M. Statkevich: Russian authorities wish to moderate pressure

"I think that Putin’s visit in December last year was not as common as it was claimed. Belarusian authorities were under no pressure from the small Russian Federation and their already pressured by the union. These criteria Belarusian authorities are obliged to find a counterbalance from Europe. And because they are going to make concessions, new "positive signals" to reduce the pressure to balance Russian, "- said Nikolai Statkevich.

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V.Avramenka: Purpose deshevenky Belarusian pharmaceuticals — savings

Ulitenok: "The Emperor Basil, or capacious market pharmaceuticals Belarus?"Avramenko: "About 3 thousand drugs. But far not all of them can use our doctors."Ulitenok: "What’s the problem?"Avramenko: "The fact afterdnie about 5 years medicine works by Belarusian standards. For certain diseases are only offered certain drugs. And, of course, this is largely Russian, Belarusian medicine. First, that concerns the hospitals and preferential recipes for invalids, pensioners and so on . "Ulitenok: "Why introduce these standards?"Avramenko: "In the future, will be such a doctor-computer: refers finger, drawing blood by 50 indicators. Provided diagnosis and prescription: that take, in what doses … Well,

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End quote: 26.01.2008 — 01.02.2008

"We do not change perspectives litsezreem foreign policy vector Belarus, and no concern of our stations none of us in the armed forces does not show."Zatulin, State Duma deputy — the statements of the Russian military’s refusal of Russian radar abroad, including in Belarus"Today, the level of mutual trust between the Belarusian and Russian control is much lower than between Russian and Kazakh, for example."Kirill Koktysh, associate professor of Moscow University international relations — in an interview with "Freedom""I understand it: despite all the aspects of the relationship between Putin’s Russia and Lukashenko has power, still geopolitically, strategically Moscow will

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Milinkevich agrees to support independent media

During the meeting dealt with the Situation in Belarus and actions of the Belarusian Democratic Forces. Increased attention has been focused on the support policy-independent media in Belarus first, channel "Belsat".Intrigued by the Polish side a huge business support activities caused the Belarusian Council of the European integration. "Poland has a lot of experience and can effectively assist in the forthcoming development of the main activities of the Council — information about the benefits of the euro Belarusians choice, the formation of new management training and development of the" road map "of European integration Belarus"- Said Mr. Bernatovich.

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After complaints to Minsk and Moscow ladies write to Geneva

Newspaper "Bobruisk courier" continues to look for the history of the struggle for justice court 34 ex Belarusian ladies who can not get an appointment with Alexander Lukashenko. Among these ladies have 10 residents and Bobruisk. They also believe that their relatives were illegally sentenced and reach retrial. The newspaper mentioned that the lady sent a telegram to Vladimir Putin to act on their own Belarusian employee, and the response of Presidential Administration RF offended not satisfied. What’s Next? Journalist Victor knows Kachan: "They currently rely on the Company of the United Nations, there will be direct to Geneva Appeal,

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Night Siege — 30 January

On forums portal TUT.by discussions are statements Russian foreign minister Minister Sergei Lavrov, who promised Belarusian authorities support, in this case, when the pressure on the Belarusian government from the European Union and the United States will continuesmiling. Presentation participants forums:"What else could say Lavrov? In Belarus, they protect their own interests. To us they do not care and do not realize it just crazy. For Russian businesses have luxury. No restrictions. Giving gas and oil and dictate the terms. The owner, "he" is aware — if not our homeland, then Hague, because going to any conditions. ""We all —

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The House of Representatives does not recognize March 25

The arguments were presented next:"We inform to you that in the Republic of Belarus and the list of municipal prazdnichkom anniversaries defined by Presidential Decree of 26 March 1998. March 25 — day taking third charters BNR — this list does not go, and in our opinion, not may be included in it. " "The proclamation of the BNR came in a very complex and contradictory criteria. […] Have been made to certain structures that masqueraded as mandatory authorities, but yet, BPR has not received recognition from leading authorities countries in the world. In addition, a large part of the

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Belarusian hotels rose for Belarusians

Employee Limited Liability Company "Minotel" 1st of the founders of the hotel "Europe", the owner of Hotel "Sputnik" and "Belarus", explained to the legal ground for change:"Resolution of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services number 203/41 of 23 November 2007. The decision came into force on 1 January 2008. In accordance with her payment for hotel services rendered by foreign nationals is done according to international agreements. Since we signed an agreement with Russia that the rights in the territories our states our people are similar, then the payment for hotel services to be

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N.Stuzhynskaya: Belarusian increasingly marginal

During the week in the morning air — interviews with the public editor on various facets of societal portrait of modern Belarus. Now talking about the dilemma status ladies.Ulitenok"Who are equated Belarusians in the current sovereign Belarus?"Stuzhinskaya"More advanced models seek out themselves in the West. In Europe. Where was Belarus. With Russian authorities also came to us" domostroj "- the old lady lost rights."Ulitenok"It is believed that the current criteria for ladies is acceptable to be poor, have no power — unlike guys. What is behind this observation?"Stuzhinskaya"The fact that poverty is the main female face. And everything comes from

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Citations past Mir. The war is over …

"Orsha bulletin", year 1918. The newspaper publishes radyetelegramu of Bids: "Declare for general information only copy of a telegram Comrade. Krilenko received January 29, 1918 at 8:00. Morning. Mir. War is over. Our homeland is no longer waging war … End klyatyh massacre. Army honorably carried three and a half years of torment, waited deserved rest. demobilization of the army declared it. ask fellow soldier quietly wait for their own purpose of sending timing. ""Fatherland" on this week 1958 endeared radio skit "Liberation" on a visit to Minsk Nikita Khrushchev: "32 new heroes and 4970 already received medals of Belarus

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