Even today, Aug. 13



Returns to the heat, all day sun, the temperature is +33-35 C 

Do not pass:

In the Kaliningrad University of I. Kant (Russia) starts the 4th Baltic educational forum with the participation of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Estonia 


1521: Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec capital Tsenachtytlan (now Mexico City).

1905 In Norway, a referendum on dissolution of the union with Sweden.

1920 The offensive of the Red Army, headed by Tukhachevsky to Warsaw.

1940: Beginning of massive raids by Nazi aircraft on British cities (Battle of

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In the Russian crop failure. You can earn


Rustam Minnihanav

This year, Rustam Minnihanav succeeded to the presidency of the political longevity M.Shaimiev. 73-year-old led the Tatarstan Shaymiev 25 years and "outlasted" on the post a lot of Kremlin leaders — Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. However, on the record with a much younger Dmitry Medvedev has not swung.

As predicted by experts, many Russian regions will be forced to turn to Belarus in their food security. Low grain yield due to the unprecedented drought and fires destroyed the fields actually put Russia on the brink of a grain shortage.

During a meeting

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Before you raise the retirement age, the need to reduce government officials

Society during the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the famous Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush listener from Minsk asks:

"I hear about Larissa Heniyush. Memory of our famous poet honored in different countries, not here. Simply can not forget about the fact that her parents were hard-working, they were dispossessed. Such a fate is not enviable. When was that? 1937, destroyed or the innocent.'s and Larissa Heniyush made the list. And now a different time, but we see that contemporaries can not accept that. This is a different generation, and it is high time to rehabilitate and to honor

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Kastusyou rely only on the Belarusian money

In society G. Kastusiou, This campaign is the candidate of the Party of the BPF will be different from the campaigns of all the other contenders for the post of Head of State.

"Financing of political campaigns for foreign money is incompatible with the interests of Belarusian people. We do not seek foreign "investment policy" not to lose autonomy in their operations. My company at all stages will be carried out exclusively for domestic funds, but at the expense of the Belarusian sources of funding. It will be 100% Belarusian company ", — said the challenger BPF.

"Lukashenko is

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Belarusian Tatars to count on help from Tatarstan

Society in an interview with the correspondent of "Freedom," said the mufti of the Spiritual Board of Muslims Republic of Belarus Ismail Varanovich.

"We are still waiting for an answer, will address the issue of the meeting or not. We want to ask for more attention, so we turned to face our problems are taken into account. First and foremost — this is the material support, for example, for the construction of mosques in Belarus. We dream for the first time in Belarus to open madrassas, though secondary religious education. Also mosque in Minsk. "

According I.Voronovich, financial support for

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Belarus sacrificed Chernobyl




British scientist Alan Flowers published sensational details about the Chernobyl disaster. According to The Times, on the orders of the Soviet authorities over Belarus has been called the so-called artificial rain to radioactive particles have not reached Moscow. As a result, were infected with more than 10 thousand square meters. km Belarusian

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Before the start of Euro 2012 Belarusians won the Lithuanians

Society On the eve of the launch in the next qualifying tournament for the European Championships — 2012, which in two years will be held in Poland and Ukraine, Belarus team played a friendly match in Kaunas with the national team of Lithuania. Belarus victory — 0:2.

Double of the 49th and 90th minutes of the meeting midfielder scored against Belarus Vyacheslav Hleb. The game, especially in the second half, was held under the dictation of the Belarusians, but both teams were noted just a "parade" of errors. In fairness, the hosts were moments that the number of least

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The opposition will announce the format shares on August 16

Society At noon on August 12 in the office of the United Civil Party will hold a press conference on the demand for an international investigation of abductions and murders of opponents of the Belarusian regime. During the event, will also be voiced by the rendering format actions of solidarity with families of the missing, to be held August 16 in Minsk.

The press conference will be attended by the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, Chairman of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin, leader of the civil campaign "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov, leader

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Wreath Memory: Vyacheslav baton

Society He was born in Slutsk. Freedom-loving spirit of the city is involved in the formation of personality irrepressible and indomitable. After the seventh grade, he decided to look at the sea and no money drove to Odessa. He will travel all my life and then put their travel experience based prose. Said a member of Vyacheslav Batons, historian and public figure Oleg Trusov:

"He wrote a lot of interesting novels with good humor Slutsky. Was an optimist, a man of extremely alert, which is not missed in any situation. And so, of course, Belarus will miss ethe man very

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Secret Belarusian arms deliveries to the Middle East

Society The Russian newspaper "Novye Izvestiya" writes about suspicions of secret arms shipments from Belarus in the Middle East, from which weapons fall into the hands of radical groups.

In Minsk yesterday refuted the common foreign media reports delivered anti-aircraft missile systems S-300s from Belarus to Iran. Israel has so far refrained from official statements on the subject, though in a closed session of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Knesset has already discussed the issue of the Belarusian military supplies to another country — Syria, through which weapons, according to Tel Aviv, get into the hands of the radical

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