Bundestag faction issued a statement on Belarus

Society The vast majority of party factions German Bundestag — the CDU / CSU, the Social Democrats, the party of the Free Democrats, Zvyaz90/zyalenyya — signed the joint statement condemning the repression of Lukashenka's regime against the Belarusian opposition in the last year in December.

The statement stressed that the presidential election neither free nor transparent. After the protests were arrested on December 19 and convicted many opposition figures and journalists, including and Presidential candidates.

The deputies do ask the federal government to fully support the immediate release of those convicted of involvement in the events of the Square,

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To secure the Belarusian nuclear power plant will raise funds for Subbotniki

Society The Ministry of Energy of Belarus says Bobruisk residents that the nuclear power plant will meet the latest safety requirements. So stated in response to a collective appeal babruytsav who opposed nuclear power plant in Belarus.

The letter of protest signed by about a hundred people. He was sent to the Presidential Administration. She forwarded the letter to respond to the Council of Ministers. That answer instructed the Ministry of Energy. In a letter signed by the deputy minister Yuri Rymashevsky, for four and a half pages set out the benefits that will accrue to the economy from the

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Belarus to repay the debt to Inter RAO UES until July 5

Society "Belenergo" and "Inter RAO UES" agreed on a repayment of the Belarusian party debt for delivered electricity from Russia, said Assistant Secretary of Energy Lyudmila Zen'kovich.

"In accordance with the agreements reached on Friday, signed a debt repayment schedule — Belarusian side repay it until July 5. Deliveries of Russian electric power will be fully restored at 00:00 pm on 13 June, "- said L. Zen'kovich.

"The Belarusian side undertakes three tranches until July 5 submit full payment for the supply of Russian power in March, April and May, "- she specified.

As reported, Belarusian delegation headed by the

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Domestic demand fees for Belarusian oil products

Society Ukrainian nafpaperaapratsovshchyki require you to enter the duty on oil products from Belarus, whose share in the Ukrainian market has exceeded 20 percent.

The representative of the Ukrainian company "TNK-BP Commerce" Dmitry beast told the BelaPAN that imports of petroleum products leads to the loss of the Ukrainian refiners.

In turn, Belarusian companies engaged in oil imports to Ukraine, said that the imposition of duties will lead to an increase in prices of some consumer goods.

If the Ministry of economy of Ukraine decides impose duties, it will adversely affect the profitability of the Mozyr refinery, for which

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Wreath Memory: Vitaly Silitski

Society June 11 to 39-year life from serious illness, died political analyst Vitaly Silitski. This was announced by his brother Paul Silitski.

Vitaly Silitski born December 25, 1972. Doctor of Political Science.

He graduated from the Belarusian State University, the sociologist. He studied at the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), where he received a Master of Political Science, in Ratgerskim University (New Jersey, USA), which received a doctorate in political science.

Chief editor of the online newspaper "Naviny.by" Alexander Klaskouski recalls:

Alexander Klaskouski

"We met with Vitaly SILITSKIY in 2002, when the plant is in the news agency BelaPAN new

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Grodno, where the government was the BNR

Society In Grodno group of activists marked the anniversary with BNR. At first, the flowers were laid fighters for their country, and then a tour, the theme of which were Belarusian organizations in Grodno, events associated with the leaders of the BNR and stay in the city in 1919, its government. Volunteer tour conducted historian Andrew Chernyakevich, studying the Belarusian national movement the times. Policemen in plain clothes are not left without attention of the participants, which were about thirty persons. In the beginning, when flowers were placed at the memorial "race to Grunwald," was conducted as operational video.

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Belneftehim plans to limit the sale of gasoline

Society It is said in comments published on the website of the concern. According to him, such measures will be taken to "prevent a further increase in export abroad of gasoline and diesel fuel purchased in the Belarusian gas station, and damage to the economy."

The document states that "the illegal activities of some citizens engaged in the export of fuel out of the country, property damage, gets most of the Belarusian people."

It is not known exactly what is going to take measures concern. According to the newspaper "Nasha Niva, "" Sell "in one hand" is not more than

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Rector banned Batura: Of course, that's not fair. For what?

Society March 22 at the official site of the European Union published a new list of banned. This is mostly judges and prosecutors involved in the trials after December 19, the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, police chiefs, and presidents of Belarusian universities responsible for the expulsion of students for political reasons. Is on the list and one of the leaders of the president of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia".

As some of them also include the prohibition of entry to the European Union?

Now the total list of persons banned from entering the EU, has 175 people — today

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Foreign Ministry: Politics proved the futility of sanctions

Society The policy of sanctions repeatedly proved its futility. This statement was made by the Head of Information — Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh, commenting on the decision of the EU Council on Belarus on March 21.

"In addition, this decision is a blatant attempt to put pressure on the judicial system of a sovereign state", — said Savin. Thus, for He said, "The EU is disdainful of the norms and principles of international law."

"Such actions discredit the EC declaration in defense of democracy and European values," — said the representative of the Foreign Ministry. March 21 the

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Dashkevich. Portrait against a lattice

Society Dashkevich came out of our country with landscapes Polesie, although the parents still lived in the Magadan region, and that is where the pregnant Olga Dashkievich could give birth to her son. But the Lord had led Dmitri into another land — and in the Gomel region, in Yelsk in the village Bagutsishchy he was born. Vyacheslav Dashkevich, Father Dmitri, a man of principle and stubborn, was a patriot of his native land and he wanted his son had mestsanarazhennya your favorite Ivatsevichy area to which legally Dmitry th ordered.

Baby Zmitser Dashkevich sees his native Belarusian territory,

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