Try to buy medicine for the full price!

Listeners Radio Freedom Act comment municipal social benefits: Larissa, Minsk: "Cancelled travel benefits. And what of the third group and disabled persons Incline age, which for over 70 years and they are veterans of labor? I think it’s unfair."Man: "Pochetaemye elderly and the disabled, we now have a" dark day. "" Father "took our minor, but still benefits. So let it to him and his clique will be on medication."Man: "I wish to comment on the cancellation of privileges. So, some points are true. But those with years of 1920-30, already eighty. They could and save. They already can not

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Gift 119 bucks — what in return?

What might be the cost of Russian gas to the end of next year? These questions and more discussions are in the program "Examination of Liberty" political analyst Yuri Chausov and columnist "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok.Tsigankov: "In the first quarter of 2008, the cost of Russian gas for Belarus will be 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. Understandably, this value is the result of a meeting in Minsk Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. According to your opinion, is it possible to see this as some" gift "of Belarus, and what it can explain exactly these numbers? ""At this

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Expert: Gas price must fall together with oil prices

Slowing global economic growth will negatively affect the demand for Belarusian products abroad, and price increases energoelementov lead to a deterioration of trade criterion. So Makar, access to external financing Belarus may be even more limited. However, some Belarusian experts believe that the costs of the global crisis for Belarus may have not only negative consequences. Analysts predict recession virtually Worldwide. Prerequisite — an acute crisis, which has led to a collapse in the money markets. Crisis as economists foretell, in the near Time will deepen, and in the following year a large part of national economies start with a

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Power brake law Belarusians abroad

Ulitenok: "Do The program adopted by the newcomer cooperation with Belarusians abroad, as well as according to the law? To remind listeners: the former" worked "since 1993, when was the first World Congress of Belarusians. Why did the authorities for years hindered completion of these documents?"Makovsky: "Until now slowed. All of them are still under" improvements. "Ulitenok: "Again the same thing: why the project did not agree with you?"Makovskaya"We have sent their proposals in 2001. Then also were told that somewhere between perceive program from 2002 and 2010." Ulitenok"Either participated in its preparation representatives zabugornoy diaspora?"Makovsky: "Here and there the

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School problem about Sasha and Vova

"Uh, nothing happened" — one they say, referring to the fact that Vladimir Putin came and went, and no allied countries after it left. "And came out well" — notice the other, picking up a calculator. It turned out the meaning of the mysterious word Putin that gas prices Belarus will not change, and soon will rise, but under the treaty. After the visit, on Saturday, "Gazprom" said the cost for Belarus will be 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. It should be noted that such a figure specifically referred to two weeks back the first Deputy Prime Minister

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EU condemns crackdown rally in Minsk

Slovak Embassy in Belarus makes functions of local consulate EU on behalf of Portugal."Local EU Presidency again calls Belarusian authorities complete implementation of force against its own people and asks the authorities to allow Belarusians to use their basic rights, including the right to assembly and freedom of speech, "- said in a statement.December 12 in Minsk was unauthorized rally in support of Belarusian sovereignty timed to the visit to the Belarusian capital Russian President Vladimir Putin. During her very policemen beat youth activist Dmitri Fedoruk and a few others.

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Belarus Balt living drop of blood

In "House of Writers" Vasily Zuyenok Sergei Zaprudskaya Anna KislitsynaAnniversarySergei Zaprudskaya "Adam Maldis ONE IN BELARUS"International Association in Belarusian prepared and published a large volume of articles devoted to the 75th anniversary of the founder and longtime manager is a public organization Dr. Adam Maldis. "Belarus and Belarusians in space and time" — so called collection, which has no parallel in the history of Russian publishing books. With one of its authors and editors, the chairman of the International Association in Belarusian Sergei Zaprudskaya discusses our correspondent Valentina Aksak. Valentine Aksak‘Sire Zaprudskaya why not book himself celebrant, and a collection

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European Parliament adopted a resolution on Belarus

The project was prepared and submitted to the five factions of the European Parliament. It was approved by an absolute majority. "For" vote 597 deputies, 31 — "against" 22 MPs abstained.In the resolution the European Parliament calls on the executive bodies of the European Union to simplify the function of obtaining visas for European people of Belarus, also stop the visa sanctions against the European Union of certain Belarusian officials for six months, so for this time in Belarus was revised discriminatory law media of information. With all of this proposal to stop the visa ban does not apply to

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In the House of Writers I.Bagdanovich, G.Labadenka, G.Kislitsyna

LITPRATSESGLEB Lobodenko: "Our action inspired Ryhor Baradulin TO NEW POEMS"More than 2-weeks continues for a unique new Belarusian literature action: a poet sells books of another poet. In this case it makes no fixed prices, in the form of a special auction itself is completely disinterested. The young poet Gleb Lobodenko in such method tells the true standard of respect for their own older friend — the national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin. With Gleb Labadenko met a Valentine Aksak.Valentine Aksak: "Hleb once Ryhor Baradulin very supported you with your first book, which was called" Pager-verse. "And in some of

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Lukashenko asks in Europe, like a cat with frost in the house

Our homeland Belarus and agreed to make the overall defense system. This was stated by Secretary of so-called allied countries Pavel Borodin.Man: "Why every day Lukashenko psychosis overtakes a military threat to Belarus? Elections were also held at the democratic level! Votes counted. And when he least some meeting proves that he is the most friendly and costs only for its own people. Perks But deservedly canceled" .On the days of the OSCE chairman Alexander Stubb visited Belarus and made a number of statements. After negotiations with the Belarusian authorities, he said: "We agreed that it is necessary to unscrew

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