Bankauskas released on

Society The company commander of the municipal Mounted Police Commissariat of Vilnius main Laimonas Bankauskas, who a week ago was arrested in Belarus released.

As the portal DELFI, such information Lithuanian television officially confirmed director of the Center for Information and Public Relations (CIPR), the Belarusian KGB Alexander Antonovich.

On He said, all the material things given the Belarusian Prosecutor's Office, which will decide on the future of business, transfers Lithuanian television.

As previously reported Bankauskas, was arrested August 16 Oshmyany checkpoint. It was alleged that the car police found 45.5 grams of amphetamine. First official detained

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Czech Senator: Belarus headway

Society Of Belarus, the Czech Republic came back a group of Czech senators, members of the Standing Committee in strengthening democracy in the world. One of them, Thomas Yirsa, offered his afterword to the visit and about, which translated He said at a press conference in Minsk happened key misunderstanding."When he left, I would like to say that we have no problem with the fact that the Czech Republic has continued to further support Belarus at the level of bilateral relations as well as at the level of the European Union" — then said Tomas Yirsa. An official translation in

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Belarus will do without a number of import grubs

Society This was stated by Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Mikhail Brown.

He said that restricting food imports due to "large-scale modernization of the Belarusian enterprises are redesigning the meat and milk, as well as fruit and vegetable plants."

Minister Brown has called unfounded allegations that a number of commodity groups Belarusian products have become more expensive than imported ones. As an example, he cited the tomatoes, the selling price of which is the commercial network of 8 thousand per 1 kilogram. The Minister explained: a sharp jump in the fruits and vegetables caused by the significant increase

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Belarusian and Russian elections: the tactics and strategy

Society For two days, one of the most influential Russian publications — the newspaper "Vedomosti", published two articles on the Belarusian-Russian relations. Pauline Himshyashvili in "Factor" Godfather "analyzes the chances of the Belarusian opposition in light of the conflict between Minsk and Moscow, political analyst Vyacheslav Inozemtsev in a material called" No time select "talks about the dilemmas of Russian politics.

"Factor" Godfather "

The Belarusian opposition has so far been unable to agree on a single candidate in the upcoming elections, but its position improved due to a conflict of President Alexander Lukashenko with Moscow

Belarusian opposition

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By 2020, the Belarusian energy will be privatized

Society The Belarusian authorities have announced their intention to 5 years to implement a phased reform of the Belarusian energy system. It will close on the creation of the national wholesale electricity market and the privatization energaabyaspechvayuchyh organizations.

According to the development strategy of the energy potential of Belarus for the period up to 2020 approved by the Council of Ministers of the number of 9 August 1180, the reform of the power system to be implemented in three phases during 2010-2015.

In the first phase (2010 —2011s) will be created RUE "high voltage electric networks", which will

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What brought Putin Lukashenko?

Society What to expect from the official Minsk visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin? He brought credit to the Belarusian economy? And how much money do you need to Belarus out of the current crisis?

Yesterday, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he had agreed with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the allocation of $ 6 billion in Minsk. However, the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said only about one billion dollars at the expense of the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund. In Moscow, noted that the Belarusian side money can get in exchange for Belarusian assets — controlling

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Even today, 25 August


Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rain …

…and gusty wind, but warm: 16-21 C.

Do not pass:

Meeting with Elena Anisim on "Entry into force of the Law" On the spelling of the Belarusian language. "STR. Rumyantsev 13, beginning at 18:30.


Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Nyamechchynv begins a three-day tour of official visits to the four Balkan countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbiya, Kosovo).


In 1840, the Russian tsarist government abolished the action in Belarus Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1588. The

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Opposition leaders have signed a statement on the coordination of joint activities

Society Representatives of a number of opposition democratic parties and movements signed a statement on the coordination of joint activities during the presidential election campaign. The agreement contains six items that cause joint actions, including outreach and negotiations with the authorities, observing the voting process at the polling stations, holding mass protests in case of election fraud.

The statement was signed by the leader of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu, leader of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin, leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, Vitaly Rymashevski of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Elena Eskova of the Belarusian

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Trinity signed postcards to Belarusian political prisoners

Society Artsyom Troitsk, Russian music critic, spoke in support of political prisoners.

"The fact is that the state machine is a horrible, disgusting, cruel … And if the average person is in conflict with this machine, it is much smaller and weaker. But it can support one — solidarity, others indifferent, if it is to feel supported, human energy, that would be fine, despite all the hardships.

Guys, we are brothers Belarusians with you and will be with you for as long as it is necessary!

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The country is on his knees


"Get up and free yourself look the way!"

Collectively we are on our knees for a long time, not just tired, we have forgotten about the normal state, we do not remember — how does it feel joy and pride for their country, for their "country-branachku", which the poet once called — "Arise, free Seek the path itself "What else to say, if during the time of existence we have become too low of less than ten million and this figure, we were proud, we were never, perhaps, did not achieve.

Look back: the republic with the name "Belarus"

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