Night Siege — 29 June

Official web-site of President Republic of Belarus acquired Belarusian version. Czyk blogger quoted expression Paul Lung control press service Alexander Lukashenko, this resource "Belarusian announcements": "In our country, the two municipal language, and we do not necessarily have been Belarusian version. " Feduta publicist commented, "Light said nonsense."On forums portal discussions are measures Chapter Mingorispolkom Misha Pavlov, who rejected a proposal to ban the sale of alcohol police for a day of July 3 and only limited ban on the sale of vodka. "Even if people and drank excessive, it is our citizen, and no one no one gave

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Germany will help the opposition to develop a platform

Event organizer, member of the Bundestag, the Christian Democrat Arnold Faats, visited Minsk in March, says:"We are doing this conference to Belarusian opposition politicians — an item of political pluralism in every society — could develop future platform. Recent Belarus showed that of the authorities is not some tangible steps toward democratic reforms. In the long term — impending price increase energoelementy coming to power in Russia a new president, a new election in the fall of the Belarusian parliament. All this will open a discussion. And this event should attract attention to the subsequent Belarus have in Germany.During these

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Lithuania and Belarus to seek pragmatic cooperation

The Belarusian delegation was headed by Deputy foreign minister Minister Valery Voronetsky. Head of the Lithuanian delegation, Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Laimonas Talat Kelpša during the meeting recalled the case of property seized at the border of the Lithuanian people and provided some suggestions on how to avoid this in the future. As saidand the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, "Lithuania and Belarus to seek pragmatic cooperation." During the regular consultation of representatives of diplomatic agencies of Belarus and Lithuania (June 21-22) open a discussion as prospects for economic cooperation and prepyadstviya ecology.Belarusian and Lithuanian diplomats said that both countries

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In Gdansk opened monument to Yanka Kupala

Opening of the memorial sign in a quiet, colorful district of Gdansk, on the street, which is also named after Yanka Kupala, came in a very festive atmosphere.Yanka Kupala monument in GdanskYanka Kupala Street in GdanskMayor of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz, confessing that his family comes from Belarus, said that he is proud that his town appeared such a monument.Adamovich: "Each of you is flowing significant part of the Belarusian blood because with really Gdansk many people, which pahodtsyats from Belarus. We are proud of and thanks Kupala, again Aware of. "Lena GlagovskyMemorial symbol was installed thanks to the efforts first

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In the House of Writers’ Vladimir Orlov, Lera Catfish Michas Tychina

LITPRATSESVladimir Orlov: "In the pool I swim about MAN WITH player and listen to audiobooks"Out of print first Belarusian author audiobook. To her discs were translated into Belarusian Sergei Shupy works "Farm" and "1984" by George Orwell and drive Belarusian folk tales. Now fans of Vladimir Orlov can listen to an MP3 of his prose. However, while the disk appeared only one historical novel writer "Time of Plague", but avdyeamataram creator promises continued. With Vladimir Orlov discusses our correspondent Ina Studinskaya. Inna Studinskaya ‘Sire Orlov, you more than once publicly admitted that his works are writing good an old ballpoint

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Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00.6:30 * "Guest on" Freedom " — Your questions answered by the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk.7:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00.7:30 * "Expertise" Liberty " — Conversation analysts on "Do we need foreign loans Belarus?"7:45 * "Journey" Liberty " — Place Sharkovshchina Vitebsk region. Evening18:00 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.18:30 * "Vasily Bykov reads" — Selected entries from avdyearhivu "Freedom."18:45 * Mailbox-111 " — Letters from listeners on the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin

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In Gdansk opened memorial in honor of the symbol of Yanka Kupala

Now Gdansk edition "Gazety Wyborczay" wrote that the Belarusian office in Gdansk tried "censor" event to avoid performing the anthem at one of the verses Kupala.Lena says Glagovsky chapter Belarusian society in Gdansk, almost all due to which Yanka Kupala is immortalized in getmy town."I read, that this monument to open in case of fundamental anniversary associated with Kupala. So here waited 125th anniversary of his birth and a day or 65’s — death," — said Lena Glagovsky, managing Belarusian society in Gdansk. Almost all specifically thanks to the efforts of Lena Glagovskay Yanka Kupala is immortalized in Gdansk.

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The recipient must pay ransom tax income

Theft sign Alliance Belarusian Jews immediately said to the police department of the Metropolitan District. And after some time to the German Embassy in Minsk called boy. He said about random at him, discovery and claimed credit for a thousand euros. For three months in Minsk and Bremen appeared both official and unofficial version of what happened. According to the official version, bronze plaque stolen bums. More vserasprostranennaya unofficial version: those who stripped symbol and those who found him belong to the same gang. Very suspicious behaved creator of "findings" In a conversation with a representative of Freedom Society "Remembering

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At the Nobel Institute bestowed Belarusian journalists

As told the jury, which belong to well-known German and Norwegian journalists and public figures, including a diplomat Hans-Georg Wieck, usually the favorites of the competition are the best publications and journalists in Eastern Europe. In This year for the prize claim 48 candidates. According to the jury, "all winners are very brave people, as in the criteria required to work hard pressure from the authorities" in previous years favorites from Belarus were BelaPAN, the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya"" Free Previews "," Vitebsk Courier "," Belarusian market "," Brest Courier "," Belarusian Business Newspaper "," Solidarity ", journalists Kalinkina, Nikolai Markevich,

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Tomorrow Night — Midsummer

Belarusian ethnographer in one voice say: true Midsummer should be celebrated on the night of 23 on June 24. By the way, particularly as it celebrates our neighbors the Poles and Lithuanians. The Latvians it even prazdnichek State — League. And Belarusians celebrate Midsummer in June and July. "Sun — Chief God. And because our forefathers were honored specifically highest solstice day 17 hours 9 minutes. Again same mythology there: after Kupala — the very highest solstice — nature seems to be fading. Pharmaceutical, medical drugs and flowers cease to have the force of current pharmaceutical . Because should focus

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