Life and death legends: Russian Reserve

"Reserves — protected area is located with in their usual boundaries or unique natural complexes are excluded from the economic and recreational use, as monuments of architecture, history and archeology.In different media disk imaging Belarus have repeatedly called and call now Russian or communist reserve, bearing in mind that in this country hitherto preserved and firmly protected material and spiritual heritage Russian time. " ***Vyacheslav Rakytskyy"What’s the most common of Russian heritage preserved today’s Belarus?"

Oleg Trusov"A lot. First Soviet mentality and all that this implies. This — bad things to everything foreign, to the highest culture and religion, art,

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Night Siege — August 21

Belarusian Users Forum discussions are statements by Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. He is not willing to understand the fate of the Ukrainian language Belarusian because not consider the possibility to introduce Russian language as the second municipality. Comments of participants:"Personally, when I talk with Ukrainians included on the question of municipal language, always cite the example of the situation in the Belarusian language so called the"Equality" with the Russian. As a result, not many willing to own what the Ukrainian language such shameful to share, even against the Russian. Because pan Yushchenko quite right. ""Smart uncle: knows no language

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Guest Night of Freedom — businessman Alexander Makaeu

People on the streets of Minsk utter rich entrepreneurs in Belarus?Politicians will remember 1991 coup that ended exactly 16 years ago and marked the end of the USSR.In "Night studies" now estimate the contribution of individual entrepreneurs in Belarusian economy, report from Grodno clothing market survey and in the midst of buyers in Minsk, where they receive for themselves odezhku: municipal stores or on the commodity markets?In addition — report Zhirovichsky Monastery and poll midst scientists to learn when in Belarus for the first time appeared vodka?The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of the musical heritage of Mateja

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M.Bulavatski: My irritated Belarusian officials from education

Kalinowski: "In his essay, you say that at first believe in love … Why in your own essay you do not name your own name sweetheart?"Bulavatsky: "Does it have value? For me, it has remained as such a bright flashlight in the shower. Her name might be different … But the essence remains the same."Kalinowski: "Is it true that you carry a picture of her?"Bulavatsky: "Yes, I have a medallion, he double — on one half of my little sister, who was murdered by the Nazis and burned in 6 years, but for the second half — it …"Kalinowski: "In

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For what purpose Italy lend Belarus 210 million euros?

The fact that Italy will give Belarus a loan of 210 million euros, official sources said after a meeting of the Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky Italian Ambassador in Belarus Guglielmo Ardizzone. This meeting was accomplished on August 20th. And for what purpose funds are taken and interest rate and from what the Bank of Italy?"The size of the loan — is all the information we have so far," — said the press secretary Belarusian government Alexander Timoshenko. If the additional information, the emperor said Tymoshenko. Details of the loan and do not give the Italian Embassy in Belarus. Do

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Valentin Golubev: opportunism human — a natural phenomenon

"I — not Polish, not Lithuanian, not Russian, and wish to protect his doctorate at home. According to Belarusian"Eugene Belasin, Brest: "What are the prospects of the Belarusian higher school?"Golubev, "the Belarusian public education system can only be supported by the country. Unfortunately, when she departed from this principle, it’s a little slower. But if people are willing to do something, they do. So, not gone — live Belarusian Humanities Lyceum, European Institute for the Humanities. Moreover home last worked in the Russian language, and currently in Vilnius — Belarusian actually becomes another hotbed of Belarus ".Man: "Will be given

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Your choice: more readable materials mon

First Vitebsk: Russian fascists threaten Miron 2nd Yushchenko: "Where’d Byelorussian?" 3rd Brest details of the arrest participants with P. Sevyarynets Fourth, Paul Seviarynets "mode on the loose tougher than even" chemistry " Examination 5th Freedom: Forthan Belarus Ruble wish "decouple" from the Russian?

Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." why Polish deputies were not allowed in Belarus? Or more official Minsk hopes to improve relations with» united Europe? What role does the incident with Polish politicians on the Belarusian border can play in the Polish campaign? Over these issues Polish Center reflect the analyst of international relations Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky, editor of the magazine "Our homeland in global politics" Fyodor Lukyanov, and head of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic research Vital Silitski. 7:00 * replay of the webcast from 19.00 Mon. 7:30 * House of Writers — a

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Night Siege — August 20

Participants’ attention Forum Portal lured news spontaneous meeting of businessmen at the Minsk Zhdanovichi market. The rally was held yesterday, when the tax authorities tried to confiscate the product in one of the shops "World of Fashion". Product "conquered." Participants’ reactions forums:"Haircut" sheep "lasts. So makarom, tax kill 2-Birds — replenish the treasury, which spustoshvaetstsa and urging people to "take the Belarusian". If the spring of discontent starts cracking? ""And I this situation enjoy. I like that in our marsh "abynebylovayny" society has found some power (even low force), which could give some organized resistance. This one repulse, which

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Belarusian sugar did not help and Luzhkov

Recall Belarus undertook to limit the supply of sugar in Russia 2007 up to 180 thousand tons, 2008 — up to 100 tons. Such volumes of» were attached intergovernmental agreement dated 23 March 2007. In 2006 Russia Belarus supplied 376 thousand tons of sugar. According to Sergei Mironov, "with a request to increase the volumes of» supplies of Belarusian sugar to the Russian government asked the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, who labirav interests Belarusian side. "Luzhkov explained its request to market saturation need sugar Moscow in the autumn, but was rejected by the Russian government."Likely, this is due to

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