KGB chief to resign

Last week, in Belarus there was a very significant event that has, as stated, Belarusian and Russian politicians, very serious implications. Belarus President Lukashenko dismissed the head of the National Security Committee (KGB) Vadim Zaitsev, who, incidentally, is a great time working in the Russian FSB.

By itself, it would seem commonplace event would not have caused such a resonance, but the resignation of the strongest intelligence agencies in at least CIS forces look at the situation with a more critical side. First, it is alleged suicide of a KGB colonel, which occurred just before retirement. So, experts say, something

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German MP for the economic embargo against Minsk

Society Philip Misfelder, member of the Bundestag faction of the Christian and Social Democrats (CDU / CSU), said that the EU should introduce an economic embargo against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

— We need to apply a stronger economic pressure — said Misfelder edition SPIEGEL ONLINE, specifying that the Belarusian mode is very sensitive to the embargo on the export of refined petroleum products. — The European Union is strong enough to shatter a system like Belarus.

Misfelder also believes that in the against Belarus in the European Union must be a common approach.

— If you do

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Prices for cereals will rise

Society Belarusian importers predict a rise in prices for grains delivered to the country. "The growth of prices for buckwheat in Belarusian stores depends entirely on the growth of the prices of these cereals in Russia. This is where vendors are now being purchased. Ukraine has decided not to export these cereals in the autumn last year"- Told Interfax in" Svetlara. "

There were informed that in the near future, "comes a new car buckwheat, which is 6% more expensive because prices have risen in Russia."

In the near future we can expect increases in the prices for imported

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The only Russian rules for Belarusian hockey players

Society The International Ice Hockey Federation has introduced a single standard for the transfer of names from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet. The website of the Federation, for players from Belarus and Kazakhstan will be applied to transcription from Russian. To transfer the Ukrainian names are separate rules.

We asked for clarification in the press-secretary of the International Ice Hockey Federation Martin Merka.

(Reporter 🙂 "Belarus has two official languages, and in the passports of Latin spelling is usually transferred to the Belarusian language. Why did you decide to use for Belarusian player of the Russian form of names?"

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Determine the degree of extremism Avtoradio prosecutors

Society Today, the Supreme Economic Court was appointed to claims management authorities closed a month ago "Autoradio" the Information Ministry and the National Commission teleradyevyashchannya. Before the meeting, court staff reported that they will be considered only with procedural matters and the hall only allowed interested parties.The right of terrestrial broadcasting in FM-broadcast for "Autoradio" was canceled on January 12 order of the commission, which is headed by the Minister of Information Oleg Proleskovsky.

As a result, a three-hour meeting with the leadership of "Autoradio" and representatives of the Ministry of Information decided to involve the consideration of prosecution.

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EuroNest Belarusian delegation will meet with no

Society Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament political factions agreed to convene the first meeting of Euronest without the Belarusian delegation.

This solution adopted February 10 unanimously. Euronest meeting will be held without the representatives of civil society and Parliament of Belarus. Euronest meeting may be held in March.

"I hope this is only a transient state, not a final decision. Parliamentarians from Belarus are welcome, but only when free elections recognized the world, will become a reality. We need to see where the democratic process ", — said chairman Evraparlementa Jerzy Buzek, sends PAP.

Previously it was

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The U.S. administration has not expressed unconditional support for plans to build nuclear power plant in Belarus

Society This was announced by Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Rose Getemyuler at a meeting with the Lithuanian parliament in Vilnius on February 9.As BelaPAN Chairman of the Sejm on nuclear energy Rokas Zilinskas, the assistant secretary of state was asked why the U.S. administration has expressed its support for the project of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, which is being implemented in violation of international law and in a non-democratic decision-making?

Rose Getemyuler said the president of the United States Barack Obama supported the development of peaceful nuclear energy as a whole, bearing in mind the projects

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Belarus and Russia are preparing Automobile Holding

Society Belarus and Russia before the end of 2011 are going to prepare draft documents for the establishment of automobile holding on the basis of "MAZ" and "KAMAZ", said First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko.

"There is a certain schedule, the main performers on the Russian side are the" Rastehnalegii "and KamAZ, with Belarus — Ministry of Industry and MAZ. This graph

Vladimir Semashko

suggests that by the end of the year we should enter the draft documents which will reflect the conditions of existence of the holding to datrymlivalisya and Russian interests, and Belarus' "- Quoted

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Ivashkevich asks for advice from the audience of Freedom

Society On "Freedom" has called prominent Belarusian politician Viktor Ivashkevich:

"I want to consult with students and visitors to the site of" Freedom. " The fact that I was invited to write tomorrow talk show "Open Format". It is dedicated to the Belarusian-Polish relations.

I now have an ambivalent feeling. With one side, I think we should go and say, if you want to have good relations with all its neighbors, the primarily to release political prisoners. And such a move for the fate of the prisoners could be a positive.

With On the other hand, I understand

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Relatives of prisoners appeal to Medvedev

Society Today, relatives of political prisoners sent a letter to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

They conveyed his message through the Russian ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov. The Russian diplomat has Olga Bondarenko, Milan Michalevic andMarina Adamovich (General).

In a letter to the head of Russia relatives of prisoners in particular wrote:

"We are asking you to do everything possible to make the Belarusian authorities to change their mind. They launched the flywheel of repression, which now grinds the fate of thousands of people in Belarus. Arrested presidential candidates, their agents, journalists and youth activists are

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