The army, dead bread and FM-range

 Wish to bring to the attention of members of "Liberty" three questions that put creators messages.First creator of the 1st letter, retired, who identified himself as Viktor Nikolaevich, talking about trust Belarusians to the municipal institutions, writes that "The only one who even now can we trust — is the army". I myself am also in the army only positively, seven years was Suvorov (his father died in the guerrillas), held on 11 tips like military marches and songs, no doubt satisfactory patriotism and abilities of our military. But I think a similar survey in our criteria incorrect. Why? In

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How can I stay?

You can live a nondescript life, nothing special and do not soon vanish from the memory of those who knew you, but after the departure remain precarious personality due reverence and faith in other lodge or just raise spirits."Pray to God for us"Caught somewhere in the unknown cemetery, I’m starting to find monuments with inscriptions in Belarusian. They are rarely caught, because always find causes positive emotions. You do not know who was there for the people, as he lived and loved it, but only the language of the monument shows that you’re with him as such. Remembering even more

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Release of political prisoners Martynov opened the way to the EU

EU Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that her meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov can be seen as a reaction to the release of political prisoners in Belarus — AP agency reported.Meanwhile, 27 ministers Foreign Affairs EU discussions are in Luxembourg, or remove the sanctions against authoritarian Belarusian regime.EU High Representative for the Common outer Policy Safety and Javier Solana previously said that he advocated the abolition of visa restrictions as well as the ban on political contacts with the Belarusian senior bureaucrats. Meanwhile The Netherlands continues to oppose the lifting of

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Zyuzya Poozerie

Near the town of Postavy Ponds tract in the middle of a beautiful pine forest stand housing the former Pioneer camps, crowned by numerous garlands. Somewhere in the midst of trees built small houses with lights inside. Among the larger field — very highest topped Christmas tree. How should pointers of this old homestead Belarusian god frost Zyuzi of Lace. But while the pan with a retinue Zyuzya not appeared, small tourists heated by the fire, drinking tea from a real savory samovar. A timber filled with the sounds of Russian Christmas pop. Especially touching sounds here couplet "Holy smoke,

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Former candidates complain Bobruisk life

During the election campaign, they say, this newspaper published a defamatory and disparaging material about them.According to the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the prosecutor requested a trade union activist Misha Kovalkov, Members of the Joint civilian party Vladimir Semashko yes Anna Gotovets, also Lena Medvedev with the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Sergei Antonovich of the unregistered Party of Freedom and Progress and nonpartisan Fedor Voronich.With the same requirement to contact the prosecutor’s office and other unregistered movement "For Freedom" Ales Chyhir.According to UCP activist Minister of Belarus, Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint with the former deputy candidates in the investigation

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In Minsk hiding representative Patarkatsishvili?

How to disk imaging of Georgian journalists, past and present investigator deputy head of the parliamentary faction "Our Georgia" Gelbakhiani immediately disappeared from Tbilisi after, authorities accused him of anti-state activities. Please Gelbahiani Tipo flew to London. Later, together with his family, went to Minsk. Here, in the Belarusian capital, he has an apartment Tipo.According to the newspaper "Alia", journalistic source (Gelbahiani countryman and friend, who also works in the system of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs) said that several days reverse this apartment was robbed — thieves have learned from her 10 thousand dollars. Gelbahiani own friend asked

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Zinaida Bondarenko about the future and fear

Ulitenok: "Mrs. Zinaida, please tell me why you came specifically to the United plainclothes party?"Bondarenko: "It was sudden. I passed in Parliament, and I have not checked, then decided their party."Ulitenok: "It is understandable: it is allowed to continue to fight for the parliamentary mandate. But again: why UCP specifically, rather than, say, the BPF?"Bondarenko: "It has long had dealings with her, very respectful attitude to favorite — Anatoly Lebedko. There, I have friends who I trust more."Ulitenok: "How do you feel about the differences between the Belarusian democratic parties?"Bondarenko: "I agree: there is no unity and thoughtfulness during those

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The siege of the web Belarusian 8 jelly

On forums portal discussions are words Alexander Lukashenko, who said: "The Belarusian government considers Orthodox Church the main ideologue of civilization. "Comments:"I believed that the church and the government are broken";"One surprising preference Orthodoxy before Catholicism — such acts led to the disintegration of the country";"And for me it is perfectly opposite, that Catholics do not belong to any side Lukashism to ideology.""It remains only to cooperate post ideologist and the priest at the enterprises — to confess to the authorities!"The forums web site "Nasha Niva"New Year’s discussions are transfer ONT" Pavlinka new ». Finish in the song are

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Or amenable to reform the Belarusian model?

Panelists at this topic on the web site "Our outlook" given the question a negative answer faster than the positive. Their arguments were based on the thesis that the Belarusian social model is quite organic. All its elements — the financial system, social policy, political system, foreign policy — related aggressively complement and insure each other. In such a model falling out of the 1st item, one brick, can quickly derail the whole pyramid. For example, the Soviet Union began to fall apart as a well-organized and balanced system were launched two innocent as our current mind viruses: samaakupnasts, samafinansavanne

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Television not be without Belarusian Belarusian

Bondarenko: "Television has long been turned into … I would have said — in an irritant to many. Unless otherwise expressions, it is not interesting. Continuous repeated Russian projects in the worst case."Ulitenok: "Mrs. Zinaida that could be used to read you on television? "Bondarenko: "Not so long ago graduated from the story of Olga Ipatovoj" Latest victim Sacred Oak "about 3 Vilna sufferers — that’s finished script for a television movie for the whole series. Teledakumentalistyku And whatever can be done on the works of Vladimir Orlov? But for this to be on TV nationally conscious people with your

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