A.Lukashuk: Lukashenka himself does not know how many people support it

After the speech, we asked Alexander Lukashuk share experiences.Lukashuk: "The main thing — it’s the memories of listeners. They seem to like it. And I got a question for yourself. The Czech Republic has the second-largest city — Brno. And I think if Belarus second largest city, who could claim the status of the second capital as Brno in the Czech Republic.Here, in Brno, for example, the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic is located, there is an office of the Ombudsman and some other principal municipal institutions. And it makes such a desire in the town, as Brno, also

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Guest night air — historian Ira Lavrovskaya

Now our guest the night air would historian Ira Lavrovskaya chapter liquidated authorities Brest public organizations "Old town". In our survey, people utter, what public organizations, in their opinion, is not enough in Belarus.You will hear a live report from the days of celebration in the streets of Minsk, and "Night of research papers" we talk about those who work in prazdnichkom.On its own participation in the literary festival in Czech Brno says Alexander Lukashuk, in the program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story of a group of "Yur» I" and the "Night Primer" feature poems Gennady Buraukin.After the

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Dmitry Sydorovych: For international expedition method Tyshkevicha built custom border crossing

In June, the river was international Vyal Belarusian-Lithuanian expedition Regional Studies "Constantine Tyshkevicha graph method." 50 travelers from both countries on boats and rafts floated almost half weave km, recording local folklore, arranging settlements in coastal cultural events. Nomadic impressions divided expedition member — Dmitry Sydorovych music."From exhibits in Lithuanian museums tear to the eye of the oncoming"Michas Scoble: "Dmitry, who made the organizer of the expedition, and what she had goals?"Dmitry Sydorovych "expedition was intended to replicate the way the famous graph Tyshkevich who lived Logoysk. Exactly 150 years ago, he sailed on Vyal, placing himself in front of

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In the Belarusian Christian Democracy is being searched

Initiative activist Aleksei Shein said Radio Liberty, that the apartment also has forms for collecting signatures for configuration of the Religion.Representatives of the "Belarusian Christian Democracy" explain the search that the soon they have started to collect signatures for the fact that to change the law on religion and for the fact that the authorities ended the persecution of believers of the Orthodox faith.

My dear homeland, you do not even have real prazdnichka Independence

Vladimir, Polotsk "Belarusian TV" pleased "news: on its territory Venesuela allowed us to extract as much 2 million tons of oil per year. During 1-x, this is not enough. Vo-2, there is a saying:" Beyond the Sea Cost heifer, it cost exactly mite, but the ruble per trip. "If the price of gasoline, made from Russian oil, we have passed the buck per liter, will cost how much gasoline from Venezuelan oil. taking into account all costs of production, transportation and so on? It will be a tidy sum. So fill the car with petrol is not to everyone’s pockets.

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Baranovichi: an increasing number of members of the Free Trade Union

During the meeting, an application for entry into the independent trade union has 11 people, among which — teachers, railway workers, workers of different professions and the elderly. Another 10 people also expressed their willingness to accede to the organization.According to the chairman of the Brest regional organization SPB Valentine Lazarenkova most difficult at the moment — get the address legal, because authorities believe it or not the basic requirement needed for registration. Meanwhile, According Lazarenkova specifically for obstacles beyond the control of the authorities in the activities of trade unions Belarus was devoid of trade preferences with the EU.Baranavichy

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End quote: 23.06.2007-29.06.2007

"I’m so independent, as it may be, to defend the country’s interests, besides, is the managing party and a deputy.", Owed, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, was appointed special representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry in talks with the European institutions — in an interview with "Freedom." "The program Kalinowski obviously not designed for classroom training programmers or economists, on the other participants would not store the database for organizing terrorist attacks … Preparing militants in a European country — very specific occupation. Hence zasakrechanasts Kalinouski disk imaging and demand control applets Jan Malitsky not disseminate its results.

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Hugo Chavez: We will go without warnings

Minsk airport on Chavez met Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko Venezuelan favorite daughter arrived in Belarus, son and two grandchildren.After the motorcade headed to the Presidential Administration, which features Alexander Lukashenko.Both favorite confessed his love to the peoples respectively Belarus and Venezuela, and Chavez said that with this level of relationship do not even need each other warn that we say, let’s go.Announced that talks between the old generation raised in trade, energy and military-technical spheres.On the basis of the agreements Venesuela led Belarus in plain areas of the Orinoco oil production.According to the plan "Belneftekhim" until the end of

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Hans-Georg Wieck Belarus — part of my life

Karatkevich: "When you have finished their formal diplomatic activity, you said that now will be able to afford for themselves in their own activities are not controlled mandate diplomat and controlled Mandathat peoplea. Please explain what you want to say this? "Vic: "I worked in the German diplomacy almost 50 years, and it was 50 years after the end of the second World War I, it was a job to restore peace and freedom in Europe — not only in my country, and in our adjacent countries in cooperation with our neighbors, the European Union and the OSCE. I think

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Night Siege — 29 June

Official web-site of President Republic of Belarus acquired Belarusian version. Czyk blogger quoted expression Paul Lung control press service Alexander Lukashenko, this resource "Belarusian announcements": "In our country, the two municipal language, and we do not necessarily have been Belarusian version. " Feduta publicist commented, "Light said nonsense."On forums portal Tut.by discussions are measures Chapter Mingorispolkom Misha Pavlov, who rejected a proposal to ban the sale of alcohol police for a day of July 3 and only limited ban on the sale of vodka. "Even if people and drank excessive, it is our citizen, and no one no one gave

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