Belarusian breakthroughs in third world

Tsigankov: "The last couple of years the Belarusian management boosts sample closely do business with countries that do not belong to the main trade partners of Belarus — the Russian Federation and the European Union. What caused the desire to make strategic links with countries such as China, Iran, Venesuela, United Arab Emirates? What is there more — political motives or economic necessity? "Sadowski: "Here we see there and then and then. I betrothed you to stay regions in several categories. 1st — China, the second — the Arab world and the third — Latin America. As for China, then

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Nothing will change a person a place where he … given language

"Orsha Gazette" in 1918 informs Petrograd: "Evening Pravda" reported details of the attempt on Lenin. He did not even see the shot. Secretary of the Swiss Social Democratic Party Plyaten who rode with him, heard the shots, spirited movement bent his head and those of Lenin rescued his life. Bullet scratched Plyatena finger, which he bowed his head Lenin. In the car made four shots. "On the pages of "homeland" in 1958 Kulikovich Nikolai writes about Russian theater critics Yavreinava: "In his book" History of the Russian Theatre ", published in 1955 in New York, he says, Belarusian Christmas rituals

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KGB interested students zabugornom trips

Student of Belarusian Municipal Institute of Physical Culture Tatiana Tsishkevich told "Radio Liberty", she called KGB officer and offered to meet:"I called KGB officer and only after my request was presented as Vadim Piskunov. He stated that he needed to talk to me about foreign travel. Even offered encounter somewhere in town, when I did not have enough time. During the year I was in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. I understand that employees are interested in KGB the topic, because the main participants in these events — the youth. " In May last year Tatiana Tsishkevich beat commandos during acceleration

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January 3 was 50 years Danchika

In honor of the beloved singer Belarusians in different countries call their own kids Bogdanov, his dream to hear new songs and come to his new concerts.Special issue of the very first year in a new transmission "Belarusian abroad" with the role of the Belarusians from different countries dedicated Danchika — beloved singer Belarusians of different ages from different countries.LISTEN transmission (January 3, 18:33, 20:33)1st album "Belorusochka" was released in 1977Danchyk was born, studied and lived a large part of life in New York. His father Pavlo — Ukrainian, and her mother Julia — Belarusian. Since childhood Danchyk knows and

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Cherginets: U.S. President made a final warning

Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Republic on international affairs and national security Nikolai Cherginets now appreciated the danger of expulsion Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, the United States Ambassador Karin Stewart as "the last point, the last warning the United States." He also added that "if the United States to bring the case before zahochut, they then receive."Although officially the topic of the meeting with journalists was designated as the results of the inter-parliamentary activities in 2007, most of the questions concerned the Belarusian-American relations. Please comment motivate journalists to danger Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus send South

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Students congratulate Danchika jubilee

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Phone Freedom in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.On the theme of celebrating the New Year — subsequent call:Spades: "Greetings," Freedom! "Happy New Year to you! New Year’s Eve Belarusian state television was totally Russian. Generally finished pretend. Called me from

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A number of Belarusian banks finished issuing cash loans

In the main this has affected loans in U.S. dollars. In Belarusian rubles now you can get a loan, but they give no hunting, very overpriced rate."Priorbank" (daughter of the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank) announced a very interesting campaign. Bank before January 1, 2009 abolished fees for early repayment (partial and full) on all major types of loans, including consumer, vehicle purchase and construction of dwellings. In practice, the FSA says, "Priorbank" appealed to their borrowers with a request to prepay its commitments for the replenishment of their own liquidity.Meanwhile, National Bank of Belarus establishes a measured situation in the domestic

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Beginning of the year: an increase in energy prices

Almost 20% increased the price of natural gas; increased by 14% duty on crude oil. According to experts, these economic conditions will require the country to find new sources of funding.From 100 to 119 dollars for a thousand cubic meters from January 1, increased the cost of Russian natural gas for Belarus. It is possible that in the near future and this value will change as the Belarusian-Russian agreement defines the said amount only for the first quarter of 2008. In accordance with the document until the gas price for Belarus will be 67% of the price for European consumers,

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S.Vitushka Museum I.Lutskevicha — workplace for the future

Yuri Bushlyakov: "This week has passed 6 years from the time the deputies of the Lithuanian Parliament adopted a resolution on the resumption of operations in Vilnius Belarusian Museum named Ivan Lutskevich. But the Belarusian museum as an institution, has a permanent exhibition is available to all, so to this day in Vilnius and has not appeared. Why? "

Sergei Vitushko: "Since that ruling — it was just a political declaration. Parliamentary Commission meet with Belarusian historians, public figures and issued such an order. Know, politicians often promise people anything — and wages increase, and take great laws, and later

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Border crossing Belarus — calm

As stated in the Municipal Border Committee, in general terms, this figure much where almost 20% less than the first of December. Where such a decline in activity in the usual peak of the tourist season — Christmas and New Year?Management of Municipal Border Committee and a significant decrease in the human traffic through the area of Belarus explains extension of the Schengen area, which was held on December 21.In the press office announced last week Statistics: From 22 December to 29th inclusive

Visa for Belarusians — 60 euros for the Russians — 35 

The number of people and vehicles

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