For Lukashenko or Russia?

Society What is the lesser evil — Lukashenko or Russia? Who can use the new situation that has emerged in connection with the information attack the Russian media on the Belarusian authorities? On these topics in the "examination of Freedom" are debating the head of the civil campaign "Our House" Olga Karach and columnist of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets.

Drakakhrust: Russian information attack on the Belarusian regime continues, after the second series of "The Godfather" on NTV last weekend by Lukashenko thundered major media "Hummingbird" — Channel One, RTR, Russia-24. This situation, according to some, creates a new

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Even today, July 20


Warm …

…and sunny, but not hot. Temperature: 18 — 26 C.

Do not pass:

Concert Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich in a small hall k / h "Minsk" on the occasion of birthday artist. The program includes the best and new songs, the performance of fellow musicians, songs and poetry. Tickets from 25000 to 35000.

Opening of the exhibition of pictorial photography in the great hall of the Museum of Modern Art (Independence Avenue, 47). Beginning at 17.00.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Finland.

British Prime Minister David Cameron meets with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington.

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Fluctuations of the ruble to a basket of currencies will remain in the corridor of 2-3%

Society Belarus has all the necessary facilities to fluctuations of the Belarusian ruble to a basket of currencies until the end of the year remained in the hallway + / — 3.2%. This was reported to Alexander Lukashenko chairman of the National Bank Petar Prokopovych, BelTA informs.

According to Piotr Prokopovich, course Belarusian ruble against a basket of currencies remained stable, there was no sharp fluctuations, and the first half of the ruble strengthened against a basket of currencies by 1.1%. According to the forecast of the National Bank until the end of the year the Belarusian ruble will remain

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In Russia expands the powers of intelligence services

Society Russian Federation Council approved a bill that extends the powers of the FSB — Federal Security Service. Intelligence agencies have the right to issue a warning about the inadmissibility of certain actions, administrative liability for failure to obey the lawful demand of the FSB.

The bill has already passed the three hearings in the State Duma of Russia, now, after approval by the upper house of the Federal Assembly he goes to the president for his signature. It should be noted that recently, Dmitry Medvedev said the law was proposed to them. All stages of the discussion of the

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Russian media attack on Lukashenko

Society Russian media continue to information attack against Alexander Lukashenko. During the weekend antilukashenkovskie subjects showed Channel and the state television channel "Russia", a malicious article has labored "Moskovsky Komsomolets", the Belarusian was the main theme of the radio station "Echo of Moscow". What is the purpose of the Russian political elite?

In an interview with news program "Vesti" on RTR channel journalist, member of the Public Chamber Nikolai Svanidze bluntly: the best thing that can now make Alexander Lukashenko — is to move away from the power:

Nikolai Svanidze

"In general — a man who thinks only of

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Grunwald: silence in the cafe. But there were stamps and coins

Society As in Belarus were marked the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald? Or organized these days festivities were celebrations? Or use such an occasion like an anniversary of Grunwald, businessmen, restaurateurs, tourist Agena for commercial purposes?

As for state events, the main celebrations were held three weeks ago in Navahrudak where a festival of medieval culture. State TV channels — and BT, and ONT prepared special documentary series that go on the air in these days. Young people have not given fully to fighting pillows, Minsk city executive committee banned the celebration of …

There is a

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Triangle Belarus-Russia-Georgia: Who bought who lost?



Cyril Pozniak

Valery Karbalevich

Why Lukashenko friendship with Saakashvili?

Valery Karbalevich"July 12, a meeting of Alexander Lukashenko and Mikhail Saakashvili, and on July 15 the Belarusian TV showed an interview with the president of Georgia, where he criticized Russia and Belarus protected from the pressures of Moscow. Why it took the Belarusian authorities? Economic relations between Belarus and Georgia are low. No geopolitical benefits of friendship with Tbilisi Minsk does not seem to get it. It follows that it is a symbolic move in the confrontation with Russia, and nothing more? "

Kalinkina"Statistics give unexpected performance.

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Klaskouski: Belarusian official leader of the insured

Society According to political scientist Alexander Klaskouski can not be called "revelatory" statements concerning Russia Alexander Lukashenko, here it is "padstsilae straw." The situation with the Customs Union of Belarus President "treats very tricky."

"Allegedly, before this Customs Union needs Russia, it's her some games, and allegedly secretly in the Kremlin wanted did not sign these documents. Thus in the mass consciousness of Belarusians laid the thought that if this project will crash and then, they say, is not the fault of Belarus. Belarusian official leader is insured in case if you have to escape from the trap of the

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Anatoly Lebedko, Why Saakashvili became a lawyer Lukashenko?

Society The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko said the interview of President of Georgia for Belarusian television, July 15. For the comment about Anatoly Lebedko Russian TV reporter asked during a press conference in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front, which took place on July 16.

"I do not watch TV BT for a long time, but yesterday specifically included because it was interesting to see that Can not say Mikhail Saakashvili in such circumstances. The fact that a lawyer Mikhail Saakashvili of the Belarusian regime to high-profile cases, for me, is beyond comprehension. Unfortunately,

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Saakashvili accuses Russia of blackmail

Society A press conference was held for several hours before the departure of the Georgian president in Batumi for a meeting with EU Commissioner Catherine Ashton, visit which, according to observers, is the start of negotiations between the EU and Georgia for the conclusion of the Association Agreement.

Georgian president spoke to reporters about his unofficial visit to Ukraine, where he met with the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. Saakashvili also reported on his meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, which had "a long conversation on issues of mutual interest." He called the talks with Ukrainian and Belarusian counterparts, the

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