Citations past: At the moment, no longer only in the village hear Belarusian language

"Babel" in 1917 provides word Alekhnovich Francis: "People DO NOT stydaytsesya own whiteRussian language, because it is — a good language! Pryezhzhayuts scientists from foreign parts people move to the countryside to learn this language … Yes, now not only in the village hear Byelorussian: Hear her and sweep and they say it is NOT sermyazhnyh Selanne-growers and gentlemen in dark coats and clergy. Belarusians! Remember that you belong to and beyond once silnago people and not stydaytsesya fathers own language, because it is a shame and a sin — just as sin stydatstsa poor relatives own! .. ""Work" in

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Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. November 19

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with the teacher whiteRussian language Hope Starovojtovoj and writer.• Poll: The most difficult thing in the study of whiteRussian language?2nd part:• • Belarusian football gold — a quarter century• Once a year in the world more than a million people die in car accidents• Who forms the disappointing statistics accidents — drivers or pedestrians?• General culture and transferred to the road• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• «Night rap." Anonymous student poem.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Krama".

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Jazz — the message of freedom

The history of the jazz world has more than 100 years. Curiously, the first sound film was called "The Jazz Singer" and was dated 1927.With regard to the history of Belarusian jazz, so it is possible to conduct the count from 1939, when a refugee from Poland Yuri (Jerzy) Belzatskoy became the head of the Municipal made bandleader BSSR. Almost three months after the orchestra entered another emigrant — trumpeter Eddie Rosner.For many years, virtually every band playing so referred "Light music", was called jazz, although in fact the real jazz had almost nothing in common. Yet, she did jazz

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West Oedipus face Belarusian sfinksa

As post-election affairs of Belarus and the West working on her case with Russia?

On these topics in the program "Prague accent" political scientists argue: Minsk — Andrei Fedorov, Moscow — Kirill Koktysh, Berlin — Martin Shen. Transmits Yuri Drakakhrust

We bring you the full text transmission.

Drakakhrust: "We were thrown" — such a reaction from the 1st Belarusian opposition deputies may repeat and the Western public. Warming relations between the official Minsk and the West was accompanied by Western statements that very format of this warming will be determined by the results of the parliamentary elections. With

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Putin praised the Belarusian elections

Russian Prime Vladimir Putin is currently on a working visit to Belarus. He met with Alexander Lukashenko, Sergei Sidorsky yes presided over the meeting of so-called Union Council of Ministers. On any specific arrangements until no disk imaging.Vladimir Putin plane landed in Belarus late almost two hours. From the Minsk airport Russian Prime went to talks with Alexander Lukashenko. Last, meeting guests from the capital, called "give some extra boost allied relations." Sovereign Lukashenko stated that all the Union State is "quiet, boring, low-key." And people expect something specific:"Maybe we should revise what we have created in normative terms, in

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End quote: 10.11.2007 — 16.11.2007

"Who among us could impose that such celebrations can happen on this earth? But this celebration and others they say that God is able to write just on curves. What God puts them on the last point."Kondrusiewicz — during the ceremony festive inauguration Archbishop Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev. "I think you need to renounce the struggle, which carries the danger to our friends. Most valuable thing we have now — it’s beautiful people. These are people who are trained in grades 10-11, and talk, think at thirty years. We need to save these people. These people ahead much more

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Who will give money Lukashenko Moscow or the West?

Politicians React on this visit and the prospects of the Belarusian-Russian relations.

Denis MelyantsouMinsk analyst Denis Melyantsou focuses its attention on two theses Alexander Lukashenko of his conversation with the Russian prime minister. 1st — Allied relations need an additional boost. And second — Belarus will never trade her friendship with Russia and its people. Political analyst notes that calls for deeper integration appear every now and then:"This shows that things are in decline. And second — Belarusian management tries to increase their stakes in this bargaining with Russia. Rumors that Lukashenko offered in Europe to 10 billion euro

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A day of solidarity youth remind political prisoners and missing

Now a few 10’s of different members of the youth organizations of the democratic movement and the 8th evening will hold a joint prayer near the former Bernardine monastery outside of Cyril and Methodius in Minsk.Typically today lit candles around portraits of political prisoners and disappeared oppositionists.Deputy chairman of the youth branch of the BPF Illya Bohdan said "Freedom":"My friends and I certainly usually come in the evening to eight benardynav monastery, where more than once every month, on the 16th of.Light a candle and pray for the fate of Belarus for those people, that are currently behind bars, for

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D.Kreymer: While political prisoners are released, we will be required to make such steps

Kramer: "The Treasury Department, in cooperation with the State Department froze the assets" Belneftekhim "and its consulate in the United States. It made in accordance with the order of the President of the United States number 13405, issued June 19, 2006. This order provides for measures regarding persons undermining democratic processes in Belarus and that are related to political repression and corruption.I wish to make it clear that this step was prepared with regret. But, in our opinion, the Lukashenko regime has not given us no choice. We very clearly states that we are interested in improving relations with Belarus

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Why Belarus Russian missiles?

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize. Favorite proclaim shtonyadelyu in weekly review "Calls to freedom." Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52 open 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24. Belarus will receive discounted prices Russian missile complexes "Iskander" — said this representative of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Mikhail Puzikov. Missile complex "Iskander" has a range of 200 km lesions may carry cassette, shrapnel and high-explosive warhead. The reaction of the West is

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