Belarusian Foreign Ministry expects the EU of certain actions

"The Belarusian side marks a change in tone against Belarus issued after a meeting of the document. We did not go unnoticed attempt EU states identify likely areas for improvement of comprehensive cooperation between Belarus and the EU. This inspires optimism usmotritelny. But just to get rid of the inertia inherent in the approach to our state of the EU failed, "- said in a commentary Andrei Popov. Separately to stay on that part of the statement of the European Union, which concerns parliamentary elections, Ministry spokesman Foreign Affairs Belarus said: "Management of the country more than once publicly stated

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Gaiduchevici and Protko — exclusion of Belarus from the UN blacklist

, Owed said:"The decision of the UN Council on Human Rights, I take it as a normal phenomenon. Again given the chance and the Belarusian side, which is now behaves according to the situation and are open for the policies to which we aspire.No perfect States. This I quote the Minister Foreign Affairs Land of the rising sun, which said that need to be condescending to the countries that are just embarked on the path of democracy. If the country is committed to this, asks ability to move forward, ready to go this complicated method such country must be maintained.

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Belarusians remained in the Gaza Strip?

Belarusian Foreign Ministry reports that the Belarusian embassy in Tel Aviv has become in contact with the Embassy of Russian Federation and Ukraine. People of these countries in the conflict zone several hundred.According to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of disk imaging Andrei Krivtsov, people expect evacuation checkpoint Fri "Eretz" Palestinian Authority.The situation is complicated by the fact that Israel has closed for security PPC — under the guise of innocent people of Gaza can pass Hamas militants.Because nationality of refugees clarifies says Andrei Krivtsov:"Made a list of people who want to evacuate. This is the main Russian citizens —

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Belarusian and Russian right will cooperate

In an interview with Radio Liberty, the chairman of the "Union of Right Forces" Nikita said snow-white:"Joint plainclothes party is our ideological and strategic partner in Belarus for a couple of years. For us it is important that we are equally aware of the difficulties that exist in our countries. And we are equally aware as they should develop the Belarusian-Russian affairs. This is the basis for the conclusion of our contract. " Civilian head of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko assesses the prospects then read:"It’s time something changes. And you must enter adjustments. We so to speak, spent Eurorepair

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Night Siege of June 19

The forums portal they say about the likely closure of commercial stalls in Minsk. Sanitary services capital considers it necessary, because adjacent to the stalls area are in poor condition. Presentation participants forums:"Very unpopular west. Let’s arms and legs all paadryvaem — throw garbage will not be anything. Fact, too perfect. Though unpopular step.""Do you believe that the sanitary doctors can be fined for violations of privateers in the loss of momentum? I do not believe. But that data rather short time to eliminate the enemy, and did not invent other reasons — can be fully …""Kiosks — is generally

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Offered: another decree to remove the elderly pension

Zinoviev: "I think. after dictatorship was elected mayor of Minsk check vygadnasts contracts with home "biznesmeryyay" Moscow. "Man: "My wife works in Soligorsk on the 4th mine. They came a new labor code. Excluded articles there on the heavy work experience harmful off, night shifts. How long will it be? What to do for this? How to prevent it? This groom has all workers. And you start to protest, will sit. What more do? "Retired, Grodno region. "Favorit Belarusian trade Leonid Kozik in the program" Big Politics "Belarusian television said as he defended the interests of workers in Belarus, that

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Preview. Belarusian abroad: On bike from Estonia to Belarus

Currently Belarusian cyclists invited to the latest trip — along the Baltic Sea from Estonia through Latvia, Lithuania, Kaliningrad region, Poland — to Belarus. Experiences and impressions on different journeys Great in Belarus in recent transfer abroad Belarusian Belarusian knows from Estonia, railway engineers, the creator of the book "In the midst of the white nights of Estonian" Dehtsyaruk Vladimir, who is only 55, as he himself says, while more young Belarusians from Lithuania discussions are conditions and the ability of the latest trip.On summer travel on the great, the freedom and beauty — the latest in transmission Belarus Belarusians

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In Minsk day of Solidarity common prayer

A day of solidarity in Minsk people will come and 8th pm to St. Joseph’s Church. People come there to pray once a day, so that the building (last Bernardine) returned to believers.Almost a year has passed after, Belarusian authorities have eliminated several Protestant communities, and later began to deport priests. Since then, every 16th day of going around the church believers lit candles and pray for the equal rights of believers of all faiths. From April 16th each about church going and democratic activists in a symbol of solidarity with the faithful, families of the missing, and all the

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Paul Seviarynets: Being a Belarusian — moral standard

— Belarusian national idea — essentially Christian. The question "For what we, Belarusians live as a civilization?" Not haunted, surely, each nationally conscious Belarusians. We heard about the different projects of the Belarusian national idea. Russian. Litvinsky. Pagans. Russian. Present red-green …But, my eyes, they delve into the most sartsaviny — Belarusian national idea. There is the usual method to find it. This is — look around, analyze the entire thousand-year history of Belarus. And if you do that, it becomes clear: the absolute majority of prominent Belarusians, the vast majority of historically important cases were unique Belarusian-Christian. And practically

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In Minsk, clearing the site for the capital construction business

"Moscow House" is meant to raise up the middle in 2008 not far from the hotel "Minsk", in place of the low post-war buildings. End of May 1st of their urgent evicted Center of extracurricular activities at the Minsk Central District Board.Lukashenka: "Moscow House" — this jewel of the Belarusian capital "In a festive opening ceremony of the memorial sign at the construction site "Moscow House" participated Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and the capital’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov. The Belarusian leader gave a positive assessment of the capital project. Speaking about the future of "Moscow House", he expressed the hope that

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