Gazprom signed a contract for the purchase of Beltransgaz

Gazprom signed a contract for the purchase of "Beltransgaz"

Gazprom signed with the Belarusian State Committee on Property of the agreement to purchase 50% of shares of "Beltransgaz" for $ 2.5 billion, the press service of the Russian gas giant.

Before that Gazprom already owned a 50% stake in the Belarusian gas transportation company. Thus, Gazprom will own 100% of "Beltransgaz".

The Russian military have started preparations for the establishment of the Republic of Belarus joint air base

MINSK, June 6. (ARMS-TASS). In Belarus today comes the Russian military delegation headed by the commander in chief of the Air Force Viktor Bondarev for the selection of sites for the new Russian air base.

"Will come rekognostsirovschikov group led by the chief of the Air Force, which will in the near future, I think in the next two to three weeks, the selection of the airfield to base Russian airbase to put all of what we have agreed," — said a day earlier by Minister Russian Defense Sergei Shoigu on the results of the meeting

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Our missiles, your wheels

Wheeled chassis MZKT-6922 "Tetrahedron" Source: 

Belarusian manufacturers of military equipment supplied in single file with Russian

The Russian government has decided that the current regime is now placing the state defense order for Russian companies should extend to the Belarusian producers.

The news was announced in a blog post on the internet Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, prefacing it with the words: "Attention to our Belarusian friends." He addressed to all the RF Government Decree of December 24, 2012 N 1389 "On Amendments to the Decree of the Government of the

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The upper stage (RB) Frigate delivered to Baikonur

The upper stage (RB) "Frigate" delivered to the airfield "Jubilee" Baikonur cosmodrome. NPO Lavochkin behalf manufactured booster (RB) "Frigate". Carrier rocket "Soyuz-FG" with the upper stage "Fregat" will be launched into space Russian spacecraft "Canopus-V" and the Belarusian satellite. Russian satellite launch "Canopus-B" and the Belarusian spacecraft is planned for the first half of 2011. Spacecraft are used for remote sensing of the Earth. The weight of each spacecraft is about 400 kilograms. The right to enter into a state contract for the transportation of Belarus "Frigate" was defined in an open competition announced by the Federal Space

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Defense of the Russian Federation and Belarus are inextricably linked among themselves

The position in which was after the collapse of the Union of Belarusian defense industry sector, it was quite controversial. On the one hand, the new government has been quite a huge share of military production in the total state of the economy — in Belarus was located about 120 companies and defense organizations, among which there were 15 research institutes and design. On the other side of the border because of their own location, in the period immediately after the war, tried not to have large military production of the final product. The only exception to this rule was

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Putin promised Belarus Iskander

Despite the lack of official information about the reached agreements in the sphere of military-technical cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the basis of a private meeting of Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin in Zaslaul near Minsk, in the light of developments associated with the construction of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe (Euro-ABM), with high probability predicted the emergence of tactical missile "Iskander" in Belarus.

This conclusion is evidenced by a number of facts.

First, before the arrival of Russian President Belarusian and Russian media have announced possible topics of

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The accident at Chernobyl. Video


Recently had its world premiere international film project "Radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl", the shooting of which were carried out in the wild Belarusian Polesye radiation-ecological reserve — in an area where heavy contamination with radionuclides due to human access is denied.

According to well-known Belarusian filmmaker animal painter Igor Byshneva which, together with experts three major TV channels in Austria, Germany and the U.S. and a half years endured the hardships of the field work in the "zone", in more extreme conditions to make a film he had ever. However, the almost hour-length film has surpassed all

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In the Belarusian Polesie grown cucumber giant. Video


14.10.11.Dlina garden giant almost two meters. Unique record — the work Mozyr pensioner. If the well-known song of the crickets were the size of such "ogurechiki" walk in the gardens and fields would be safe! Vintage Mozyr pensioner Zoya Nikolaevna Leontevoj even hardly unusual: it boggles the mind! Among five-foot cucumber dominated super-cucumber — a giant increase of 1 m 75 cm! This is greater than the growth mistress.

Zoe Leontyev, a pensioner (Mozyr): "I'm such cucumbers never seen. It really is a miracle grew in the garden. I bought five seeds in the store, in a bag,

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Belarusian villages are covered with water


Gomel region, February 18. Belarusian villages continue to go under water. Here, despite the twenty below, the risk remains high water.

Now the water level in the Brest and Gomel regions has exceeded critical. However, the water keeps coming at 4 cm per day.

According to experts, the flooding threatened areas near the Pripyat River. Also in the danger zone are settlements located near Svisloch.

This situation, according to experts, was 12 years.




Start of the Russian-Belarusian exercise Union Shield 2011

More than 12 thousand soldiers, more than 100 tanks, more than 100 aircraft and helicopters will accept a role in starting on Friday of the joint Russian-Belarusian maneuvers "Union Shield — 2011" to be held at the Russian test sites and will end on September 22.

The aim of the exercise is to improve the interaction between Russian and Belarusian troops in the regional grouping in solving the security of the Union of the country, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the Western military environment at the site Gorokhovetsky "Russian and Belarusian defense units with armed complexes" Tunguska "," Strela-10 "and MANPADS"

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