2007 — a year of stagnation in all spheres

Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski referred to 2007 is the year of the recession. Optimism in society has not increased and has increased pessimism:"2007 — it was a year of economic stagnation. Indeed Belarusian magic that called the Belarusian economy clearly began to show itself as the price of energoelementy started walking in the direction of real prices. It immediately took away people guarantees to which they are accustomed. But people have not accustomed to the fact that so their rights defend, you need to learn to protest.Need to remember these forgotten for their concepts as trade unions, demonstrations,

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Lukashenko remains banned entry into the European Union?

European Alliance invited Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov Council meeting of EU ministers in Luxembourg on 13 October. Brussels prepares usmotritelnye easing in relations with the official Minsk.Certain thaw in relations began in August, when Belarus freed last 3 political prisoners and has shied away from support of in recognizing the independence of the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.The French Presidency of the European Union offers to reduce the available sanctions and throw them only for those Belarusian officials who are to blame for the organization of repression and electoral fraud."The question is solely Lukashenko. There

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Miroslaw Dembinski: Music can not be arrested

The director is known in Belarus by the film "A Lesson of Belarusian", dedicated to the events of spring 2006 in Minsk.In the movie showed Dembinski Belarusian youth who are fighting for freedom. In a brand new points as struggling musicians. Middle of the movie heroes Lavon Volsky and Pete Pavlov from "N.R.M." Svetlana Sugako from "Tarpach."The director believes that Belarus rock music — is an instrument of truth and freedom. "Because power and fight against it," — said Dembinski. Now I asked Yaroslav Dembinskogo or evidenced by his new movie that Belarus does not let his topic.— I must

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Musical partisan in Belarus and Belarusians

Since the director is so called the "Blacklist" of banned in Belarus, the film represented BPF activist Franak Vyachorka. He was the hero of the previous film Dembinskogo about Belarus "Lessons whiteRussian language. "Film has ironically satirical character. Specifically, in such manner heroes movie musicians of "NRM" Pete Pavlov and Lavon Wolski talk about Belarus. Specifically, in such manner singer Svetlana Sugako knows about his own fate and your own tour of Belarus, with employees when they tried to arrange a series of concerts, but they forbade it.The movie will be distributed in different ways in Belarus. Franak Vyachorka says:

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One day political prisoner Pavel Sheremet

Handcuffs on hands are locked Pavel Sheremet July 26, 1997 at the international airport "Minsk-2". Already known at the time a journalist accused of "illegal, intentional, manufactured by preparatory agreement with a group of persons re" transition state border. Inquirer became lieutenant colonel arrested on Horror names. "In jail I have no desire for revenge"

After 10 years, Pavel Sheremet occasionally recalls jail. And when you need to remember, because in the eyes will melt the beginning."The first time when I was taken to jail NIGHT MODE. I felt shock, shock naturally, what lead me through these corridors, from what

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Sergei Skrabets: I was disappointed Policy Minister

The last presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich, favorite unregistered movement "For Freedom", defines the way in 2007, followed by:

"Although it was not such a huge political event, as last year’s elections, there were two street protests that very principle. Was also a day job. First I would

First, I would point out that it was possible to make the system of the repressed

noted that it was possible to make the system of the repressed. This and students, which is excluded from the institutions and people who lose their jobs. They get some help, at least honey, etc. I believe

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As a British Winnie the Pooh became a Belarusian

In This year translation came out in Poznan publishing "Snow white crow", and now in Prague accomplished presentation of the book. Recently the presentation Vitaly Voronov said as he did a fabulous English myadvedenya Belarusians also about how the book will come to the Belarusian reader.Ravens"The book came out a little while 300 copies. But it will be printed in the measure needs so that enough for everyone — only to take and read.As for books spread in Belarus, it is a matter of time. While those who wish to purchase a book, can contact me soon and get this

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Belarusian language in the public everyday life in 2007

Regarding mandatory structures — practically nothing. Even with the large international tribunes — General Assembly of the United Nations, the OSCE sessions, the Council of Europe — the official Belarusian representatives — Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Pyatkevich minister of foreign affairs, Sergei Martynov, chairman of the FPB Leonid Kozik, former parliament speaker Vladimir Konoplev — performed at Russian language.In Belarusian parliament acts only one member of the 210 — chairman of the committee on education, culture, science Vladimir Zdanowicz.Z.Savka: "The authorities have decided to ban tarashkevitsa"In the Belarusian parliament this year received only one bill in the

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Night Siege December 24

On forums portal Discussions are TUT.by article from Russian "Newspapers." There’s located poll Russian politicians: either refund Belarus loan of 1.5 billion dollars, which she promised to give our homeland? Experts express different views on this, but still converge on the , Belarus return credit. And oh so participants talk forums:"You can not borrow Belarus in Russia. After all, it further binds us to this empire is the danger of national security in the future. Our motherland can blackmail us by our zavinavachanastsyami, seeking repayment by the Belarusian identity. This can lead to the virtual elimination of our independence, while

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Artur Finkevich and Russian loan

However, this year has been one sentence of imprisonment — Andrei Klimov. But he was convicted for what he wrote about the power and Lukashenka personally something that had to last like. Others have not been contacted, and Klimov wrote. Obviously, there was an infringement on freedom of expression, but still it was an action that did not do Klimov and others.Artur Finkevich case resembles the case of Pavel Sheremet 10 years ago. Through the Belarusian-Lithuanian border border track scurried half of the Grodno region. All, including the guards, well know it, and the maximum that threatens those offenders —

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