The dispute over the oil duty: Belarus asks moratorium, Russia — denied

Society Today, the CIS Economic Court made another attempt to settle the Belarusian-Russian conflict in the oil industry. Back in March, the Ministry of Justice of Belarus has filed a lawsuit against the Russian government about the illegality of levying customs duties on oil supplied to Belarus. The loss of the Belarusian budget of such a move billions of dollars. However, Russia does not agree to a moratorium on the imposition of a duty to resolve the dispute, as interceding Belarusian side.

The interests of the Belarusian government in the Economic Court of the CIS represented by the Minister

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Or belonged to the Byelorussian SSR Vilnius?


Is it true that the fall of 1939 Vilnius forty days belonged to Belarus?


Immediately recall that Vilnius and Vilenschina belonged to the Belarusian historical and ethnic space since the early Middle Ages. The base of the Grand Duke Gediminas in 1323, as the Lithuanian tour guide will tell you — no more than a beautiful legend. Already in the XI century on the site of the modern Vilnius raised there Kriviches urban settlement, which was called the city of Krivoy. It was the center of an independent principality of Polotsk. In 1070 there reigned Polotsk

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Even today, October 7

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rain …

Night of frost, day 6 — 12 ° C.

Do not pass:

Speech singer Tatyana Bilonog with the program, "I believe in love" (Shults, Central District Library (St. Belarusian, 5), 14.00).

Presentation of the exhibition "The Bible — a book on the all times"(Minsk, Central Scientific Library (St. Surganova, 15), 15.00).

Presentation of the book selected historical prose Vladimir Orlov "We Wild Field" (Brest,. Crystal, 26, 19.00).

Days of German cinema (Minsk, cinema "Victory", 19.00).


In Stockholm, will be called the Nobel

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Elections. Or appreciate the Belarusians show?

Society On the style, technology and brand companies with potential candidates and that is what resonates in society says a guest morning broadcast of "Freedom" art historian Vaclav Oreshko, who has considerable experience of the so-called brendmeykingu. Under his leadership, have been created such brands as a brand of "Choose!" In 2001, the brand or the "For Freedom" in 2006.

Tikhanovich: In the comments to this stage of the election campaign, somehow often use the word circus, clowning, farce. Especially derisive comments pouring in online discussions. In my opinion, so the most advanced public actually creates a great service

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NOT adrakaytsesya boobs our home …

Society Kateryna Nikandrova chest, next to the cat Barsik have become an essential element of the Belarusian policy at the present stage.

From what has just congratulate all voters sympathetic to share as our younger brothers and Belarusian juicy boobs that are affected in a strange fortress bras, bra and byustgalterav, that is natsytsnikav.

The Return of the word "boobs"In a nationwide usage — this is no small event language, it is possible that not less important than the elections, which pushed the word, so to speak, on the political recess. We must ensure that this word — both

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