Margarita Balmaseda Lucas forgets about the nuances

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The other day on our site was published translation of the article "What the West is wrong about Belarus?" International Editor Economist Edward Lucas. This text is concerned spawned debate on our site.

We invited experts from around the world to take part in this debate and express their opinions about how an article by Mr. Lucas, as well as about the problem, which he formulates.

Margarita Balmaseda, a professor of Helsinki University and Harvard University, an expert on energy policy and corruption in the post-

In its first response to the comment by Lucas Belarus,

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The Union of Poles wants to help the family of Andrew Pochobut

Society In unrecognized by the Belarusian authorities Union of Poles in Grodno there is an initiative to support the family financially Pochobut Andrew, who is in custody. At a meeting of the Union of the city, where there were about one hundred and eighty persons, selected the initiative group of three persons to form a committee to help. The goal — to raise money for Oksana Pochobut and her two children.

The Union of Poles have also continued to collect signatures a petition to amend Andrei Poczobut preventive measure. We recall that recently the regional prosecutor's office investigator Arseny Nicholas

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FEMEN shot the Lukashenka with a slingshot

Society Ukrainian women's movement FEMEN held a rally in Kiev in support of victims of "Bloody Sunday" in Belarus. By FEMEN, the action was timed to coincide with the climax of judicial killings of members of the peaceful protests that took place in Minsk on December 19, 2010.

FEMEN activists shot of his long-legged "slingshot" portraits of Lukashenko. They called on the international community to "save the Belarusian people overthrow by force illegitimate Belarusian autocrat. "

"Despite the? Tremendous force of will, Belarusian activists unable to resist the local butcher from the KGB. Blackmail, torture and prison — that's henchmen

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Statkevich. Portrait against a lattice

Society When spring begins to bloom lilac, father necessarily bring us luxury bouquet of lilacs in different colors. From childhood he loves these sweet-scented flowers. In the summer we often buy for small bunches of bright blue cornflowers. He likes these typically Belarusian flowers, besides, he likes to exchange a few words with the old ladies who sell them. He generally likes to chat with the elderly, especially with the villagers.

My father was born and grew up in the village Lyadno Slutsky area, so he knows how to live and work in rural people. He likes to listen

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Photo report of the exercise Union Shield 2011

Belarusian-Russian operative teaching "Union Shield" will be held from 16 to 22 September at the sites and Gorokhovetsky Ashuluk.

Polygon Gorokhovetsky — chief ground Armed Forces, naikrupneyshy in Europe. Placed near the village of Mulino Nizhny Novgorod region.The area — 100 thousand hectares.

Ashuluk — artillery range for exercises with the use of air defense weapons. Placed to the east of the railway station Ashuluk Astrakhan region.Area — about 96 thousand hectares.

In the maneuvers involved:

about 12 thousand troops,including Belarus — about 5 thousand, Russian — 7 thousand, Ukrainian — up to 100 people (airmobile company);


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On the Slavonic Bazaar festival of Belarusians of the World

Society In the early days of XX International Festival of Arts "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk" planned new cultural project. July 8-9 for the first time will be held "Arts Festival Belarusians of the World."

According to the Ministry of Culture, the festival events will take place not only in Vitebsk, but in Minsk and invited to take part NGOs Belarusians Georgia, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Estonia.

The festival — concerts of Belarusian folk and contemporary music, exhibitions of paintings and decorative arts, photography exhibitions, meetings with Belarusian writers and poets abroad.

Also planned rewarding representatives of Belarusian

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Pofalla: The main demand — the release of political prisoners

Society "Belarus in our understanding — a totalitarian, undemocratic system, and we are always going to just talk about their assessment to Alexander Lukashenko."

This was announced on May 5 in Vilnius, head of the department of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Minister for Special Assignments Ronald Pofalla. He noted Now that Europe's main demand — the release of all political prisoners.

The Head of the Federal Chancellery of Germany a special visit to Vilnius to discuss the situation in Belarus with representatives of Belarusian civil society.

In his remarks to reporters at the European Humanities University, he said the development

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Nekljaev: I will stand on the area of our future

Society Former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu told the court that he would demand the call as witnesses Interior Minister Kuleshov and Alexander Lukashenko. Questioning of ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva began the trial court in the Frunze Menske the second half of May 6 and was interrupted because of feeling sick defendant Alexander Fyaduta. Judge Jeanne Zhukovskaja had to adjourn until May 10. Nyaklyayeu had to give a speech. He once said that he shared political and moral responsibility for what happened on December 19th: first of all, for being behind bars hundreds of people and dozens destined to sit in prison.

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Diary of a Writer: dead newspaper

Society I have worked in four newspapers were closed in our latest "syamnatstsatsigodku." At issue now, "Nasha Niva", which is also strongly associated person. If you have the journalistic profession you happen to newspapers, novels, each left an indelible mark on the soul. 

"Nasha Niva"

 "The first Belarusian newspaper with drawings of" managed to revive the twenty years. Now it will be closed, as the language is to close, it prevents … Somehow to protest proposed to send a letter to the Ministry against. I thought. Send a letter to those who do not makes you trust, rejecting you? Yes,

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Launched Russian-Belarusian maneuvers «West 2013»

On Friday, 20 September, a joint Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises «West-2013». During the maneuver units of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus must perform a huge amount of training and combat tasks. The exercise involved the Army, Navy, Air Force, and internal forces. The program of activities for the week and painted involves the active role of all involved departments. On conducting joint Russian-Belarusian exercise was announced in late August. How, then, said Defense Minister of Belarus Yuri Zhadobin in maneuvers alone at Belarusian landfills must take the role of 13 thousand soldiers and officers. Most of the personnel involved

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