With Mireille Musso A.Milinkevich read about political prisoners and New Life

It was about the case of Alexander Zdzvizhkou about the charges against Andrei Kim, the pressure on students to church "new life" and its pastor, the harassment of the organizers of the regional meetings Milinkevich.

After a conversation with the ambassador Musso sovereign Milinkevich said:"I laid out his vision Situation in Belarus, leave information materials prepared by the Committee in defense of the repressed. In particular, I stressed that all political prisoners, Although Alexander Kozulin and Andrei Klimov, must be immediately released, and political repression — discontinued. Only then can be assess the readiness Belarusian authorities maintain equal and mutually

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In Belarusian in court, the army and the executive committee will not talk

Reporter: "What do you think, how extensive whiteRussian language has to be presented in the official and other spheres of public life? "Man: "The Belarusian language — it is the native language. Because it be an extensive, than presently. Somebody in Belarusian we can talk, but if you come to the court — not talk. In the executive committee, the police and the army in Belarusian not talk … Because when I’m in Ukraine, the Ukrainians envy — there they say in Ukrainian everything from ordinary peasant to the president and the prime minister. "Lady: "Oh, we are accustomed to

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Lukashenko pavuchyv future journalists

Head of the country and showed the audience a new teletsentar BSU. Whereupon Lukashenko read before with 2 hundred square meters of specially selected students and teachers lecture "Belarus in the modern world." Live performances have been broadcast in the audience the 11 faculties of BSU, and the total number of participants exceeded 3 thousand. By the arrival of Lukashenko prepared from the beginning of the year. From the students’ parents repaired the audience and countryside. Russian unfinished, which is located nearby the colony number 1, could not finish almost 20 years. For this time derelict dilapidated bully, later again

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Now a day of solidarity

Now three years as democratic activists will hold rallies of solidarity with families Yuri Zakharenko, Iniktara Gonchar, Anatol Krasowski and Zavadsky who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and their fate is unknown to this day.Soligorsk youth typically will hold the chain in the center of town.Says deputy chairman of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla:

"It will be a chain of caring that will keep the portraits of political prisoners and disappeared. We have not wavered from that on such actions, we seek the release of political prisoners and the rehabilitation of former political prisoners and are convinced that executed

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Bundestag on Thursday to discuss the Belarusian issue

 Both issues are on the agenda forward to. First — about lowering the price of Schengen visas for Belarusians — initiated by opposition factions as greenish and the Free Democrats and the leading parties — the CDU and SPD. German parliamentarians offer their own government to make free visa for a young 25 years old Belarusian people and for those who travel to Germany within the cultural and scientific exchanges. Also proposed to reduce the price of visas from 60 to 35 euros for the Belarusians with low incomes.Draft resolution on the support of the democratic movement in Belarus belongs

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Lukashenko said redivision of the world

"On Actually started a new division of the world "- said President of Belarus during a speech at the Belarusian State University.He also said that sanctions against "Belneftekhim" concern "can not explain anything else, as economic blackmail careless opponents seeking to prevent the Belarusian enterprises to Latin American market."Alexander Lukashenko reminded that during a couple of years "Sounded danger arrest zabugornye bank accounts not only Lukashenko, and other control of Belarus." President of Belarus said, "found nothing, decided to throw economic stranglehold on municipal enterprises whose accounts are now also threatened to arrest." The Belarusian leader said that such methods

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A.Belyatsky: This is the only prazdnichek you want to celebrate in the street

Correspondent: It seems that you celebrated the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic of?Bialiatski: Format celebrating with the same 80s changed dramatically. And this is the only prazdnichek, I am fully convinced that all true Belarusians should celebrate on the street. That was some visualization. After all, we, Belarusians, seen enough here in this Belarusian space. We miss our state symbols, which would have been visible, not enough large-scale celebrations. So that people can gather, celebrate, so it was evident that for people this really means something. CorrespondentWhat you BNR?BialiatskiFor me, it means quite a lot.

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Belarus asks from Poland 10-month citizen

Polish media, which soon Much is written about this story, the boy called Yasem. On Actually the true name of the baby is not called ethical judgments. It is clear that Yasevym mom — Belarusian citizen, any information about his father missing.Soon after the birth mother Yasevym refused their rights to offspring. The child was oriented to the family guardians in Gdansk. Were informed about this Belarusian authorities. Through some time adoptive mother decided that fails to take care of a seriously ill child. About his own desire to take the boy on education said other Polish citizens. But Belarusian

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E.Makovskaya Belarusians in the Diaspora behind

When asked what caused such concern Belarusian authorities, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Andrei Popov Pronunciation:"You know what we said last week, now it exhaustively. More than anything, I can not add. Here is the official position of the Belarusian side, which was expressed. Yavna She exhausted and for us." Chairman of the board of international public association "World Association of Belarusians" Fatherland " Lena Makovskaya said that in 2002 the possibility of adopting open a discussion of the law on compatriots living abroad. "Fatherland" sent its proposals to the Government of Belarus: "In our proposals we

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The Belarusian Lesya unwilling transformed into myth

The story began in 1997 when the magazine "Flame" appeared smallish "camp" poems hitherto unknown Lesi Belarusian. The publication caused a real sensation: the poet associated with Larissa Heniyush, written about her special study painters renders her portraits, her works were included in an anthology of poetry … But was essentially Belarusian poetess Lesya — a victim of Stalin’s Gulag? In our studio — historian Anatoly Volohonovich. Michas Scoble"Anatoly, as said the newspaper" Komsomolskaya Pravda "in Belarus", you write a book about Lesya Belarusians. Although not yet revealed any 1st document that would confirm its existence as a person. And

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