of print CD Belarusian software

Book Fair fairgrounds "Belexpo" — there appeared the first instances of "Belarusian software" on September 7. On the disk "Windows XP" i "Linux", "Counter Strike", subtitles for a number of feature films and animated movies and hundreds of other computer programs on whiteRussian language. Behind the counter trader books and discs created ideas and publications manager disk Ales Mazanik.Mazanik: "The main thing in this disc is that all these transfers have on the Web. But nobody ever collected on one disc. So makarom, I think, that this disk should become popular in the midst of Belarusian youth. Now, just getting

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Shot architecture

"… Ironclad doors creaked. Merkle In rays that hit the camera from the corridor shone white-spot face with battened down the hill padbaroddem. He was turned away to the wall, as if hiding from the world. From light prison corridor. Among camera black anthracite glitter glittering pool of blood in which reflected the shadows of men in caps. Dark on black. Hallway quickly filled the sounds of battle and restless tramp. In another room, so similar to the camera, the man leaned over the table, bringing the number neatly and little letters: "25/05/1937. Gaiduchevici Stanislav Silvestravich, designer …"Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "In

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Inter: presentation in the yard

Are sitting on makeshift benches several 10’s young people. Some are holding the freshest release of "Between" — a volume of careful over Hundred square meters with 2 pages of text. The Table of Contents freshest numbers marked almanac names Peter Rudkovsky, Valentina Loikaw, Borisiuk Tatiana, Oksana Sprinchan and several others.Next to the public — apples in baskets, art installation with dolls at the table. "In the gallery" singer Tatyana BELONOGOV ready for action at the end of the celebration. Presentation of the "Inter" is mixed with honoring graduates Collegium honorable diplomas. Celebration of the Collegium Director Ales Antipenko teacher

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Rosselhoznadzor: the Belarusian products is no guarantee of safety

This conclusion is contained in the message Rosselkhoznadzor vserasprostranennom on the results of the October visit to Belarus professionals of this department, reports RIA Novosti. According to experts Rosselkhoznadzor appropriate services Belarus "will not be able to react quickly and correctly in the case of products that do not meet safety requirements." Recall Our homeland that 1 November 2008 To prohibit the importation of dairy products and poultry meat from 20 Belarusian companies.

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Paul Seviarynets: Those who currently fights for Belarus, saves God himself

Born December 30, 1976 in Orsha, in the family» and journalist Konstantin Sevyarinets and schoolteacher Tatiana Seviarynets. In 1994 he graduated from secondary school number 25 in Vitebsk Art and Architecture class in 2000 — geographical faculty of BSU, received the profession of engineer-geologist specialty "Exploration of minerals." In 1994-1999, he worked as a reporter in a number of municipal and commercial editions. Since 1998, began to be published in the press to be independent as a writer. In October 1995, joined the BPF "Revival". In February 1997 Minsk youth faction headed BNF. In September 1997 the Constituent Seimas was

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Shushkevich, Kozulin and iPad for one party — is the sphere of fiction

Tsigankov "seems to have a real idea of combining social-democratic parties? Whether this contributes to the current political situation? "Klaskouski: "I would not give this initiative a" historical significance. "How do I know Anatoly Lewkowicz and Statkevich’s own review did not express much hope that it can be implemented. In general, specifically the social-democratic movement is the most eye-catching illustration rastsyarushvannya opposition to formally similar ideology. And I do not see fundamentally new reasons which have started to work on the situation in adkruchvanne the other side. "Tsigankov:" Perhaps one of the reasons this rastsyarushvannya — what specifically social democracy

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Belarusian beer: cook or not to cook?

According to estimates of municipal professionals, beer consumption in Belarus grows by 20% every year. But breweries might not correspond moremu consumer demand. To reach the desired level, the beer industry need 125 million dollars. "It means little for the country, even more so, that the funds will eventually be returned ", — stated in the course of the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko. Beer is sold branch?He said that Belarusians can successfully compete with foreign companies on their own domestic market, and because "no harsh circumstances in order to take an urgent decision on the sale of an entire industry."According to

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In the House of Writers Ales Pashkevich, Victor Shalkevich Valentin Akudovich

LITPRATSESAles Pashkevich: "The funds allocated for the holy writings, are not for BELARUS book, and to toast in honor of her"Belarusian writing originates in the distal tenth century. At the foundation of the church of St. Sophia of Polotsk found stones on which ordinary hardworking builders a thousand years ago to claw their autographs. This is the most ancient Belarusian Written standards have survived to our time. In the twelfth century, famous Belarusian enlightener Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the sixteenth — Francis Skaryna pioneer in the twentieth — writer Vasil Bykov. But the organizers official prazdnichkom Belarusian writing and printing other

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