Atlyantyda Belarusian Belarusian Dvina

"Pilgrimage began in the morning of August 13 Reddish church in Minsk. Way lay through the deepest through Braslaw through the land of blue lakes. Latgale also called land of lakes. First acquaintance with Latvia came in Daugavpils. We went into the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary where we were greeted by the parish, and in turn we learned that once served in this church and our priest celebrating Mass — rector of the church of St. Simeon and St. Lena in Minsk — Vladislav Zavalniuk. pays homage to Moms of God, bowed before the altar,

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Lyceum in Poland show performance

Lyceum show musical performance within the International Festival of national cultures, which will begin in Gdansk a week. Lyceum will represent Belarus at the festival.Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos sure that the Polish public understands perfectly the theme and the time specified in the "People’s album" — the action takes place in the interwar Rakov in the 20s of the last century.Especially since, Lyceum students that have already performed this musical towns in Zakopane, Gdansk, also in Warsaw."I think it is fascinating that is indicated by the formation of culture, which was just destroyed later."According to Vladimir Kolos, in the "People’s

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CIS observers regret that the opposition was not included in Parliament

Managing this observer mission, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev stated that parliamentary elections consistent with the Belarusian legislation and held without violations. Member of mission Pavel Borodin added that the elections meet international standards and.On the question of the relation to the fact that no representative Belarusian opposition not passed in parliament, Lebedev said: "We were disappointed by this fact. Though the opposition candidates, especially weighed election race, summed those people, who share their eyes. "

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In Night of Freedom — responses to death and talk about Budinas originality poleshukov

"Night study" now continue the theme of favorite television lyatarey among the population. Yesterday stated that, addictive as players. And now we find out who has these lottery, which has arrived from them and what the prize goes to the ordinary people.And the inhabitants of Gomel utter, they won the lottery?In addition in "Freedom Night" responses to perdition writer and journalist Eugene Budinas, reporting from setting n» play "People album," which is carried out in Warsaw students Humanitarian Lyceum, excursion with the historian of the Jewish ghetto in places Mogilev — before the next anniversary of the defeat of his

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Wreath memory Eugene Budinas

He was born in Moscow on February 18, 1944. Immediately after the war, the family moved to Vilnius, where he passed his childhood Eugene.After high school, he entered the Institute of Radio Technology in Ryazan (Our Fatherland), which, but was expelled for his own opposite character. Within years such as graduated Institute in Minsk, where he lived after long years almost without leaving.In his work book written more than 30 professions — from the builder and manager of a huge building management to control the publishing company "Polifakt."Chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Nyaklyayeu poet met with Yevgeny Budinas first

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Changed the face of communication

The creator of "communication" — Polish Radio Bialystok journalist Jaroslav Ivaniuk — improves its online library for 7 years in his spare time. First it was the same name page newsletter Belarusian service of Radio Polonia, which over time became transformed into online library."I then decided to put on this page a lot of historical texts, first articles that were published in the Belarusian historical collection, which delivers in Bialystok Belarusian Historical Society. Later on page got all the materials that society. Turned out that guests" Kamnikatu "specifically such Online materials they lacked what they needed, "- says the emperor

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Topics night air — crime and guerrilla television lottery

The theme of "Night of research" — Belarusian television lottery. Is it true that they are addictive in the audience and the players? On this topic traders will speak lottery and psychologists. And the inhabitants of Minsk utter, whether they believe in the integrity of the lottery.In addition — reports from rally supporters of the "United Our homeland" in Minsk and from filming a movie in n» play Kupala "Tuteyshyya" which leads director Valery Mazynsky near Bialystok. And our correspondents inform, now happened in Minsk poetry festival "word order" and as a recognizable DJ Laurel processed Belarusian songs.In the "record"

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And after 30 years in Belarus denied Caligula

Or impedes Culture Belarusians viewing porn?Chairman of the National Commission for the prevention propaganda porn, violence and ruthlessness Nina Froltsova assures all illegal to show the tape is not actually have any meaning, and promoting porn, violence and ruthlessness.Ms. Froltsova states lack the box office rejected movies hardly disturbs the Belarusian society is fed up with porn even in the midst of the 1990s and at the moment needs a completely different repertoire:"Lud our not so such illiterate. Occasionally this I heartily rejoice, yes, I’m an optimist by nature and I am glad for our population. In other words, the

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Poll of Liberty: the Ukrainian elections differ from Belarus?

Reporter: "The Ukrainian elections differ from Belarus?"Guy: "Not interested in the details, and so do not tell you about the difference."Lady: "There’s a booming, annoying concerts, which act on the psyche. I believe that it is specially made and already because of this I would not take such. We have also similar to Bangalore, but I do not go there."Man: "There’s worse, but better here. There are more obscure, but here everything is open and transparent. Though democracy that there, there — are equally not. "Woman: "Elections in Ukraine is very different from the elections in Belarus, as it is

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Citations a day or — October 1

"Minister Naumov, Minister Radzkou also chairman of the KGB Zhadobin we are grateful for the strong information support of our work, which they began in the country. This is some nervousness. They do not know how to respond, and their call for action. Their acts occur such makarom, that they are, in my opinion, do more damage and more power to help us. "Party Chairman Communists Belarusian Kalyakin — acts of the authorities recently "Public march""The situation is one hundred percent of these elections will not dare. Confrontation and struggle will continuesmiling, but with the advantage on the side of

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