Ira Commandant Management WAC and the judges are appointed by one person

Recently the Minsk city Tribunal decided to dismiss the complaint and Ira Commandant not start proceedings against the Higher Attestation Commission. Ira commandant tried to challenge the removal of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), her master’s thesis, which is protected in the academic council of the Belarusian State University and dedicated to Belarusian postwar history."The system is less likely to fight with myself …"Bushlyakov: "Ira, you either had hoped for another solution to the court?"Commandant "Fact, that awareness of the situation in Belarus, where it is represented as a pyramid, the realization that management WAC and the judges are appointed

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Night Siege — August 15

Hi,The forums portal discussions are proposal of the State Bank of Belarus to renounce 2008 from the "snap" to the Russian ruble and throw as the sole guide for the national currency U.S. dollar. Comments:"Why is not the euro? Currently, with the Yankees will build the Federal Government?";"Soon the Chinese yuan will be attached";"It is true, why spoil characteristics and reports linked to the Russian currency, which increases?""I do not like the Euro. Lets submit together with bucks";"I do not realize our National Bank. Already 5 years our currency is pegged to the greenback, judging by the" vkapanastsi "the

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In Dresden action starts dedicated Belarus and Belarusians

The main organizer of the typical vernisazhu "In Focus — Belarus" became the Dresden association "Bridges in Eastern Europe." From August 14 to September 6, it will present the German audience a series of cultural events.Andrei Liankevich, whose exhibition now opens the project, believes that if, contrary to the classics of beauty still not be able to save the world, the art of understanding exactly help people. Those between European citizens. The exhibition is located in the 3 halls socio-cultural center "Risa", the 1st of the German organizers, and is divided into certain subjects aimed at halls:"In the first room,

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Union of Left Forces again denied registration

Recall that in the alliance includes the Party of Communists Belarusian, Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" and the Belarusian party ladies "Hope." In refusing notes that it became a prerequisite in the design of protocols incorrectness founding congress Union and extracts from it. For example, in a document name Party chairman "Hope" written with malehankih bukovkoy in another paper made an error in abreviatury Union — instead of PSL written CPR. Secretary of the Central Design Bureau Valery Ukhnalev answer Ministry of Justice considers "unreasonable and illegal." By him, the main reason for refusal of registration of the union —

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Estonian newcomer program to Belarusian students

Estonia in the second one offers scholarships for Belarusian students who can not study at home because of political persecution. That Belarusians and choose how they learn? What is their scholarship and what it’s missing? Where and how students live? Of mandatory or Estonian language and how it is given Belarusians?Ales from Gomel to study in Estonia from the past year on utility for repressed students."I chose the specialty" international affairs "in personal university — international institute Avdentes in Tallinn (International University Audentes, — Knows Olesya. — Since I have bachelor’s program that it was possible to select and

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In the Belarusian language in Belarus only learn every fifth student

According to the chairman of disk imaging public association "Belarusian Society Schools’ Ales Lozko, in 1993 whiteRussian language 76% of first-graders learned. In 2006 — only 18%. The worst situation with the Belarusian-language schools and classes in the eastern, Mogilev and Gomel regions. Relatively better — in the Minsk region: 92% of Belarusian-graders there wasabout in 1993, and 31% — in the past year:"The situation, in fact, does not change, since we litsezreem fall admission to the first Belarusian-language classes. Every year across the country, we more than 100 schools with the Belarusian language learning nedalichvaem, or because they are

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In Vilnius died Galina Voytik

Galina Voytik studied at Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium at Vilnius Institute, defended his thesis in Moscow in 1963. She specialized in the history of the German language, taught in educational institutions — Grodno (5 years) and Vilnius (35 years). In Vilnius the first 1990s Galina Voytik taught German language from the Belarusian for students in Belarusian. Until recent days, Galina Voytik nursed Belarusian cultural and educational transfer in Lithuanian public radio. "Portraits of the inhabitants of Vilnius" and Belarusian broadcast Galina Voytik took over in 1997, after the death of their founder, her husband, the famous Vilna Belarusian leader Leon Lutskevich.

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In Russia, Belarus considered harmful iron pans

As told varoneskim in regional management "CPS" fact "hazard Sluitsk product has been installed in the respective laboratory research. Experts confirmed Belarusian cast iron pans do not meet hygienic standards. As a result, the implementation of the product in the stores area is one hundred percent disabled — sends "Voronezh-Media"According to the official Belarusian disk imaging, not counting Russian cast iron pans Slutsky plant supplied to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia. Reklyamatsyya product of these states on the company has not yet received. 30% of the plant’s production "Emalposuda" sold on the Belarusian market. Sluczkie cast iron pans are available in every

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Mon to Freedom

Morning 0600 Announcements 6:05 * "Prague accent." Theme issue-year gas conflict in the mirror Belarusian mass consciousness. Take the role of philosophers Valentin Akudovich Vladimir Mackiewicz, historian Gennady Rudenko. Transmits Yuri Drakakhrust.6:30 * Calls to "Freedom" — Weekly review calls.6:45 * "Free Studio". What’s harder — verbovanie Africa or love for Belarus? About this — talk Misha scrape th student Belarusian Municipal Institute of Culture and Art of Andrew Takidanga. Andrew writes poetry and music, is engaged in painting, leads musical workshop for teens at the Minsk Palace of Youth, he was one of the creators of the musical group

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Belarusian authorities from Belgium Lukashenko searches through Interpol

37-year-old Alyaksandar Jankowski lives in Belgium 5 years together with her family» — his wife and 2 siblings, one — seven years, to another — three and a half. Alyaksandar — businessman with the Grodno region of Astravets. In Belgium, left, hiding from the persecution of the authorities and asked for political shelter there. In May of this Belarusian detained on the Polish-Lithuanian border, since the General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus requested the Lithuanian employees requesting arrest Alexander Jankowski and pass it off as a criminal offender. After reporting on the radio "Freedom" on the Belarusian authorities Yankovsky presented his

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