Only mad will invest in the Belarusian cinema.

Tsigankov: "Can this idea somehow assist the development of Belarusian Cinématographe? It seems not so quite a few movies released Belarusian, so they do not fall into the car because there a lot of Hollywood? How, by the way, at the moment is the Belarusian movies? . "

Rosinskiy: "For this year made only a few films. "Chaklun and Rumba", "The enemies" will now premiere tape Denis Skvortsov. Well, then — these pictures are under the guise of a joint Russian-Belarusian production. In 2009, on the "Belarusfilm" plan to bring the creation of up to 12 tapes of realism alepakul

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Belarusian UAV «Berkut» ready to conquer the market

Currently, the Belarusian UAVs are becoming huge fame and go to the international market of unmanned aircraft systems. We are speaking about small reconnaissance drones. At a not so long ago, the exhibition «Interpolitex 2013» Belarusian company OJSC «AGAT-management system» together with JSC «558th Aircraft Repair Plant» presented to the public a whole line of tactical UAVs class. According to Yuri Leontseva holding the office of the deputy director of the enterprise «AGAT-management system», Engineering and System Science, with its new developments in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), the company expects to practice to solve the problem on

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Be demanding ideological and artistic properties songs

What Belarusian newspapers wrote on December 6 in different years past."Plotka Wilenska" on this week 1907 was published this joke: "Zarazumyalski for their money publishes a collection of his own poems. A couple of days after, he sent this "newborn" muse in the store, do not hide the joy, he runs to one of his friends. "You know — screaming — now passed through the bookstore and saw his book, which is on display next to the collections Asnyka, Slovak, Mickiewicz How it like for you?" "Me? Well, guess what neighborhood you very much. dangerous ..! "On pages "Lima" in

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Which criteria Belarusians work abroad?

By solving all throw at home and to go to work in abroad pushes usually poor financial situation in the country. Live on $ 300 average wage at the rapid growth of prices is difficult.Youth chooses "Pepsi." Senior — Russian varietiesStatistics show that young people want to Western countries, and older people, and the inhabitants of rural areas are oriented to Russia This says Director of the Research Institute of Labour Svetlana Shevchenko:"The young people to a greater extent in the U.S. and England. From other states — this, of course, Russian Federation. Originality labor movement in Western countries that

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Ryazanov — the majestic project of the Belarusian culture

His poems have been translated over 10 languages of the world, his poem by the German composer wrote the oratorio and Shvedki Institute nominated him for the Nobel Prize. Created about 2-10-s books, Laureate of the State Prize of Kupala (1990) in recent years do not need at home and have to live abroad. But literary Anna Kislitsyna, which is defended by creativity Ales Ryazanov Ph.D. thesis, believes that the high point of the poet at home still ahead.

When done with the word servant, he wrote in eternity filyazafemy

"Ryazanov — a real Renaissance man, for he is not

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Congressman Hastings: There are changes in Belarus

Delegation of Democratic Forces of Belarus, which was composed Enira Branitskaya Sergei Kalyakin, Anatoly Lebedko, Anatoly Lewkowicz, Alexander Milinkevich, Paul Seviarynets and Dmitri Fedoruk, in These days are visiting the United States. Belarusian politicians in the U.S. Congress participated in special hearings "Belarus: from dictatorship to democracy." Their suit Congress Helsinki Commission, which deals with human rights issues.If Belarusian politicians were in Washington, it became clear that Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with Spanish newspaper «El Pais" promised "to explore" Alexander Kozulin request for clemency if he will appeal to him. This news caused more enthusiasm in Congress to the

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Polish President met with Angelika Borys

After the meeting Kaczynski said that SPB association with other controlled Belarusian authorities Union of Poles, "unacceptable.""We, the Polish government, we can not use the individual propensity of our friends in the European Union to a particular gaze on countries to the east of Poland, can not use such makarom, To help regimes that do not deserve it. And even more so can not interfere in the affairs of excellent work organization of the Polish minority. And we had read about it. "Polish president also highlighted that "the improvement of relations with Belarus is not a bad thing, but on

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We can expect that the Belarusian ruble will fall

These questions are answered Economist Leonid Zlotnikov.

Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov: "Belarusian officials to the nearest time argued that the global monetary crisis can not seriously affect Belarus. Oct. 7 But Lukashenko at his meeting with the KGB, said quite the turnaround -" Maybe it will affect us and maybe we will face neuvvyazkami exports. "What are the nuances of the Belarusian economy and monetary system more complaisant crisis?"Zlotnikau: "In 1-x, the crisis has adversely affected the Belarusian money. Indeed, in the world market have increased interest on loans. And it means losing to Belarus this year estimated at 200-300 million dollars

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * replay of the webcast from 19.00. 7:00 * F* Russian elections: a conversation with a favorite of the "Democratic Alliance" Novodvorskaya. * Poll in Minsk: "Our homeland, in your opinion, is an empire or federation?"* Does the Border Grodno such as excitement to the euro in the capital?* Blitz analysis: Hugo Chavez lost a constitutional referendum. * Russian and the current library: an interview with a public editor Alexander Feduta weeks. * "Martyrology" review-independent press, "Zwukopis." Evening18:03 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.18:33 * "Journey" Freedom "-

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Whether created in Belarus barrier-free environment for the disabled?

Currently in Belarus for more than 15 thousand wheelchair. To a person with limited physical abilities to move around town, must be addressed least three main tasks. In 1-x, buildings, hills in the subway, subways must be equipped with ramps. In-2, urban transport should be a low stage, so that people in wheelchairs could just drop into the salon. And in-3, it is necessary that were comfortable, lightweight wheelchairs for mobility.On last week Baranavichy journalists held experience: tried on his experience experience as feels people with disabilities. Ales knows Gizun:"Two hours with excessive traveled to the town, its own forces

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