Russian builders of the Belarusian NPP Chernobyl taught us

Society Today the Belarusian public to submit heads of all Russian companies that will design and build a nuclear power plant in Belarus Astravets — State Corporation "Rosatom", ASE, AEP. They urged Belarusians in reliability and byaspechnastsi Russian nuclear power plants of new generation. But the independent Belarusian specialists have doubts about this.

The contract for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant for the Russian companies and the Russian loan has not been signed, the project yet. Only signed an intergovernmental agreement, but the Belarusian and Russian sides demonstrate their belief that the first unit of the nuclear

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Minsk does not respond to notes made by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Society This was announced by the publication of "Derkalo Tyzhden" Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Byazsmertny. Ukraine is concerned about the existence of "black lists" of Ukrainian citizens who are denied entry to Belarus.

"We have handed over a note yesterday about the Ukrainian human rights activist. The answer from the Belarusian side was not. In general, starting from December 19 last year, Ukrainian side gave the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs a few notes about the people who were not allowed into the country. Any of the music we have not received a response, "- he said.

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Instead of Prague — Orsha, instead of Golden Sands — Narach

Society The absence of a free market of foreign currency has become a big problem for those Belarusian citizens who were about to go on holiday abroad. Although the travel companies do not refuse to take the Belarusian ruble, but make a list of prygetym at the rate of 5,000 rubles or more for one dollar (almost two times higher than the official rate of the National Bank). In addition, virtually all of the Belarusian banks have imposed restrictions on foreign exchange transactions with bank cards abroad.

How much will go to this year's holiday Belarusian tourists, found out the

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Where to take a toll Belarus atomic space technology?

Society On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy, Alexander Lukashenko, has once again stated that nuclear power is vital, so it will be built. Thus, he summed up the debate on the propriety of building its own nuclear power plant in Belarus. Lukashenka also assured that the project is the first Belarusian nuclear power plant is completely safe and, for reliability, comparable only to space technology. But independent experts have their own opinion. "Those who are opposed to nuclear power plants — people bought our competitors" — said Alexander Lukashenko during the message to the Belarusian people

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Belpochta can not buy currency

Society "Belpochta" can not pay "Mail of Russia" duty under the agreement on the exchange of international wire transfers due to difficulties with currency.

About This was announced RIA "Novosti" First Deputy General Director of "Belposhta" Gennady Demjanenko.

"Mail of Russia" has warned its customers that can stop paying money orders from Belarus, if the debt is repaid.

"You can not buy the currency to settle accounts with the Russian side," — said Demjanenko.

He added that it is of several million dollars.

From April 21 to "Belpochta" stopped accepting international money transfers in rubles. Demjanenko explained that since

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BelarusBank — a lot of currency with the card does not shoot

Society JSC "Belarusbank" from April 21 to set limits on the amount of money that can be withdrawn from the international bank cards, said in a statement posted on its website — Interfax.

"From April 21 2011and restrictions on the operations of the withdrawal of cash and non-cash transactions outside of Belarus with the use of international bank cards (except cards Visa Gold, MasterCard Gold), decorated with the opening of a card account only in Belarusian rubles, the equivalent of $ 50 for each type of operations within 24 hours, "- said in a statement.

Of international plastic cards Visa

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Who will modernize the Polish MiGs?

In early June, in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz, an international aviation industry exhibition «Air Fair 2012". The participants demonstrated the art and public art technology and services to a dynamic aviation market.

Of particular interest was the proposal of the Polish side of modernization standing on the Polish Air Force MiG-29 from the corporation "RSK MIG" (Russia), 558 th Aviation Plant (Belarus) and the company «IAI Elta» (Israel).

Russian Corporation proposed a comprehensive modernization of the Polish aircraft, in particular, the installation of an improved version of radar capable of detecting air targets at ranges of up

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Dealers: no sales. And there will be?

Society The currency crisis in Belarus continues. Victims of his first become importers. Car Dealers — among them. To ensure that the work of automotive interiors, required currency. However, to buy dollars and euros difficult, forcing traders to revise previous contracts, adjust the timing of delivery, and in some cases fall into an ugly situation to the buyer. There was a question at all about whether the existence of the new auto shops.

According to the Belarusian Automobile Association, last year only 7.5% in Belarus imported passenger cars were new. In other words, from the machine 15 000 200

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The action of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners in Stockholm

Society In the Swedish capital hosted the event in support of the Belarusian opposition — in the events on December 19, which is now awaiting sentence in pre-trial detention or under house arrest.

Among the organizers of today's event — on the initiative of human rights activists Östgruppens.

As the head of the organization Martin Corner, "The brutal massacre of the Belarusian authorities with civilian demonstrators on December 19 became the impetus for further repression. There are reports on the use of police and security forces, torture of detainees under investigation do not allow to meet relatives and lawyers. For

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Rubles will be expensive to send

Society Send Belarusian rubles abroad will cost a third of the amount.

From now on, April 20, the tariff for sending international remittances (postal, electronic), adopted in Belarusian rubles, 35 per cent of the amount transferred. The fee for the shipment of money received in the currency of 8 percent. Fee for service charges Belarusian rubles.

According Belposhta, today Belarus has a partnership agreement for the exchange of money transfers from 22 countries. With ten of them Belposhta customers can exchange electronic transfers (that Armenia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Estonia).

Amount of money

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