Preparations have begun for March 25

Society The initiative "Belarusian Choice", which includes the movement "For Freedom", the BPF, the Union "For modernization", "Green" and the organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress, supported the Belarusian Popular Front party on March 25 march and rally.

The main slogan of the action will be the requirement for the authorities to release political prisoners and stop the persecution of political opponents.

The initiative "Belorussian choice" decided together with the Party of the BPF submit a joint bid.

The proposed route of the procession — from the Academy of Sciences to the square of the Yanka

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BSU — to 1474-th place among world universities

Society Webometrics published another version of the best higher institutions in the world. In the top 500 universities of Belarus is not included, the highest position — 1474-th — at the Belarusian State University, said "Diary."

The first 10 places in the ranking of Webometrics, released in January 2011, take U.S. universities. It is headed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, second and third places — Harvard and Stanford.

From the neighboring countries of Belarus, the highest position in the two Polish universities — the Jagiellonian (373) and the Wroclaw Technology (433), as well as the Moscow State University. Lomonosov

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Lukashenko went on vacation

Society As the press service of Alexander Lukashenko, the President took a getaway that will hold in Sochi.

BelTA reported that there the president intends to check out the "how to implement ambitious plans for the development of sports and there Belarusian tourist center, and meet with representatives of business and government circles of Russia."

It is worth recalling the former head of state holidays.

Rest, which Lukashenko with a large retinue spent in 2002 in the Austrian resort, gave birth to a scandal that does not cease to still, the question of who and on what basis was paying

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In memory of Vladimir Conon

Vladimir Konan society one lives. Another bright person of Belarus moved to another world forever. However, only moved his presence. He will remain in our culture, philosophy and cultural studies as a discoverer and interpreter of the beautiful truth of the Belarusian aesthetic spirit. Conan is not only thoroughly revealed the essence of the Belarusian aesthetics and culture, he wrote, "cool", showing the level of a beautiful thought.

I knew him from the 60's, since the publication of his first work on the Belarusian aesthetics. It was a clear honest Belarusian mind. He had absolutely no plaque Sovietism. And for

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Lithuania had a quarrel with the United States, Germany, Poland. But Lukashenka defends

Society From 4 to 6 February in Munich, Germany held a three-day international conference in security. It is a traditional annual forum that gathers for a discussion of the highest representatives of world politics. The results of this conference are discussing with our columnist Vitaly Tsygankova.

Presenter: Vitaly, what were the main topics at the Munich Conference?Tsigankov: Naturally, in this year's main theme was the situation in Egypt, and more broadly, the revolutions in the Arab world.

German Defense Minister Gutenberg who opened the conference, said that what is happening in the Arab countries and in particular in Egypt

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The European Council approved the sanctions against the official Minsk

Society The European Council meeting in Brussels approved the conclusion on Belarus adopted by the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union on Jan. 31, including a decision to impose restrictive measures against some Belarusian officials.

The EU imposed visa bans on 157 Belarusian officials. Simultaneously, the EU said that "remains true to its commitment to strengthen relations with the Belarusian people and civil society."

"The EU remains committed to its policy of critical engagement in including through dialogue and the program "Eastern Partnership" due respect for the principles of democracy, rule of law and Human Rights",

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Kaljakin: Congress called for the unconditional release of political prisoners

Society U.S. senators and congressmen met in Vilnius with the representatives of the Belarusian political opposition and civil society.

It participated leader of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin, Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Jeanne Litvin, Representatives of the United Civil Party and the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy.

The meeting lasted nearly an hour in the Lithuanian parliament. Sergei Kalyakin said:

"Congressmen and senators reiterated their position that will support the democratic process in Belarus, it was suggested that the EU countries. They called for the unconditional release of political prisoners who are in prison. They

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Already weekend, February 5-6


Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Snow …

Temperature: +2 +3 C.

Do not pass:

February 5 in Minsk in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Nyamiha service poet Tatiana Dubovets memory. Beginning at 9:30 am.


February 5 — Day cocktail "Pisco Sour" in Peru. Every year on the first Saturday of February in Peru celebrate National Pisco Sour Day — the day's most popular cocktail in the country, made on the basis of grape vodka "squeak" that Peruvians drink from the 16th century.


February 5, 1923

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Pauline Maslyankova — about literary heroines of our time


Natalka Babin. Fish city.

Vilnius Institute, 2007

The most relevant book for today is Natalka Indian novel "Fish Town", the second edition of which was lost during a recent search of the office of the weekly "Nasha Niva". It is hoped that now it very carefully read the KGB.

The heroine of the novel "Fish Town" — a woman of about fifty after the divorce and the treatment of drug addiction is living in the border village of Dabratsichy with his grandmother at night selects the potatoes and a little drink. And as soon as it falls down the

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Belarusians can be without trees on New Years because of global warming

Belarus threatens to dry forests due to climate change — scientists warn. Particularly devastating effect it has on coniferous trees.

At a press conference, the director of the Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences Alexander Kovalevich, climate change is already having on the Belarusian forests extremely negative impact.

Studies have shown that we lose spruce — escape the heat, it gradually extended to the north.

Because of the dry mass of the tree plantations in the southern areas of Belarus had to conduct sanitary clear felling.

Since the cut in a large number of trees were removed

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