Moscow Rock municipality in Minsk. Continued Part 2

Before the concert even half a day, and we go for a walk in Minsk. We leave in the center, is in the morning sunlight, broad-shouldered houses of the glorious Soviet '70s, when either in Minsk or Moscow and could not suspect than our Soviet age will end in 90. Everywhere here the spirit of "Adventures of Electronics" progress. Photographed with Minsk leftists under the bridge Druzhnoye crowd and was then notice the secret of universal purity. In the river, of course, as we turn the bottle, but that's so early in the morning they — are caught. But

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The opposition may be a Travel Abroad?

Society The Belarusian authorities may prohibit travel abroad, about 200 opposition activists and offer a number of ambassadors of EU states to leave the country if the EU will bring in economic sanctions against Belarus. This message today extended the agency Interfax-West, citing an unnamed source in the administration of Lukashenko. "The Belarusian side calmly accepts such statements on sanctions, we are working on a number of measures in response. An integrated plan of possible measures is provided and a ban on travel abroad a number of leaders of the Belarusian opposition, who most actively encouraged and continue to encourage the

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European Parliament — for targeted economic sanctions against Lukashenko

Society May 12 in Strasbourg, MEPs discussed the situation with human rights in Belarus. Adopted a resolution that calls on the European Union to extend sanctions against the Lukashenko regime, including the introduction of targeted economic sanctions.

The preamble of the resolution states a fact that elections Belarus ended with the arrest of seven presidential candidates and about 600 people are referred to had already been sentenced to activists campaign headquarters of Democratic candidates and exhibition space, including the names of the first convicts (Alexander Otroshchenkov, Nikita Lihavida, Basil Parfiankou, Eduard Lobau, etc.).

The text deplores the persecution of

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Currency suffering continues

Society The Belarusian ruble fell by almost a third, but the currency in the banks has not appeared. Not decreased in line exchangers from wanting to buy dollars, euros and even the Russian ruble, currency dealers have not disappeared. Due to the instability of the domestic financial market, many people are faced with many new challenges.

Gomel Oblast

"With the value of the dollar 4000 rubles nothing has changed for the better …"

The new rate of the Belarusian ruble against the hard currency gave no benefits Gomel. Neither the U.S. nor the euro, or even Russian rubles in urban

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Charles Tanak: Belarusian regime deserve contempt

Society Charles Tanak (Charles Tannock), British representative in the European Parliament, is one of the sponsors of the draft resolution, which the European Parliament has today take on Belarus.

Before the vote Tanak expressed our radio correspondent in Brussels, the estimation of Situation in Belarus:

"I must admit that I am personally very disappointed because I gave before the election arguments in favor of Belarus calmly and quietly take in the Euronest [Parliamentary Assembly of the" Eastern Partnership "- PC]. I saw that the isolation and self-isolation of Belarus from the West and the EU means defeat for this country.

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Belarusian regime will not give

Society The Court of Appeal ruled in Lublin that Alexander K., owner of Belarus, will not be extradited to Belarus. The decision ends one of the longest extradition cases in Poland, according to «Dziennik Wschodni».

"End well. In the courts in Poland are working reasonable people, to distinguish truth from falsehood. Whole world knows that rights are violated in Belarus, there is no democracy, "- said the Polish journalists Alexander K.

According to the Lublin court in Belarus is not satisfied the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to a fair trial. Therefore, there is a suspicion

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Sikorski: Lukashenka has to choose a path: to democracy or to The Hague

Society The foreign ministers of the EU countries at a meeting in Luxembourg increased the range of sanctions against Belarus, freezing the assets of the three companies, which are associated with Alexander Lukashenko.

This decision was taken in order to strengthen the financial pressure on the Belarusian authorities to force them to stop the repression against the opposition. It was also decided to add a "black list" of 188-mi Belarusian officials banned from leaving a few businessmen.

Thus European sanctions for the first time will affect the business sector under these regulations is subject to Lukashenko's economic adviser Vladimir Peftiev

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The European Parliament is returning to Belarus

Society Today in Strasbourg, MEPs will discuss the situation with human rights in Belarus. The debate will be held in the spring session of the European Parliament. Following the discussion is expected to adopt a special resolution.

Although the discussion of the Belarusian issue in the agenda of the session was listed on May 12, it actually started yesterday. Belarus on Wednesday raised the topic in his speech, the supreme representative of EU foreign policy Catherine Ashton. She stated that the actions of Alexander Lukashenko made inevitable sanctions against the Belarusian leadership:

"He did not leave us other option

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And over us like a black cloud hangs close the prison …

Society This transfer of our radio is addressed to those who are in captivity, as well as the families and friends of these people. Now the country's 48 prisons are about 47 thousand people. It's more than 2,000 the number of Belarusians who were sitting in Stalin's labor camps and prisons in 1937-1938. Among the themes of our program: — "Lord, grant that I did not had bad dreams" — a review of letters of juvenile prisoners. — Or correct prisons? The survey on the streets of Mogilev. — Belarusian prison — the history and the present. On his content Lukishki says Boris Kit. —

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Why Russia refuses a loan?

Society to discuss political scientist Andrei Fedorov from Minsk and associate professor of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Kirill Koktysh from Moscow.

Kirill Koktysh

Andrei Fedorov

Valery Karbalevich

Moscow's position has changed

Valery Karbalevich"So far, all Russian officials have reacted positively to the allocation of credit to Belarus. On the loyalty of Moscow on this issue and said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Finance Minister Kudrin, and Ambassador Surikov. Both Belarusian officials have said that everything is fine, go constructive negotiations, the parties discussed the anti-crisis program proposed by the Belarusian government. And suddenly, everything changed. Do

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