Nina Stuzhinskaya: Ladies guys corrupted

During the week in the morning air — interviews with the public editor on various facets of societal portrait of modern Belarus. Now the question about what role social society sees its suchasnitsu.Stuzhinskaya"If we talk with one of our society, regardless of age, status, he would say that the first lady need society as a mom. Second demand — a woman-wife. Fully positively considered civil marriage — fancy man and mistress. So Makar, our society treats a lady in a fully conventional roles: as it was 100 years ago … Look at the examples of the world: when the kids

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Look at our people: no one wants to think

The Council of the European Union for six months visa sanctions stopped for 36 senior officials of Belarus. As before Travel Abroad remain Lidia Yermoshina, Sheiman, Vladimir Naumov, Dmitry Paulichenka and Yuri Sivakov. Comment listener:"Political Opponents she planted, and those had the misfortuneAnd at the moment of their asvabadila and authorities, like water off a duck’s back.And Europe has thaw partly removed obstacles,Prastsila sins and to Europe has taken,Dove check for six months. Let’s see if What government policies will continue in Belarus. "


Continuing the theme of the issue of sovereign Adam of Volozhin district sent in an

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They are ready for any offense, so once you have them christened Radio

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize. Favorite proclaim every Sunday in the weekly review calls.Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Public activist from Gomel Dmitry Zhaleznichenka continues hunger strike. He was expelled from Homel Municipal Institute Scorina name and immediately taken into the army. Dmitry considers these acts illegal.Lidia Ivanovna: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "I heard that student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka drafted into the army, in the train. I wish that

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With radar disappears dependence of of Belarus

As this statement reflects the strategic policy of the Russian Federation? Does it affect the Russian objects on the terrain of Belarus, will not once again the exception of Belarus? These questions are answered Metropolitan Institute assistant professor of international relations Kirill Koktysh.Tsigankov"As this statement reflects the strategic course Russian control is not to depend on other post-Soviet states in the military sphere How long is the strategy, and how soon it can be implemented?"

Koktyish: Strategy is really long, it started in 2003. At the moment, everything is ready to start it actually produce. I recall a year earlier

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Presents film about Belarusian postwar resistance

Moviemakers based on the book by Sergey Ruff and Sergei Gorbik "Belarusian resistance" and joined in his own film documentary materials with contemporary artistic images.According to the film director Anton Telezhnikov, improving knowledge about the Belarusian anti-Soviet postwar resistance very principle in modern Belarus:"It’s one of the more unknown pages of our new stories, to which This time Belarusians hide from different intelligence agencies. "In the movie based on the book by Sergey Ruff and Sergei Gorbik "Belarusian resistance" is about armed uprisings against Russian Belarusians power right up to 1957. Film "anti-Soviet Belarusian postwar Resistance: 1944 — 1957 years"

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Lawyer Dashkevycha not exclude complaints to the new sentence

January 23 was released Dashkevich. Oh, so he vyznat about his release:"We called the headquarters and they say: Go to the house. At first I thought about it, what a joke, because they love to play on the nerves, but no — it was serious. Makarom So at three o’clock I uttered it, and already the sixth first practically pushed me out of the colony . "Release was a great joy to Dmitry, parents activist, his friends and all supporters of democratic change in Belarus. But the question arose: what legal premises were used by the authorities? Formal political prisoner

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MEP asks specific plan

On which aspects will be checked within six months of the Belarusian authorities the right steps?Will advice?Do you plan to meet with the management of EU opposition favorites, namely the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin and Milinkevich?Why decided to withdraw from Lukashenko visa sanctions after refusing to issue a visa Belarusian Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Krystyyne Oyuland?"I’m for a dialogue with Minsk, but on the basis of certain criteria and justified," — said Jeanine Henis-Plyaskhert.The deputy said that the parliamentarians have to apply Holland October 14 to Foreign Minister this country Maxim Verhagena for clarification of

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Grodno: advertising of Belarusian gardens have allowed

As one of the activists of the parent committee Igor Kuzminich, in the executive committee have allowed to advertise gardens, but changed text ads so there no more phones parent committee and appeared rooms education departments of district administrations. Just it excites and committee members.Kuzminich"Who will answer the phone? Most likely, it will be ordinary bureaucrat who all the same, Belarusian-typed kids in gardens or not. " Advertising in urban gardens of Belarusian trolleybuses sounded month back. Her prepared without the assistance of other members of the parent committee made. However, this ad immediately forbade because the text has not

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In Minsk prayed for Christian unity

Role in the prayer was attended by representatives of various Christian denominations, as the Vatican’s representative in Belarus Martin Vidovic.During the week of ecumenical prayer took place in communities of different Christian denominations. Joint worship greeted began Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz:

During a common prayer word took Chairman Herman Childbirth Bible Society, the representative Orthodox Church Father Alexander Shimbalev Lutheran — Vladimir Meyerson, Greek Catholic — Sergei Hajek. Last of naming, namely, said:

Minsk cathedral choir this evening served Catholic and Orthodox hvalaspevy in Belarusian, Russian and Latin. Many believers were that the first time they participated in such prayer:Lady: "Such a

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No indulgences until unleash all political prisoners

"We welcome the release of political prisoners Autukhovich and Zmitser Dashkevich. This is certainly a positive thing, but with On the other hand, we we see, in Belarus arrested participating shares business and exert pressure on gross favorites opposition. Such acts must end. No country should not do any indulgences Belarusian authorities, until all political prisoners are released, "- said David Kramer, during a meeting with Belarusian journalists in Washington, reports the website Charter-97.For details, read the latest on our website

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