British stars protest against the violence in Minsk

Society of British playwright Tom Stoppard, actor Ian Makelen and actor Samuel West reported the evening of 21 December in London agency Reuters, that they, as supporters of the Belarusian "Free Theatre", staged in front of ambamaday Belarus in London protest against the crackdown of the opposition in Minsk. The rally was also made Irena Bogdanova, sister of the detained Belarusian opposition presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov.

Tom Stoppard"We certainly know that this is a much larger arena than any theater can accommodate a, and what happened in Belarus in these last terrible hours, indicating that the regime will not

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Caucasians storm Minsk

In Belarus suddenly flooded guests from the south — and the country almost immediately began inter-ethnic fighting. There is reason to believe that, in contrast to the corrupt Russian officials, local authorities and other carriers brutal mentality will not stand on ceremony.

Minsk discusses the actions previously unheard here: before the New Year in the capital's subway was a mass hassle. Belarusians that is not shared with people from the Caucasus, resulting in verbal sparring very rapidly developed into a skirmish right in the subway car. According to unofficial data, the affected priemuschestvenno visitors.

The police did not actually comment

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Sweden condemns the brutality of the Belarusian regime

Society In an interview with Swedish Radio — Sveriges Radio — Bildt said that he hoped the reaction, despite the fact that Russian President Medvedev called the events of December 19 "internal affairs of Belarus."

By Carl Bildt, "election results have no democratic legitimacy. " The foreign minister of Sweden pointed out the possibility of manipulating the popular vote by the authorities and referred to the OSCE materials, according to which half polls vote count was bad or very bad.

The Swedish minister also condemned the excessive use of force by the Belarusian authorities on the night of the 20th

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Belarusian opposition rally again and want to ask for help from Europe

Belarusian opposition continues to protest in Minsk. A start was made on Sunday evening, When the results of the presidential elections, which were won by a large margin the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, in power for 17 years. Then the police quickly dispersed the protesters, about 600 people were detained.

Tonight, several dozen people gathered at the walls of the capital's center isolation of offenders, which contains many of the detained and arrested in the night from Sunday to Monday.

Gathered his speech called solidarity action. Was initiated by, in particular, the ex-presidential candidate of the

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Glad the Union of Belarusian Writers demands release Neklyaeva

Society Glad the Union of Belarusian Writers expresses concern about the fate of our wonderful creators Vladimir Neklyaeva and demands his release.

The statement noted that on December 19 on the street in Minsk The collector was severely beaten by a famous Belarusian poet and member of the Board of the Union of Belarusian Writers presidential candidate Belarus Nyaklyayeu. After an emergency hospitalization, he was arrested.

Ann Eplbavm: Belarus slipping to the east of aggression

Society Famous American publitsystka Ann Eplbavm in today's edition of the Washington Post commented on the recent events in Belarus.

On Sunday, the people of Belarus voted in the presidential election. On Sunday evening, police Belarus announced its verdict. Tens of thousands of North people were expelled from the main square in the center of Minsk, hundreds were arrested, hundreds severely beaten. Young people are at odds with demonstrations broken arms and broken heads. Seven of the nine presidential candidates prisoners. One of them, Nyaklyayeu, was beaten to unconsciousness and violence taken out of the hospital, zagarnuty in blankets. At

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Semashko going on gas

Society Belarusian-Russian talks on the gas issue is scheduled for December 21 in Moscow.With Belarus' negotiations will lead First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko. He is scheduled to meet with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin and the head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller, According to "Interfax".

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky said earlier that "there is every reason that the This year, successfully complete the negotiations for Russia, and for Belarus on deliveries and claims payment for gas. " The Belarusian side proposed a "new approach in accordance with the formula the cost of gas." They lie in the

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Farther militia Lukashenko

He will not allow "to plunge his country into chaos coups or separatist dismemberment"

/ / Igor Plugatarev

Collage Andrei Grizzly

Belarus became the governor-general republic, in which, in addition to the armed forces, numbering 50,000 soldiers (plus 15,000 civilian personnel) will create another 120 thousandth army. Such a conclusion can be reached after the announcement of the President of Belarus, with whom he made on November 4 Gozhskom site in the Grodno region, where the exercises were held territorial defense forces. In support of his Belarusian chief immediately handed the general managers of six major's

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The United States does not recognize the election results in Belarus

Society Press office of the White House issued a statement "On the Belarusian elections and political violence." It says that the U.S. can not recognize the legitimacy of the presidential elections in Belarus on December 19 and urged the immediate release of all detainees.

Read the full text of the statement:

"The United States strongly condemns the actions of the Belarusian government, aimed at stifling the democratic process and disproportionate use of force against political activists, civil society representatives and journalists. We call for the immediate release all candidates presidential and hundreds of protesters who were arrested December 19

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Minsk after the attack: the calm and mutual


In Belarus, the attacks, is akin to Moscow, Monday night never happened. But the way the citizens of Minsk coped with the disaster in the first hours after the explosion in the subway, surprises and inspires.

11 people were killed and 162 injured (according to the Ministry of Health on 12 April 0700, 12 people were killed, 151 hospitalized. — Comm. BelTA), of which two dozen in critical condition — these are the official figures of the attack in the Minsk metro. Unlike Moscow, quiet, calm and full of walking around the streets of

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