Mon to Freedom

Morning6:05 * "Prague accent" — How many Belarusian students studying abroad? As the availability of such projects as the European Institute for the Humanities and programm Kalinowski, expand freedom of choice for young Belarusians? These discussions are questions chairman of the Committee to assist political repressed Inna Cooley, director of correspondence and distance education Euro Humanities Institute in Vilnius Gregory Minenkov and creator of our radio programs from "Belarusian abroad" Tatiana Poklad.6:30 *"Calls to" Freedom " — Weekly review of our listeners calls.6:37 * Special materials: the fate of the Belarusian village and the place of farmers.6:45 * "Free Studio"

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CDU notes terrible disrespect for democratic rights Minsk

Belarusian opposition politician which is in Berlin at the invitation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, yesterday met with German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and general secretary of the CDU Ronald Poffala.In conversation with Angela Merkel Belarusian opposition politician presented his own vision of the future development of the Belarusian situation. As stated in response to the German manager, solution of the problem of human rights in Belarus is an asset for Germany.Unsatisfactory state of human rights in Belarus said at this meeting withMilinkevich Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union Ronald Pofalla. He stressed that "the principles of democracy, the

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Sunday at Liberty

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast Saturday. 6:30 * "Calls to" Freedom " — Overview Call our listeners commentary professionals answers. 6:45 * "Sign of Faith" — Yet not so long ago, in the sense of religion in man almost had no choice. Faith was largely hereditary. But at the present time we have a relationship with pluralism and in the sphere of religion. Formed a sort of "spiritual supermarket" where a person comes to the "spiritual food" and making their own choices for their own taste, price and beauty packaging. How to understand this wealth of religious proposals? Which

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Alliance of Belarusian Writers outstanding literary Belarus

"Literary Belarus". Cultural and public project organization "Belarusian Writers Alliance." Issue 1 "- as indicated by a new edition, which is located on the eight pages of the newspaper" New Era "."Literary Belarus" — is the embodiment of dreams already davneshney Union of Belarusian Writers have their own organ, in which can be bestsenzurna will contain all the information about the activities of the organization and work of her friends, said project manager URS chairman Ales Pashkevich.Previous edition in 2002, the Alliance of Belarusian Writers power against the will of the selected. In particular, the loss of sensitive weekly "Art

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Marginals, which holds all of civilization

July 3 in Belarus celebrated another day of Independence. Has the celebration of a landmark in the process natsyyatvarennya? Can form Belarusian civilization, not like the projects revivalists? Or forms the Lukashenko Belarusian civilization?Valery Karbalevich: "The current days of the celebration of Independence passed with precise focus the idea of independence. Presidential campaign motto "For Belarus!" Was replaced by the motto "For Independent Belarus".Concerts under the new title began March 25 (symbolically), walked along nationwide, and ended with a huge concert in Minsk on July 3. This was accompanied by the singing of the anthem of Belarus multi-million weight to

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Or discussions are Belarusian bloggers corporate information?

Top-manager of one of Minsk personal companies Andrei believes in Belarus there is the problem of the category of "worker and Web":"We are not very high culture cabinet, Culture production. Because Web for employee — always an opportunity to step back from work and did not fulfill its main job. Should take advantage of web browsing in their free time."I asked Andrew — there is a risk of leakage of corporate disk imaging through forums, blogs? ""I think so. But this problem corporate relations inside the company. Nobody will specifically merge reliable information on forums, blogs. This is the caseetsya

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Hulak: Courts and human rights activists they say in different languages

Official delegation that participates in a meeting in Vienna, headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court, the chairman of the Judicial Board in criminal matters Valery Kalinkovich.As told in the press service of the Supreme Court, he wants to make a presentation about the role of the judiciary Republic of Belarus in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the people.On the same topic during the meeting will be to speak and Belarusian human rights activists. In Vienna there are a member of the Board of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyajla representative authorities closed the human rights

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Who is responsible for torn holiday?

In the tourist agency "Sputnik" said tour agents, and could not go to the Aegean Sea, returned a hundred percent. Nevertheless, no additional compensation is no question — say, force majeure occurred because of Turkish partners that fit your accommodations are not provided.Until the end of the season, "Satellite" will not do charter Minsk — Bodrum. Meanwhile, Turkey — one of the options available to stay abroad. Vacation on the Aegean coast are worth 475 bucks per person, excluding food. Tourism and tribunal incompatible?Most of those who were going on summer vacation on the Aegean Sea, at the moment have

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Milinkevich: Today’s visa — like the Berlin wall

This 61-year-old Belarusian opposition politician said yesterday evening in Berlin. In the German capital, he was invited for the role in the classic yearly event sociopolitical Konrad Adenauer Foundation.By Milinkevich, "Today, after as the dialogue began between the EU and Minsk, you can see that the ancient antyevrazvyazavskaya propaganda in Belarus just disappeared. Through dialogue occur worthy of attention, sudden thing. "EU governments with nedavneshnego time began flirting with Belarus that has reputation as "Europe’s last dictatorship": they do not need to contribute to democracy in the 10 million country bordering with 3 members of this unit. Meeting of Ministers

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They know that the people will help anyone who is struggling with Bolshevism

"Star" in 1937 for the 17th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the White Poles contains records folk Commission BSSR.We divide the opponents we force better than in the twentieth year, when his snout vanities in our sovetskogo garden. (Orsha district)Are high on the mountain Two huge stones. If you want, sir, come to us, vspamyani twentieth year. (Polotsk district)General thick mustache, Coupled with him bellied sire. Two are sitting and shaking, so fear the guerrillas. (Polotsk district). "On the pages of "Lima" in 1947 M.Kerzin writes about new work Zaire Azgura "Scorina — educator Belarusian people, First book

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